Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cardinal Collins calls Parliamentary Committee report "chilling" - orders letter read in Toronto parishes!

Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of  Toronto, has instructed every pastor in Toronto to read in the parish a letter on the crime of euthanasia in Canada.

Cardinal Thomas Collins issued a statement to be read at Masses throughout the Toronto archdiocese March 5-6 condemning recommendations for wide-open access to assisted suicide.
Cardinal Thomas Collins issued a statement to be read at Masses throughout the Toronto archdiocese March 5-6 condemning recommendations for wide-open access to assisted suicide.Photo by Michael Swan.

Cardinal steps up opposition to assisted dying

  • March 2, 2016
TORONTO - A statement from Cardinal Thomas Collins to be read in the Archdiocese of Toronto’s 225 parishes urges Catholics to oppose a “chilling” parliamentary committee report on assisted suicide that Collins said “should shock us to the core.”
In an interview, the cardinal said he hopes parishioners will write to their Members of Parliament and “even the Prime Minister if they wish” to express “deep concern” about a report that recommends assisted killing be integrated into health care and become available to terminal and nonterminal patients. The report also said doctors who oppose killing patients should be forced to refer those patients to other doctors and that hospitals that receive public funding, including Catholic institutions, should be compelled by law to provide assisted suicide and euthanasia.


Mark Thomas said...

I just read online a 2014 A.D. poll that found that in Canada, "80 percent of those who identified themselves as Christians — including 83 percent of Catholics — believe doctors should be permitted to help terminally ill patients end their lives “if they are competent and suffering” and repeatedly ask for assistance to die." (I don't know as to how that relates to Catholics who assist regularly at Sunday Mass.)

Vox, I am not Canadian and don't live in Canada. Therefore, I defer to you in regard to the following: How effective do you believe that Cardinal Collins' effort will prove to spur Catholics to oppose assisted suicide?


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Mark, there is no hope unless it comes literally from on high. It is too late. The Canadian bishops have done this to themselves and to us. It began with the Winnipeg Statement and conscience dissent from Humanae Vitae. They have been, for the most part, feckless. Mass attendance in Quebec a 60 years ago, before the Quiet Revolution (like the French of 1789 but without the blood) was 90%, now it is 9%. In Toronto, it is much better because of immigration from Poland, the Philippines, Africa and Asia, but most Catholics do not go to Mass and most of those that do, are poorly catechised. They seen nothing wrong with contraception or so-called, same-sex marriage or homosexuality in particular. Of our 35,000,000 about 40% are Catholic. We could turn this country around, but it won't happen. I don't think there are a million seriously practicing Catholics left.

Cardinal Collins, along with ++Prendergast in Ottawa, ++Miller in Vancouver, +Henry in Calgary and a few of the new ones in Quebec are solid, but the damage to the faith is just so deep for so many years, I am not optimistic, but as a Catholic, I am hopeful.

Canadians have developed a live and let live attitude. Abortion is a no go. In 1968, our current Prime Minister's father Pierre Trudeau lead the charge in Parliament to legalise abortion. The Supreme Court struck down that law in 1988 as too restrictive. We have no law and no hope of seeing any.

Our Prime Ministers since Trudeau, Clark, Turner, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin and now Trudeau again have all been Catholic. The one non-Catholic, Stephen Harper at least banned funding of foreign aid for abortions but that will now be done away with and the money and blood will flow.

I see little to come of it because I just don't think Catholics really care and in fact, see nothing wrong with it.

The Bishops of Canada, during the last election in October 2015, did everything they could to resist any re-election of the Conservatives to even subliminally refer to Justin Trudeau with the phrase a "Just Society" coined by his father and the colour of the Liberals and Socialist parties.

The Bishops did this.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, thank you for your response. I am sorry to read of the horrific collapse of Catholicism in Canada. Please continue to spread the word in regard to Holy Tradition. You have led many people, in Canada and elsewhere, to Holy Tradition.


Mark Thomas

Barona said...

This should have come immediately when euthanasia was raising its ugly head. We all knew that last summer something very, very sinister was afoot. Instead of fighting back - aggressively - compromise positions (e.g. The Proposal - which only exposed the weakness and timidity of the opponents of euthanasia, thereby emboldening the proponents of death) were developed that have quickly led to a dead end (no pun intended).

I applaud Cardinal Collins for his moving words; I applaud him for demanding the letter to be read. I weep that this was not done at least - at least! last year. In point of fact, it should have been done years ago. We could all see where the Federal election was taking us; the CCCB itself feeding the Liberal monster.

MikeT said...

In fairness, the issues of abortion and assisted dying are directly connected to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a result of decisions made by the Supreme Court of Canada. In a nutshell, the Charter is not based on any one religion, but on certain fundamental principles for all Canadians,regardless of their religion.

Anonymous said...

Confession without confessing.

TH2 said...

More bread crumbs from this emasculated, soft-spoken little prick. Why does he not say something about all the faggot priests in his diocese?

Collins (his liberal history is documented), Henry, Prendergrast et allia... these fake, so-called "conservative" bishops - they're actually worse and more wicked than the outspokenly liberal ones because they give false hope. The passage of time is the truth teller. Dissimulation is the name of the game. Nothing ever comes of these things. Bread and circuses. It's all a show.

They have abandoned the flock and are de facto enemies of Jesus Christ. You cannot - I repeat - cannot trust any Canadian bishop.

Unknown said...

Too little, too late. Why don't we see thousands of Catholics in the streets demanding that the Liberals keep their hands off our hospitals? The failed ecclesiology of the past sixty years envisions a Church that has no distinctive identity and no influence over it's own institutions.

Vox Cantoris said...

TH2 and Junior, I am afraid you are both very, very correct.

Brian said...


Another letter!! That's right another letter! Dead before it leaves the chancery office. How many pulpits will even read it? Who will listen? Who will care? These bishops today are the gutless successors, of those who, with the Winnipeg Statement, stabbed Pope Paul, in the back. They are toothless paper tigers, again like those who sat and did nothing when neo-pag Pierre Trudeau made possible, open season on pre-born Canada. TH2's bread crumb image hits the mark. But surely canon law has more that just bread crumbs for a bishop to use? These quivering terrified puppies have not a drop of martyr's blood in them. When all is said and done, Collins and his episcopal pals will, apart from this ineffectual letter, bow in slavish obeisance, to Caesar. Welcome to the unhinged carousel that is conciliar Catholicism, at best a secondary Catholicism.