Saturday, 12 March 2016

Vale-vale "Crux!"

Not any more!

The Boston Globe has announced the withdrawal of financial support for Crux.

"We simply haven’t been able to develop the financial model of big-ticket, Catholic-based advertisers that was envisioned when we launched Crux back in September 2014.”

Crux is gone.

Blogs continue.

We win.


Anonymous said...

What is Crux? Never heard of it.

Barona said...

There is only one thing these Modernists love more than heresy, and it is money.

Dorota said...

This news makes me very happy two days after removal of my best arguments in a civil exchange there with a progressive, who hurled (in Francis-manner) a large number of completely unfounded accusations at me.
What she said was a response to some Pharisaic, pelagian, legalistic, hateful traditionalist stereotype, the same one Pope Francis is promoting. It had nothing to do with me, or at least with anything I said. I am quite sure - checked several times, whether maybe possibly she did address at least one of my arguments and concerns. No lack. She accused me of being self-righteous, but even if I am/was in that exchange, everything she said was a an epitome of this ugly vice.
They really hate the very biblical word "sodomy" at "CRUX". No matter how brilliant a comment, how constructive, how conducive to an intelligent exchange of ideas (or attempts at presenting ideas to a semi-intelligent audience), if it contains the word "sodomite", it won't make it through. Well... I won't give up the Bible with its rich vocabulary, no way, let them waste my linguistically correct comments.

OK, I called my comments brilliant and linguistically correct (maybe one, at least)... It was for effect. Those people over there at CRUX have no sense of humour, and rather lazy brains, so if they are reading this, they will have their confirmation - I am a self-righteous, arrogant, hateful, Pelagian, hypocritical Pharisee.

To my defence, English is my third language. Still, I know for sure what sodomy stands for. Ain't gonna change my hateful mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God!
Pray for John L. Allen Jr. and the others at CRUX and let's make reparation for the damage the magazine wrought to the Church and souls.

Froggy said...

Yes! Thanks be to God.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous said...

One down and hoping that other blog of junk Patheos will be next!

Guest said...

If you go to, they have a booklet and leaflet on Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. There's a prayer for the defeat of Communists and evil men, and the Golden Arrow. Please get them and share them with others.

Z nami Boh! God is with us!

Unknown said...

Never knew it existed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, they aren't actually gone yet as your link shows. They've lost their funding from the Boston Globe, but there are plenty of liberal leftists out there like George Soros who may keep them going. After all, Soros funds Catholics for a Free Choice, why not Crux. John Allen has said he's going to keep Crux going. So, yes, let's pray for him. I was interviewed by him once many years ago on pro-life issues and he reported fairly. I challenged him when I agreed to the interview and said I had no control over how he manipulated what I said (It had happened more than once with reporters.) and hoped it would not be an agenda-driven article. It wasn't. On the whole, though, Crux was filled with deceitful clap-trap from dissenting Catholics so I hope the funding crash finishes them

Anonymous said...

Crux is for liberal Protestant Catholics. Which could not succeed in its anti-Catholic rants.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

Crux.....everything the Boston Brahmin saw fit to print.