Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Don't wash women's feet

The ridiculously imprudent decision to change the nature of the Holy Thursday Mandatum by Francis is soon to be upon us; unless of course you simply abandon the nervous disordered mess these malefactors have created and simply find the nearest traditional Triduum.

Father Sarah has now staid that no priest "must" include women. Francis simply gave it as a possibility. 

Remember Fathers, the Mandatum is optional, period. It was not part of the Mass until 1956. Option i it out if you don't want the harassment.

If any woman complains, tell them, "Madam, the only man that should wash your feet is your husband, oh, you're not married? I can understand that."

What a joke these arrogant, pathetic, clericalist Romans have made of the Holy Liturgy.

In The Rite Of The Washing Of The Feet… Cardinal Sarah Gives Scope To Celebrant Priest Whether Or Not To Include Women

March 15, 2016
A letter from Pope Francis to Robert Cardinal Sarah, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments was published January 21, 2016, (, in which Pope Francis decreed that, at the ceremony of the Washing of the Feet (in the Ordinary Latin Rite) on Holy Thursday, the priest may wash the feet not only of men, but also of women.
On January 21, Edward Pentin gave a thorough overview of these proposed and permitted changes in the National Catholic Register (, to include the further explanations and instructions as published by the office of Cardinal Sarah himself.
In the wake of this general papal decree, some local bishops have further ordained that their own local priests are now obliged to follow this new rule, instead of leaving the decision up the celebrant himself. (The names of these local bishops are explicitly kept private here in order to protect the respective priests from reprisals.) These bishops now say that their priests should involve women in the ceremony of the washing of the feet.
This development has put those priests under moral pressure who are unwilling to wash the feet of married or unmarried women, due to their informed faith and their own priestly sense of modesty and chastity. For example, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, of Astana, Kazakhstan, has expressed his objections against this decision in February of 2016 (


Aged parent said...

The tragic thing is that most priests will be "obedient" to the higher authority, because they are so poorly taught, catechized and trained. Sarah's words are heartening but I doubt they will have much effect.

A perfect example of chaos.


A Blessed Easter to you and yours, Vox.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Cardinal Sarah, God's army is speaking out against the mess, C. Jorge, has created, in time C.Jorge will either convert to the Catholic Faith or be removed.

Mark Thomas said...

For all practical purposes, the "optional" Holy Thursday practice of washing the feet of women will become the norm and prove virtually irreversible by a future Pope. That simply is the manner in which the Novus Ordo operates. The Novus Ordo is feminized and politicized highly...good luck to a future who tries to remove such elements from the Novus Ordo. To even attempt to do so would involve a prolonged fight. Even then, liberal bishops and priests would ignore a directive to remove the practice from the Holy Thursday Mass.

Throughout the West, at least within the United States (my country), the former liturgical-abuse-turned-legitimate-"option" is widespread. The practice, for decades at a great many parishes, has been the norm.

Conservative bishops and priests will bow to pressure from women and "merciful" men who support the washing of women's feet during Holy Thursday Mass. Conservative bishops and priests don't wish to be labeled as chauvinistic monsters. Moderate bishops and priests will welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their "open-mind" approach to liturgy. Liberal bishops and priests...well, they have supported the practice in question for decades. Anyway, the "optional" practice in question is here to stay.

With each passing day, it becomes difficult, at least to me, to believe that the reform-of-the-reform is viable and worthy of support. But perhaps Cardinal Sarah can make the reform-of-the-reform work. Time will tell.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

my bishops needed permission? for years now?