Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who's on first?

Perusing this morning's post by Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness blog, I discovered this:

Richard Gaillardetz  Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology at Boston College said the above in the September 25, 2013 issue of the National Catholic Reporter as highlighted below:

I'm confused.

On March 2, 2015, LifeSiteNews reported the following:

It seems then that Father Thomas J. Rosica has plagiarised Richard Gaillardetz.

In other news.


TLM said...

What the heck??? OK, so now we are all confused. Who exactly said this is anyone's guess.

Jonah said...

Not so hard to guess. Read enough of him and you can pick out when he's speaking in his own voice and when he's "borrowing". Hint -- he's fond of trendy buzzwords and neologisms (Taliban Catholic?).

Brian said...


Both, of these Modernist "Johnny Apple Seeds", are playing first base. They feed off each other. What "is", "isn't", and what "isn't", "is". Simply make up your own rules and mutate as you go. A more important question is: "Who is the umpire, behind home plate"? I wonder who that might be? Hmmm....Francis perhaps? "PLAY BALL, and let's make a mess. Bring on that non-dogmatic "Catholicism", about which, we Modernists have been dreaming, for a century."

"And the Catholic world fell silent before the Spirit of Vatican II."

TLM said...

'And the Catholic world fell silent before the Spirit of Vatican ll.'

I think we were 'shell shocked' as it were. I remember my mom along with the entire Parent Teacher Association approaching Fr. and said more or less: 'What in the heck is going on here?' You've ripped the Communion Rails out of the Church??? Why??' You mean we're going to march up to receive Our Lord not on our knees? Why?? His answer: 'We are opening the windows and letting the fresh air in'. We opened the windows to allow the smoke of Satan permeate the Sanctuary.

This Church has robbed and raped our children and grandchildren and in spite of our faithful teaching at home. And I for one am rightly angry.....really angry, and I believe righteously angry. Some of us have hopped from faithful Parish to faithful Parish so that we would have the support and help of raising our children in the true faith, unadulterated by unfaithful Priests, and for what? To hear our adult children say: 'Mom, Fr. says so and so.....the Pope says so and so.... I'm telling you, it's devastating what some of these men have done. They have literally thrown our children to the wolves. Am I angry? I am a Mama Bear with a very sore paw.

Fox said...

Oh TLM, Mamma Bear, I hear you!! I am one of seven children raised in the Church, my father, now an octogenarian, was our choir director. We sang together as a family in our parish. Palestrina, Mozart, Bach... I knew 6 Ave Marias by the time I was 10 years old. Even though the liturgy had changed, My parents were strong faithful Catholics and raised us to be the same. Now, I am the only one of my siblings who still attends Mass regularly, all though I am myself a revert (Praise the Lord). One day a few months ago my father said to me on the phone..."well, I don't know if homosexuality is a sin?" I could not believe my ears! My father who used to tell us "God made ADAM and EVE..." It breaks my heart to hear my father's recent change of mind.

The confusion that these so called Theologians have caused is positively DIABOLICAL! Even though I am not a mother, I feel your pain.

TLM said...

Well Fox, we are not alone in our misery. One of the Deacons at my Church has the same problem with his children, and siblings. And, I've heard Francis Cardinal George(now retired, but with Cancer and Dr.s can do no more for him, pray for him) say the same thing about his nieces and nephews. One of the Deacons at our Parish calls them 'the lost generation.' If you could only make these men understand that they will pay a hefty price eternally, but I do believe they've lost all sense of the mystical. It's the 'here and now' they worry about. The 'social justice'. Are they really that blind that they cannot see beyond physical death? Or is it really true that they don't believe in Hell? Certainly the cavalier attitude concerning the Eucharist points to their unbelief in the Real Presence of Jesus, body, blood, soul and divinity. You are correct it's DIABOLICAL INSANITY. (what I call it) I spoke with a Priest one time in Confession and he said it was the seminaries that caused much of this problem. A lot of them were 'brainwashed' so to speak. Anyone read 'Goodbye Good Men'?

That must have hurt tremendously coming from your Dad. We are helping Jesus carry His cross, I do believe. What one of us cannot relate to The Agony in the Garden? I cry almost every time I pray that mystery. And sometimes I cry just thinking about His agony. Our poor precious Jesus felt the pain of this time even more than we can imagine. His betrayal was monumental. I pray and beg for conversions daily, and include my own continued conversion.

May Jesus have MERCY on all of us and especially the spiritually blind. May the Blessed Mother help to wake her children from sleep, and may St. Michael the Archangel defend us all in battle.

Anonymous said...

But it's "the Springtime of the Church!": the rotten fruits of the destruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the destruction of the sacraments, leading to destruction of morals (and reason). I know the pain of siblings brought up Catholic who have gone with the world, the flesh and the devil and will not uphold Faith and morals. And older parents who have also gotten very weak on morals and led astray as to what constitutes the Faith. All this is the result of the deliberate defiance of God and the adoption of false modernist ideas at the Second Vatican Council. This was all planned by Satan and he has had helpers work to destroy the Faith from the very top of the Church, with great success from the 1960s. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .