Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vatican embraces Masonic-Marxist environmentalist "Earth Hour"

To counter these communists and lying Freemasons in the Vatican the Vox homestead shall be lit up for the hour inside and out.

I just can't wait for that Environmental Manifesto, I mean, Encyclical.

Meanwhile, Asia Bibi remains on death row in Pakistan.

St Peter's Basilica to go dark for Earth Hour

St Peter's Basilica - EPA
28/03/2015 14:21

(Vatican Radio) St Peter’s Basilica will go dark for one hour Saturday evening, joining once again the international "Earth Hour" effort to raise awareness about climate change. 
The annual initiative, which began in 2007, invites cities around the world to turn off the lights on their national monuments and public buildings, as well as in offices, shops and homes, to help raise awareness about the need to adopt more environmentally sound practices.
Earth Hour is being observed 28 March in major cities across the world, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30, local time in each country. This year in Rome, the Great Synagogue and the Great Mosque will join the initiative for the first time.


Santa said...

And darkness shall cover the earth. What a sadly appropriate symbol for this Papacy.

Barona said...

Churchmen blundered badly not a few centuries ago regarding science.... do they wish to embarrass themselves again?

I wonder if the poverty stricken regions of the Earth will be participating in this rich man's indulgence? This is a scandal. When will these filthy, dirty Freemasons have the courage to come out of the closet and leave Rome?

Elizanna said...

Dear Vox, Our household will be honored to join you. God bless.

Elizanna said...

Dear Vox, Our household will be honored to join you. God bless.

Dorota said...

Barona, these Freemasons are now fully out of the closet, in more than one sense. Their so called ecumenism and tolerance and humanism and social justice and open borders and disdain for nation states and happy coexistence, no judgement of good and evil, truth and lie, are proof of that. Soon Jesus Christ will be swept under the carpet in order not to offend. I watched Church Militant's "Mike'd Up" yesterday. One of the guest said something to the effect: When you are in a battle, you must know who the enemy is. I think I know them duplicitous Masons. When they speak, I smell the odour of their lies. Honestly, I do.

Chloe said...

We joined you in lighting up our house. Xx