Monday, 21 March 2016

Victor Orban of Hungary calls out the globalist antichrist!


Terri said...

Victor Orban for President of the USA

S. Armaticus said...

Really amazing things happening in Eastern Europe.

Poland has also elected a Catholic president and a Catholic majority in the Parliament last year. They are working closely with Mr Orban who is owned all the credit for starting this cultural restoration.

Please keep these politicians in your prayers.


Ana Milan said...

Thank God for Viktor Orbán. Although Calvinist, he is showing up the Vatican, the EU & former Catholic states of Europe by unequivocally stating what is happening to our continent and will happen to our nation states if this menace of prescribed immigration is not quickly halted and reversed. His call to all European nations to unite in forcing back these unwanted migrants, who he correctly states do not come in peace, are not willing to settle within the host countries but bring terrorism, sharia law, build mosques, rape women & hate our way of life. The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels think they are above the law even though as Orbán says they have not been given any mandate by member states to carry out this invasion & they don't intend to stop until all Europe is occupied & controlled by Arabs. They and the Vatican have lost the faith & money, power, personal status controlled by Satan has taken them over. May their days be numbered & Viktor Orbán's request for unity amongst nation states in Europe be answered & prayers to this end be offered to our King. Viva Cristo Rey.

Dorota said...

Both he and the new polish president, Mr Duda, are under and incredibly vicious attack from within and from the EU now. In Poland the former regime is begging the EU for help, and always in the streets protesting. Probably funded by Soros.

Vox Cantoris said...

The "homophobia" remark was unfortunate but it must be understood in context that we may believe sodomy is a sin and the homosexual mafia and enemy but we still don't through them off the tops of buildings.

Dorota said...

@ Vox

Is this related to me, the "homophobia" remark?
Are you getting attacked for allowing statements that sodomy is unnatural, and to a Catholic - a mortal sin to be despised like all mortal sins should? If this is an "unfortunate" and "homophobia' remark, then God Himself would be unfortunately homophobic.

I hope I am misreading this.

Vox Cantoris said...

No Darota, I did not have you in mind at all; you are reading too much into this.

I am saying that I wish he had not mentioned the word "homophobia," as I would not have mentioned it all; but I think we need to put it in context that while we would fight the cultural homosexualists we would not throw them off a building as some Muslims would.

Aged parent said...

Vox, I am in agreement with you that his "homophobia" remark was self-defeating and frankly stupid. Frankly, so was his remark about the Hapsburgs, in which he more-or-less compared the Austro-Hungarian empire as on a par with the Soviets.

Other than those dumb remarks he spoke well.

tuleesh said...

This Tuesday's Islamist terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, make President Orban's speech all the more prescient. At least Orban is not occupying an alternate reality that has most world leaders in its PC grip. That includes the Pope.

Certain parts of Pope Francis' Palm Sunday homily left one scratching one's head. The Pope compared the flight of Middle East refugees into Europe with justice "denied" to Jesus at his crucifixion. Really? If anyone is "indifferent" to the mostly Muslim refugees is their fellow Muslims! Is Pope Francis in favor of national suicide?

Where were the Holy Father's continuous denunciations of the wholesale slaughter of the flock he was entrusted to care for? Instead he meets with Iranian President Rouhani. And images of both of them yucking it up [ala Cardinal Dolan] flash around the world.

Pray for the Holy Father. Pray real hard.