Thursday, 26 March 2015

No gossip and chatter

One day after the release of the interview with Cardinal Burke on LifeSiteNews, Pope Francis, on March 25 at the general audience in Rome said, "There is no need of this, not of chatter!" - in Italian he said "chiacchierare," translated by Vatican Radio as "gossip and chatter." 

Is the Holy Father concerned about Cardinal Burke's clarity? If so, then is at least equally concerned about Cardinal Kasper's confusion? Is he concerned about bloggers and Catholics who express their views in accord with Canon 212 §3. 

Has the Pope come to the realisation that the reason for Cardinal Burke's clarity is Kasper's confusion and the tolerance of it from him, the Bishop of Rome? Cardinal Burke is correct, there is much confusing and it is alarming. It has been created by those who seem to have too much influence over this Pope. 

Let us be clear, it is not those who believe in the Magisterial teaching of the Church who have created the confusion and this chiacchierare, it is those who would subvert the Magisterial teaching. The scandal is that it is happening right under the nose of the Bishop of Rome himself, the Pope.

Perhaps His Holiness was familiar with the interview of Cardinal Burke as when asked which saints we should be invoking for the family today, the first with whom Cardinal Burke responded was the anything but "irregular," Holy Family.

So indeed, let us pray as the Pope asks but it is up to him as to whether or not there will be less chiacchierare.

Courtesy of Father Allen J. MacDonald of Southern Orders:

+ + +

I would like for this prayer, and the whole Synod journey, to be animated by the compassion of the Good Shepherd for His flock, especially for persons and families that, for different reasons, are “troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt 9:36). So, sustained and animated by the grace of God, the Church can be ever more committed, and ever more united, in the witness of the truth of the love of God and of His mercy for the families of the world, excluding none, whether within or outside the flock.

I ask you, please, to not neglect your prayer. All of us – the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious, lay faithful – we are all called to pray for the Synod. There is need of this, not of chatter! (chiacchierare) I also invite those who feel far away, or who are not accustomed to do so, to pray. This prayer for the Synod on the Family is for the good of everyone.

Here is the prayer:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
In you we contemplate
The splendour of true love,
We turn to you with confidence.

Holy Family of Nazareth,
Make our families, also,
Places of communion and cenacles of prayer,
Authentic schools of the Gospel,
And little domestic Churches.

Holy Family of Nazareth
May our families never more experience
Violence, isolation, and division:
May anyone who was wounded or scandalized
Rapidly experience consolation and healing.

Holy Family of Nazareth,
May the upcoming Synod of Bishops
Re-awaken in all an awareness
Of the sacred character and inviolability of the family,
Its beauty in the project of God.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Hear and answer our prayer. Amen.

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