Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Cathedral Cabaret! A reprise

Something odd today. For some reason an old post from April 15, 2013 which features a cabaret performance of secular music with tickets sold in Toronto's St. Michaels Cathedral has been making the rounds today. You can clearly see the throne in the typical Masonic Lodge presider manner with its green upholstery as this was before the elevation of the Archbishop to the College of Cardinals. It's very odd because not only here but over at Barona somebody's been creeping this old post and raising this as an issue in the combox on a totally unrelated post. Ah; trolls. The singer is quite talented, no doubt about that. The concert should just never been allowed in the Cathedral or any Catholic church.

I can't imagine why or what would be wrong with this; can you?

Oh well, it must be just me that finds this odd.

Go away then, nothing to see here.

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Aloysius Gonzaga said...

...with Lent, and Holy Week approaching, some of Toronto's best church buildings are once again being transformed into concert halls (i.e.St. Basil's).

...didn't the Novus Ordo readings recently contain the Gospel account of our Lord chasing the money-changers from the Temple? How do our Novus Ordo clerics reconcile that passion for the holiness of the Temple with their total capitulation to the idol of entertainment?