A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 7 March 2016

The Cardinal and the Prime Minister

Toronto Archbishop, Thomas Cardinal Collins, issued a letter to be read this past weekend in all churches. His Eminence was present to celebrate Mass and deliver his homily at St. Paul's Basilica. The letter on euthanasia or "doctor assisted dying," follows at the end of this blog post. 

Let's be clear, it is doctors committing murder no matter what the State chooses to call it!

The Church's credibility lost

The media has not been kind to the Cardinal or the Church on this issue. Most have featured the story; call-in shows have mocked His Eminence and the Church. Comment sections in the online media are detestable for a Catholic to read, most often resorting to commentary about "raping priests."

Yes. they are right. "Raping priests." 

Those HOMOSEXUAL men, those SODOMITES who came in to the priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to seize upon young teenage boys (and other perverts with girls), did much damage to the Church beyond the horrid damage itself to the children. 

What is also not surprising is how the media seized upon the opportunity to find Catholics after Mass at the Basilica who openly and profoundly disagreed with the Cardinal. 

Eternity awaits

To my fellow Catholics who support the murder by doctors of people who desire suicide; no matter what our liberal-fascist Canada calls it, you must wake up and you must repent or you will most likely end up spending an eternity separated from God, in Hell. You are failing as a Catholic; you are failing as a human being.

You. Will. Go. To. Hell! 

If you don't believe a good and merciful God will send you there, you are right, He won't send you there. You will have chosen it yourself; and something more, if you don't believe Hell exists, you will when you get there, but it will be too late.

You cannot support euthanasia. You cannot participate in it. Doctors cannot refer to other doctors who will do it. You must do everything you can to stop your loved ones from committing an act that will send them to Hell.

Episcopal failure over a half century

As good as the Cardinal's letter is, it is too little, too late.

The Bishops of Canada began this slide in 1968 with the Winnipeg Statement, allowing Catholics to dissent on the use of contraception. They continued in their lack of zeal to fight Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his implementation of "therapeutic abortion committees" and a corrupted "Charter of Rights of Freedoms" that opened the door for abortion undisputed and available up to the moment before birth. They failed to publicly admonish him and the other Catholic Prime Ministers and Members of Parliament, mostly from once Catholic Quebec. They sold out the babies and our nations future as Judas sold out Our Blessed Lord.

They have failed for over fifty years, since Vatican II by coincidence, to properly form Catholics in the faith. We are 40% of this country and we are powerless because we are not acting as Catholics! The Bishops of Canada for the most part did this, secular humanism did the rest. 

The Bishops of Canada are the root of the cause of this and the lay Catholic has now, no excuse. No excuse because in this day and age of ease of access to information every Catholic should know the truth and fight to uphold it notwithstanding the failed Episcopacy! It is now all our fault.

They have triumphed, we have lost this as we lost on abortion. The imposition of euthanasia upon Canada is a totalitarian act. It has happened because the Catholics of Canada have failed in their faith. 
I recommend this post by David Warren.  

Trudeau legacy 

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness draws the full circle from the Pierre Trudeau and abortion to his son Justin and euthanasia. Justin Trudeau is a pathetic man. He is an egoist and an arrogant despicable cretin who has betrayed his baptism on some false notion of "Quebec values!" He is an incompetent. A snow-board instructor. A plebeian.  A man unfit to govern a nation. A second rate school teacher and dramatist.

Are the bishops still happy about their "congratulations" to this man? Why did they not congratulate Stephen Harper a decade ago?

Quebec values?

Canadians, you voted for that. You voted for a man who will be the first Prime Minister of Canada to gleefully walk in a parade dedicated to Sodomy. Does that make you "proud?" Remember, "pride goeth before the fall."

Damn Quebec and its values! In Canada, the Province has the highest abortion rate, the lowest birth rate, lowest marriage level and highest level of co-habitation, highest level of suicide, highest taxes, lowest attendance at Mass by Catholics. Some values! Is this what you are proud of, you Quebecois?  Shame on you for betraying your culture. Shame on you for betraying your ancestors. 

Denial of Holy Communion?

There is a rumour amongst the Ottawa political hack class (of which I was once a part). It seems the rumour is that Cardinal Collins has written to the Prime Minister advising him not to present himself for Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Toronto. The liberal lapdogs are outraged, - how dare this Churchman tell the Dear Leader he can't take the cracker! He will be in Toronto today to visit the new pandas at the Toronto Zoo. Let's see if he cuts in somewhere for Mass.  There is no confirmation of this from the Archdiocese. I will repeat, it is a rumour, but my sources are highly placed and would have reason to know. If it is true, then the Cardinal has acted appropriately and properly. The Archbishop of Ottawa, Terence Prendergast, S.J., also met privately with Dear Leader; rumour has it that it did not go well. 

Justin Trudeau, as a Catholic, is a confused man a spiritually sick man. He has a malformed conscience. He has sold his soul for power and popularity. Objectively, he has committed grave evil by his policies including the absolute dictatorial force of his will upon the candidates in the last election and now the caucus, that they must hold a pro abortion position or they cannot run or sit as a Member of Parliament!

Canadians, you voted for this. Did you not know this was in his platform?

The Prime Minister of Canada is an arrogant and disgraceful man made more so by his betrayal of the gift of faith he was given. He requires prayer and conversion. He will single-handedly destroy this nation. He is already reduced our security and begun invoking economic policies that will be a disaster for this nation. Yet, these may not end with him in Hell, but his action on euthanasia and abortion will.

He had every opportunity and he squandered it.

Justin Trudeau as a boy with Pope John Paul II
Catholic bishops and laity elected Trudeau

In the last election the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and Development and Peace issued election guides. These were blatant political documents that were subliminally directing Catholics to vote Liberal or Socialist. Along with the usual leftist diatribe the former used "A Just Society" heading as a play on the Prime Minister's name and a recollection of his father's famous statement, whilst the latter used colours - red and orange, associated with the Liberals and socialists. The bishops gave Catholic Canadians an out and they took it.

If you think that Catholics have no right to impose their views then you are wrong. It is not an imposition of views, it is properly formed conscience and knowing what is truth and what is not, what is right and what is wrong and how that is to inform our decisions and actions.

I urge you to watch this video of American, Judge Andrew Napolitano. Napolitano describes himself as a "traditionalist pre-Vatican II Catholic." Watch the whole video but his comments after 9:00 reveal in a particular way the matter of abortion and by extensions, euthanasia. Napolitano is a liberal in the classical sense, in the Catholic sense.

These people that have brought this upon our nation will regret the day, so will you if you voted Liberal or NDP and stand quiet while they destroy the last fabric of humanity in our country. 

Statement from Cardinal Thomas Collins 
concerning Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

“I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, 
nor suggest any such counsel…” - The Hippocratic Oath

“You shall not kill.” Exodus 20:13

“Contemplating Suicide? We Can Help!” There was a time when such an advertisement pointed to a crisis line, where someone was standing by to counsel you and to offer hope in a situation of intolerable pain. We are in a very different time, now. In a few short months assisted suicide, its grim reality hidden behind blandly deceptive terms like “Medical Assistance in Dying”, will be declared an acceptable option in our country, enshrined in law. As the federal government prepares legislation to implement the Supreme Court’s decision, it is crucial to consider the effects of this fundamental change in our laws.
Death comes to us all, sometimes suddenly, and sometimes slowly. Although patients benefit from medication that controls pain, they are fully justified in refusing burdensome and disproportionate treatment that serves only to prolong the inevitable process of dying. But dying is simply not the same as being killed. We are grateful for physicians and nurses and others who offer medical assistance to patients who are dying, but it is never justified for them to kill a patient.
Physicians across our country who have devoted their lives to healing patients will soon be asked to do the exact opposite. They will not be asked to ease their suffering by providing them with treatment and loving care, but by putting them to death. In fact, killing a patient will no longer be considered a crime, but will actually be seen as a kind of health care, complete with legislation to regulate it.
On February 25, 2016, a parliamentary committee presented the lawmakers who will craft this disturbing legislation with 21 recommendations. They should shock us to the core, especially if we believe, complacently and incorrectly, that the change in the law will affect only a few people with grave physical illness, who have lived a long life, and are near death. In fact, the recommendations include:
 A desire to allow, beginning in three years, access to euthanasia/assisted suicide for minors (those under 18).
 The ability for those diagnosed with conditions like dementia to pre-schedule their deaths.
 Insistence that those with psychiatric conditions be eligible for euthanasia/assisted suicide.
 A requirement that any institution receiving public funding, including Catholic hospitals, long-term care facilities and hospices, provide euthanasia/assisted suicide, thus forcing them to repudiate the very principles that are the foundation of their immense service to us all.
 A requirement that doctors who refuse to kill a patient must make sure that someone else does it. No other country in the world requires such a violation of conscience.
It is unjust to force people to act against their conscience in order to be allowed to practice as a physician or, in the case of a health care facility, in order to qualify for government funding. It is not tolerant of religious diversity. It is religious discrimination that punishes those who so faithfully serve everyone who comes to them, and have done so since before Canada existed but who, in good conscience, cannot perform some procedures, such as helping to kill their patients.
When the state goes beyond its legitimate but limited role, and suppresses conscience rights in this way, I am reminded of a man whose employer told him to do something against his conscience. He courageously replied: “You employ me; you don’t own me.”
End-of-life care (palliative care) is currently accessible to only 30% of Canadians. This is a tragedy, and unacceptable. Instead of providing ways to hasten death, we should be providing palliative care for every Canadian, greater support for those with mental illness, and help for those tempted to suicide.
Some people become convinced that, at a certain point, there is no longer any “value” in their life, since they cannot function as they once did. Their concern deserves our compassionate respect, but it is a shaky foundation for social policy. Our value as people comes not from what we can do, but from who we are. It comes from within, from our inherent dignity as human beings. Once we make people’s worthiness to live
dependent on how well they function, our society has crossed the boundary into dangerous territory in which people are treated as objects that can be discarded as useless.
Mindful of the inherent dignity of each person, it is time for families across the country to have a difficult but necessary conversation about the reality of death. We need to understand the destructive implications of these legal changes, and offer truly loving and merciful alternatives. And Christians should be guided by these words of Jesus, that for 2000 years have inspired heroic acts of loving service: “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)
Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto March 1, 2016
Tell Legislators How You Feel
Those people who are concerned about this legislation are encouraged to visit CanadiansforConscience.ca  


Peter Lamb said...

Vox, I've said it before and I want to say it again: You are a good and a brave man. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches, our principles are gone, replaced by a faux libertarianism/consumerism.

How long oh Lord? How long?

Anonymous said...

Vox, I commend you for speaking boldly. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by Cardinal Collins. The CCCB is usually quiet in the face of moral issues, and has, in the past, issued guidelines which lead the faithful into sin (you mentioned the Winnipeg Statement). I'm used to the hierarchy being decidedly mute. I am proud to have Cardinal Collins speak for the faith. At least he is watching out for the souls of Canadians.

I will be saying prayers for the Cardinal and for priests as they help Canadians navigate this harsh moral landscape.

Dorota said...

This man will lead a march for sodomy, while we no longer have a right not to celebrate it. As sodomites in Calgary recently explained during their march, there is no persecution of sodomites in our "great city", they are appreciated and happy. So why are they marching? - To display their parts and willingness to use them in perverted ways - their greatest pride, to assert their power over us, and to continue the demoralization of our children. Celebration of their "talents" and "unique gifts" was never about "live and let live".

As with the fake claim that the goal of these sodomites is to end persecution, while it is to rule over us, to indoctrinate all with the "gift" of sodomy, and to destroy gender roles and with them - the family, so it is with euthanasia. The unstated goal here is getting rid of the old and the sick, as unproductive, as burden on society. I hear this on CBC a lot - we have no money to pay for medical care of the large and increasing number of the old. Soon the old will be shamed for not wanting to die, when they have become an "unproductive burden".

All of this "progress", including euthanasia, is the fruit of an anti-Christ agenda. They will now build mosques with tax money. This is but one reason why the old must wish to unburden our medical system. As the "Rebel Media" reports, one family of those "refugees" (they are not from those tent camps s shown by CBS propaganda, but form homes and apartment buildings in Lebanon, where they knew the language and had work) will cost 200 000 dollars a year, not including medical My family never lived on this much. No one wanted to build us a church, either.

All Catholics who voted for this young opportunist with the spirit of the Antichrist, should repent, as should their bishops and priests for encouraging them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Cardinal Collins, but your organization and institution has lost credibility with its membership and the general public. You have lost your own moral compass with your actions, and inactions of the past, nullifying any convictions you may attempt to impose upon our society on morality, and what is right or wrong. Until the church starts respecting its members, its people and society as a whole, you will have no influence on matters like these. Live the lives of those who are ailing and suffering. Walk in the shoes of those who cannot, and feel the pain of those who are hurting. Under your direction you as an institution have personally hurt me, and have disrespected me. You did so with little, or no remorse. I may have forgiven you, for as Jesus instructed, "forgive them for they not what they do". However, I will not forget.


Anonymous said...


Mark Thomas said...

Vox, your post is as beautiful and passionate in favor of the Truth that I recall ever having read on any Catholic blog. Your commentary is tremendous!

I can only imagine the time and energy that you expend each day to keep your important blog up and running. That, and the attacks that you have received for having defended and promoted the True Religion, must have heaped much stress upon you and your family.

But Vox, and this is easy for me to say as I don't have to maintain a blog, we need you to continue your blog. Each day you lead in major fashion the movement to restore the TLM and Holy Tradition throughout the Latin Church.

Vox, I am a nobody. You are a somebody. We may disagree here and their about certain matters. I appreciate that you permit me to express myself on your blog. However, I certainly don't disagree with you about Catholic faith and morals, which you defend and promote in powerful fashion.

You give me hope that as more and more people read your blog, they will embrace and support Holy Tradition. That, in turn, would lead the Church out of the crisis in which She is engulfed.

Vox, you are a very brave and important man. Your latest rousing post has reflected that.


Mark Thomas

Jim said...

This whole thing is pathetic. We (my family and I) are Eastern Catholics who are new immigrants to Canada and to Toronto.

While Toronto is exploding with Catholic churches (compared to where we came from - a country with an anti-Catholic history), we have not had luck finding a Parish were the Mass (Ordinary Form) is said with dignity and reverence due(ie, in a non "Kumbaiya" manner)

Vox, can you or anyone else from around Toronto suggest a Parish in Toronto where Mass is said with the reverence due ti God - either in the Ordinary or in the Extraordinary form ?


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Mark Thomas

You expressed my thoughts after reading this post, thoughts I should have included in my comment.

I disagree on some things, for example that you are nobody. A nobody wouldn't be so infuriating.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Jim,

Welcome to Canada! God help us all.

There are may good parishes in Toronto but you can also be greatly disappointed.

Rather than list the many good ones let me suggest:

www.oratory-toronto.org. The Toronto Oratory is in charge of two parishes, Holy Family and St Vincent de Paul. The traditional Latin Mass is celebrated daily. On Sundays a Low Mass at St Vincent's is at 9:30 and a Solemn Mass at Holy Family is at 11:00.

You may also visit unavocetoronto.com

You may also write me at voxcantoris@rogers.com for anything more specific to where you might be living.

Guest said...

There are Ukrainian Catholic and Byzantine Catholic churches in Toronto. Please check them out as well.

Z nami Boh! God is with us!

Mark Thomas said...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said..."You expressed my thoughts after reading this post, thoughts I should have included in my comment."

Dorota, you expressed your thoughts expertly. I couldn't add anything to your post. I am glad that we agree about what Vox said. He posted terrific, heartfelt comments. Imagine if everyone within the Church had his passion for Jesus Christ and the True Religion!


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

There might come the day when being killed at a certain age of "compassionate retirement" will become mandatory. You're 65? You're done.

Anonymous said...

http://www.defendthefamily.com/pfrc/books/pinkswastika/html/the_pinkswastika_4th_edition_-_final.htm As soon as the Nazis came to power they replaced many Christian holidays with pagan celebrations: “The Day of the Summer Solstice,” “The Day of the Winter Solstice,” and “Mothering Sunday” (which featured the so-called “Rune of Life” as a symbol to honor births) (ibid.:80f.). Marriage ceremonies increasingly invoked “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky” as the deities by whom the covenant was blessed (ibid.:492). Birth and death announcements began to feature the life and death runes, respectively, as part of a campaign to eliminate the star and the cross from public life, and crucifixes were gradually removed from hospitals and schools (ibid.:494). The Nazis made all religious activities which were not centered in the churches dependent on official permission and confiscated lists of churchgoers who were on active duty in the military (ibid.:500).
The schools were heavily targeted in the strategy to deChristianize the young. Mandatory prayer in schools was stopped in 1935, and from 1941 onward, religious instruction was completely eliminated for all students over fourteen years old (ibid.:494f). The Nazi Teachers Association actively discouraged its members from taking religious instruction, while at the same time many teachers of religious studies (who were all required to be licensed by the state) “inculcated neo-paganism into their pupils during periods of religious instruction.” Later, teachers were outright prohibited from attending voluntary religion classes organized by the Catholic church (ibid.:495).

Anonymous said...

So, what are we looking at as "future"?

The Nazis tried to wipe out Christianity and what it means to be a child of God. Thank God, the USA/UK/Allies overthrew them.

Today, it's a different world. Who are the countries that will be strong enough to overthrow these murderous bandits?

I ask seriously. I'm not an historian, have little time to follow blogs that assess today's situation. In a nutshell, what are we probably awaiting?

Suzanne J. said...

When I ponder the 'evil' policies & unjust laws that Justin Trudeau has promoted and enacted in Canada, I can't help but suspect that he must be one of the 'anti-christs' described in the 'Book of Revelation'! Even though I did NOT vote for him; yet, these words often come to my mind: "Let the mountains fall upon us!" -- to hide us from the coming 'Wrath of God'! Lord, Have Mercy! Christ, have mercy! Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us to be 'able to withstand these evil days -- to HOLD ON TO JESUS -- with BOTH hands, and to remain 'faithful' to His Word and to His Church on Earth!!