Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Heresiarch SoupItch of Chicago - another episcopal enemy of the faithful!

What the bear wrote!
"Here is simple realism. Archbishop Cupich is unfit to have any public position. He is a fool, a tool, and a danger to the faith of Catholics, the dignity of the Church, and the well-being of the public. He is an embarrassment to the handful of Catholics still capable of feeling embarrassed.
Most of all, he is one of those odious and harmful little men who thrive in institutions where there is no accountability and no requirement to actually accomplish anything in the real world. He is coddled and protected by an increasingly out-of-touch Church to the extent he divorces himself from reality and basks in the reflected glow of his own imagined virtues."


Anonymous said...

Did you see what he did with the Canons of St. John Cantius for their ordination this year? Their parish celebrates all their OF and EF Masses ad orienten and has for years. Every bishop that has visited the church has gladly celebrated ad orientem at their beautiful altar. Now along comes Cupich, who forces them to set up a stupid table altar awkwardly in front of the actual altar so he can celebrate Mass facing away from the Lord, in defiance of the entire charism and character of the Canons Regular and their parish. What a disgraceful bishop. Not a shred of respect. He needs to be removed from office whatever it takes.

Vox Cantoris said...

I did see that, it was disgraceful and displayed what Anne Barnhardt has called "diabolical narcissism."

F said...

The foundations of the Church seem to be crumbling, but don't worry, it's only blind shepherds. Christ is the Head and the Foundation. All the demons, sodomites, kissing-expert-ghost-writer effeminates, pedophiles, liars, deceivers, malefactors, freemasons, etc. can't touch us if we stay in Truth of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Bipolar disorder does not cause homocidal behavior. The word has been bandied about in the media and popular culture and most people have no clue what the disease involves. Mental illness is often the erroneous scapegoat. Remember decades ago it was commonplace to call someone "psychotic" or "psycho" came in vogue. "Nuts" and "off his meds" are equally disrespectful, inaccurate and derogatory.

These vague accusatory terms are easy to fall back on, it's one of the last acceptable prejudices. Most people truly suffering from mental disorders are only violent toward themselves. Pulling out these labels to generalize and hide real reasons leads to further stigmatizing and misunderstanding behavioral disorders.

Mark Thomas said...

Nobody should be surprised by Archbishop Cupich's action. In 2011 A.D., he offered the following on the liturgical reform:





Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

"Cupich Scapegoats Mentally Ill to Save Muslim Terrorist"

The bottom line is that Islamic-related mass murder in Orlando won't change anything in regard to Islam and the West. (Exception: I imagine that more law-abiding citizens will arm themselves for self-defense purposes.)

The secular power-elite within the West will continue to flood the West with Moslems.

Within the Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Francis and, with few exceptions, one bishop after another, will continue to support the flooding of the West with Moslems. With few exceptions in the episcopate, Pope Francis and our bishops will continue to insist that Islam "is the religion of peace"...and Islamic terrorists are Moslems in name only...they never, never, never are "real" Moslems...oh, no.

The dying, fast-emptying, "mainstream" Protestant communities — liberals — will continue to echo our Churchmen in regard to Islam.

Overall, what will change in relation to the West and Islam?

By the way, in absence of a miracle, we have not witnessed even the beginning of the horror that Islam will unleash upon the West. Islam is just stretching prior to the game...akin to athletes preparing for a contest. We are just in pre-game warm-ups.

Although Islam has thrown its weight around within the West, just wait until Islam approaches 20...25 percent of the population of the West. Just wait until Islam reaches a fairly substantial portion of the Western population. That is when the game will begin. The "game", of course, is the pending Islamic persecution of that which remains of Western Christianity.

Of course, by that time, thanks to Western Christians destroying themselves, coupled with the secular persecution of Western Christianity, little may remain of Western Christianity to persecute.

That concludes my upbeat post. Sorry about the gloom and doom. I believe, simply, that I'm offering realistic thoughts on the matter. I hope that I'm wrong.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

I can understand certainly as to why a bishop would express sympathy in regard to the physical and emotional sufferings sustained by the survivors of the Orlando Islamic-related terrorist attack. I understand why a bishop would express sympathy for those who were murdered in the attack. I understand why a bishop would offer comfort to the families of the deceased and hospitalized.

However, I wonder about the following:

Suppose a club catered to racists...to purple racists. Purple people who hated non-purple people gathered at the club. One day, a Moslem terrorist walks into the club and kills and wounds dozens of purple racists.

Despite racism being a sin, I can understand as to why a bishop would offer sympathy to his fellow purple-colored humans, although racists, who experienced death and injury at the club.

But would a bishop then address a letter to the entire "racist" community (white, black, yellow, etc. racists) to express his solidarity with said community?

If the club in Orlando had been filled with KKK members, would a bishop address a letter to the entire KKK community to declare that he stands with them?


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Note to bishops and all Catholics who have expressed solidarity with, what is in effect, the homosexual lobby:

A very important declaration was lost in Pope Francis' 2013 A.D., "who am I to judge him" press conference response. Pope Francis explained that a major difference exists between a homosexual individual and an organization (lobby) of homosexuals.

Please note the following:

"About Monsignor Ricca: I did what canon law calls for, that is a preliminary investigation. And from this investigation, there was nothing of what had been alleged. We did not find anything of that. This is the response. But I wish to add something else:

"But if a person, whether it be a lay person, a priest or a religious sister, commits a sin and then converts, the Lord forgives, and when the Lord forgives, the Lord forgets and this is very important for our lives.

"When we confess our sins and we truly say, “I have sinned in this”, the Lord forgets, and so we have no right not to forget, because otherwise we would run the risk of the Lord not forgetting our sins.

********** "But, returning to your question more concretely. In this case, I conducted the preliminary investigation and we didn’t find anything. This is the first question. Then, you spoke about the gay lobby. So much is written about the gay lobby. I believe that when you are dealing with such a person, you must distinguish between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of someone forming a lobby, because not all lobbies are good. This one is not good. ************

"If someone is gay and is searching for the Lord and has good will, then who am I to judge him?

"The problem is not having this tendency, no, we must be brothers and sisters to one another, and there is this one and there is that one.

************"The problem is in making a lobby of this tendency: For me, this is the greater problem."************

In 2013 A.D., Pope Francis condemned the homosexual lobby.


Mark Thomas

Michael Dowd said...

Bravo Bear!! What a womanish and ineffectual personality Cupich is. The same goes for his boss and his President. The only place these "leaders" lead us is on the road to hell. Unless they can be replaced soon we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Not long now that Cupich will be made a cardinal by Francis...because he's liberal and AB of Chicago...a typical red hat diocese

JMJT said...

"Anonymous said...
Not long now that Cupich will be made a cardinal by Francis...because he's liberal and AB of Chicago...a typical red hat diocese
9:07 am, June 15, 2016"

How can we possibly end up with a good pope when the cardinals are increasingly such poor choices?

Anonymous said...

"Not long now that Cupich will be made a cardinal by Francis...because he's liberal and AB of Chicago..."

...except that Francis seems to dislike creating cardinals from major metropolitan areas. Not "periphery" enough for him, I guess. It's an ill wind...

The Bear said...

Thanks for giving greater exposure to the Bear's jawbone rippin' of Cupich. Scapegoating harmless mentally ill people to give Muslim terrorists a pass, just because the former group has no cultural protection, is the most despicable thing the Bear has ever seen anyone in a dismal Catholic hierarchy do. (The Bear is not always so Bearish, for those who might not be familiar. He just wrote an essay on how the West fell on precisely April 14th, 1912 at 11:40 p.m. based on the 1929 French book "The Treason of the Clerks." Bear am smart two. Thanks again, and thanks for permitting the shameless plug. A lack of shame is a huge Bear advantage.)

Kathleen1031 said...

True words Bear, all too true. Well done, good and faithful Bear.

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas said... In 2013 A.D., Pope Francis condemned the homosexual lobby.

Well, that helps. It's good to know that a Roman Pontiff is opposed to "the homosexual lobby."

The pope has admitted it exists, and within the Vatican itself. I wonder what is being done about it.


Eirene said...

No Mark, you are not wrong! You have never been more right!