Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tear it open; tear it down. Whatever is necessary to out these sodomite priests and their protectors!

Rotten, stinking Franciscans. You disgrace God and your spiritual father. You covered up a sodomite whilst he preyed upon boys. You knew it and you let him do it. He killed himself and is now in eternity, probably in Hell. Will you join him there?

Giles Schinelli, Robert D'Aversa, and Anthony Criscitelli, I won't use "Father" in front of your filthy names.

Are you faggots too?

Why did the Provincial only write to the Bishop of the diocese in Florida where two of these three enablers and criminals yesterday? Did he only find out or did he tell the Bishop because they were caught?

What else does Patrick Quinn, TOR, know? 

It is long past the time to cleanse the Church of this filth.

3 Franciscan ex-leaders charged in Pennsylvania abuse case

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Attorney General Kathleen Kane announces criminal conspiracy charges against leaders of the... Read more

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Three ex-leaders of a Franciscan religious order were charged Tuesday with allowing a friar who was a known sexual predator to take on jobs, including a position as a high school athletic trainer, that enabled him to molest more than 100 children.
Giles Schinelli, 73; Robert D'Aversa, 69; and Anthony M. Criscitelli, 61, were successively the provincial ministers of a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church in western Pennsylvania from 1986 to 2010. In that role, each assigned and supervised the order's members.
Each was charged with conspiracy and child endangerment. Prosecutors said the three have been given until Friday to surrender.
Schinelli is now a pastoral administrator at the San Pedro Center, a Catholic retreat in Winter Park, Florida. D'Aversa is pastor of St. Patrick Catholic Community in Mount Dora, Florida. Anthony Criscitelli is pastor of St. Bridget Parish Community in Minneapolis.


Anonymous said...

Close down the Franciscan Order and clean house of all the Homosexuals that have infiltrated this once Holy Order. It has been taken over by demons.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox said..."It is long past the time to cleanse the Church of this filth."

Vox, I am afraid that speaking humanly, it is very possible that the rot is so deep within the Church that it's unlikely that the filth can be swept from the Church. Only a miracle would accomplish that task. The situation in question is akin to the overall status of the Novus's collapsing and beyond human repair.

Beyond that, years ago, then-Cardinal Ratzinger noted the following: "How much filth there is in the Church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, ought to belong entirely to him!" Pope Benedict XVI, at least in regard to the priesthood, failed to even dent the problem in question.

To even begin to cleanse (at least to some degree) the Sodomite Mafia from the Church, I believe that we would require the following:

-- A Pope who acknowledged publicly the problem in question.

-- A Pope who convoked an Extraordinary Synod of bishops to deal with the problem of homosexual priests.

-- A Pope who would call upon the Faithful to employ such vital spiritual weapons as Rosary Crusades, Eucharistic Adoration, fasting, and abstinence to combat the problem in question.

That is just the beginning. What is very questionable is to what extent could a Pope rely upon the bishops to cooperate with him? That is, how deep is the homosexual problem within the College of Bishops? Anway, we are dealing with a situation that would require a tremendous effort within the Church as well as years and years to even begin to attack.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

The following is a major problem in regard to the ridding the Church of the Sodomite Mafia: The inaction for decades, and even outright refusal to have acknowledged that the group existed, permitted the Sodomite Mafia to spread and entrench itself with the Church to a frightening degree.

Here is a key example of conservative/neo-conservative Catholics who refused to face the reality that a homosexual mafia existed and had rooted itself in Holy Mother Church.

In 2002 A.D., writing in First Things, Father Richard John Neuhaus (R.I.P.) acknowledged the following:

"It is true, as some readers have noted, that we have in these pages tried to maintain a certain distance from the question of homosexuality in the priesthood."
Publications such as the National Catholic Reporter, on the left, and Catholic World Report and the Wanderer, on the right, have over the years given the question more attention.

"We countered Father Donald Cozzens’ The Changing Face of the Priesthood, which offered an alarming (alarmist?) picture of the homosexualization of the priesthood, with Msgr. Earl Boyea’s “Another Face of the Priesthood” (FT, February 2001), which attempted to put Cozzens’ claims into perspective.

"We had Avery Cardinal Dulles review the McDonough-Bianchi study of the Jesuits, Passionate Uncertainty (FT, April), and he did so in his usual balanced manner, correcting some of its more exaggerated claims."

Many conservatives dismissed the notion of a widespread Sodomite Mafia within the Church as preposterous. They believed that Traditional Catholics as well as liberals, each group for its particular purpose, sensationalized the existence of the Sodomite Mafia.

I am sorry to say that conservative Catholics have been wrong time and again about numerous problems that have plagued the Church for decades. Example: Beginning decades ago, they often labeled Traditional Catholics as "schismatics" and even "heretics" for having refused to march in lockstep with the liturgical/ecumenical revolutions that have weakened the Church. Conservatives chided Traditionalists who dared to argue against prudential Papal decisions that have flopped beyond question.

Conservatives, by and large, downplayed the obvious homosexualization of the ordained priesthood. Now, the Sodomite Mafia is so deep and powerful within the Church that it may be impossible, speaking humanly, to rout sodomites from the priesthood.

Here is an additional example of the conservative publication, First Things, having disputed the scope of the problem associated with the Sodomite Mafia.


Mark Thomas

Jonah said...

Whatever is necessary?

You will need to tear away the gatekeepers, from bottom to top, that distill their poison upward through the heirarchy. They begin by corrupting children, and then select the worst for advancement up through their demonic still. Teachers, lay associations, and religious third orders all stream their devils to institutions of formation and seminaries. The effemination begins in schools, parishes, and clubs. It ends at sodomitic seminaries. It's sustained by church feminists and their sodomite goons. From there, the heirarchy wicks up the poison and concentrates it upward in the power structure. We must begin by denying our children to this demonic engine of evil. Our families must not tolerate being breeders for this highway to hell.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Franciscan Order are Feminine Homosexuals with a very very liberal outlook and has this heretic theology of worshiping Man. That is literally worshiping Man spiritually and physically. They preach this in their homilies. This is due to their twisted and evil Homosexualality that has taken over the Franciscan Order.

Anonymous said...

Some of the Conservative Catholics are Homosexuals themselves and some are in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Three priests walk into a bar: a Jesuit, a Dominican and a Franciscan. Oh, in that case, it must be a gay bar.

I've reached the point where I can only make bad jokes, folks.