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Patrick Brown - denounce and apologise for the comments of Walied Soliman!

My international readers will pardon me for a local political story with a clear dereliction that will disgust you as well. 


Ontario was once the most prosperous province in Canada. Our government was stable and headed by centre-right governments for decades. The Party, however, possesses an oxymoronic name from a merger called, Progressive Conservative. The Party has been in disarray for years and has not deserved to be in government. The result of course, is a left-wing, socially destructive and economically disastrous Liberal Party which is quickly bankrupting our once great province.

The Progressive Conservative Party elected a new leader by the name of Patrick Brown. Yesterday, at Ottawa, the Party held its first general convention since the election of Brown. Brown has worked to integrate various non-traditional members into the Party in an effort to rebuild.  

Walied Soliman is a key organiser for Brown. He is a lawyer in Toronto and a partner with an international firm. I knew him nearly 30 years ago; I was a professional political organiser and Ministerial aid for the federal Conservative Party under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, he was a young Party activist, and if I recall, was a junior staffer to the same Minister - a man who later went on to become the Premier of Quebec

The National Post, has reported on Soliman's convention activities:

The once-mighty Tories abandoned wide swaths of the province and alienated would-be Conservative voters simply by targeting only “winnable” ridings, campaign organizer Walied Soliman told delegates at their first convention under new leader Patrick Brown. “Patrick Brown does not believe in target seats,” he said. “Under our plan there is no Liberal safe seat in Ontario. We have 122 target seats in 2018.”  Soliman told the PC delegates that the party that last held power in 2003 had lost its way and needed to take a new approach to winning the next election.  “Ethnic and faith-based communities … didn’t even know if we were interested in their votes,” said Soliman. “Party members were disillusioned by fake policy processes, and most disturbingly, by a feeling that we were not winners.” “We’re going to be ready in every G-- damn riding in this province,”

Is this the kind of attitude that is going to have Conservatives win back Ontario? 

As a practising Muslim, clear from the pictures in his public profile with even his wife and little daughter dressed as observant Muslims, Soliman should surely know better than to defile the name of God, with a curse. His comments are inappropriate and offensive. Are his words not a "real" blasphemy in Islam?

As a Catholic and a card-carrying member of the Party, I am grossly offended that a chief organiser and aid to the Leader would make such an offensive curse. If this is how the Party wishes to embrace people of "faith," then those attempting to rebuild it have a lot of learning to do.  

Patrick Brown, you owe an apology for Soliman's very public and offensive comment.


William Thomas Moore said...

Your story sounds similar.

I knew Walied Soliman too, he had a girlfriend and at that time she did not wear hijab at the time. He claimed it wasn't a thing he really had an opinion of, but judging from the pictures online he prefers to keep his women barefoot and pregnant. Cocky sun of a b****, he thought he knew everything he could know about politics. He wanted us to work in a certain riding, and claimed the riding I was working in was not one in play. We won that riding by a landslide.

We once had a sleepover at his father's cottage near Bayfield, and my friends took one of the neighbour's wooden steps and put it on the bonfire. Boy did he ever have to put out that fire the next day, sure his father who worked at Atomic Energy of Canada would not have appreciated consumption of alcohol and pork products in his house. Me thinks a $25,000 donation = Muslim Brotherhood influence.

As for Patrick Brown, he claims to be inclusive. Well if being inclusive and having Al-Quds Day rallies on the lawns of Queen's Park is what Ontario is to Patrick Brown, I will have no part of the Ontario PC Party. Brown has not since becoming leader denounced this horrible annual event that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Brown simply is looking the other way, for votes like a retail politician. If being inclusive means fundraising for Hamas I won't have that either. Patrick Brown claims Islamic Relief Worldwide is a charity, but I'm pretty sure it is a terrorist front for Hamas. HSBC went to the trouble of freezing bank accounts of the UK branch in 2015, and this only came to light in 2015.

As for being a Christian, if you are an Orangeman as Sir John A. Macdonald was you will not see him marching (not expected since he is Roman Catholic) or at very least receive well wishes on Brown's social media accounts. This seems strange, alienating the core conservative voter by ignoring the very existence of them. The party of Sir John A. Macdonald? Not Patrick Brown's Ontario today.

Erdeniz Sen said...

Four Ontario MPPs have met with new Turkish Consul General Erdeniz Sen within the last year, prior to this "attempted military coup" in Turkey. First with Tim Hudak (Niagara West-Glanbrook), Jack MacLaren (Carleton-Mississippi Mills), Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton) seen making the illuminati hand gesture, and most recently following a whirlwind trip to the middle east with Walied Soliman, Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown (Simcoe North) met with him this past July following the month of Ramadan.

Questioning why these four Ontario Progressive Conservative MPPs met with Erdeniz Sen, the Consul General for Turkey left Lisa MacLeod so incensed behind the crocodile tears for the diplomat's safety Friday night, that she had to check with her husband Joseph Verner. Instead of answering the question about Erdeniz Sen, her instinct was to question the question and hide behind her mental state while spewing insults.

International media are questioning if this attempted coup was merely prime time theatrics staged on the part of President Erdoğan. Conveniently staged the day after the Nice, France terrorist massacre that left scores of tourists dead on Bastile Day. The bigger questions still left unanswered are, what was discussed between these four MPPs and Erdeniz Sen, and were any state secrets offered or promises made to Turkey if a Patrick Brown government were to take power in the future. What will the west do with Turkey, post military coup and will it continue to be a Nato ally? Why are these official opposition parliamentarians so willing to look the other way on Erdoğan's human rights record and what's in it for Ontario and these representatives?

It seems to me Patrick Brown is intent on being the great retail politician Ontario has always wanted.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Firing Walied Soliman would be a good first show of "Ethics" for Patrick Brown, fair and open nominations too #pcpo

Meir said...

Want to discuss policy with Walied Soliman? Call 416-558-3169.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear HYFS.

I have edited your comment. Please, this is a Catholic blog and I cannot abide using our Lord's name in vain. That being said, the only thing that surprises me about the accusations is that they were from women!


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He is done! How do you plan on winning in every !!! damn riding now?

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Anonymous said...

If a social conservative with a positive record, runs for the Ont. PC leadership... will you support them and get the word out... as membership sales close Feb 16. We are looking for alternatives...

Vox Cantoris said...

There is no social conservative that will win the nomination as Leader. No social conservative will win the election. Any social conservative as leader will put Wynne back in office.

We need to face the reality, the battle is lost. Ontario and Canada has changed drastically. The battle over abortion, marriage, morality, it is lost, it is all done.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing we can do now will change that.

So what do we do?

We protect ourselves with prayer and the sacraments. If you're Catholic, you get out of the Novus Ordo and to Tradition, if you are not Catholic you become a traditional one.

We form small communities to protect ourselves and our families and we raise up the generations that will overturn this nightmare.

We will not live to see it. Unless the LORD in His might sends upon us a chastisement, entirely likely, that will cause the conversion of heart of millions or their deaths, and ours most likely too.

That friend, is the reality.

At this point, we vote with self-interest.