Monday, 2 March 2015

LIFESITENEWS Reports on Cardinal Burke: "Catholics shouldn't sue one another"

Hilary White
Hilary White


Bruvver Eccles said...

Oh dear, this looks like a criticism of Fr Rosica. I wonder if Cardinal Burke will be getting a solicitor's letter?

Aged parent said...

I read the interview with Burke and of course I was pleased that he said that. It needed to be said. In fact, it was the one thing in the interview that really stood out. The rest of the interview was a typically circumspect Cardinal Burke repeating things we have already heard him say many times. But his statement on this reckless lawsuit was a breath of much-needed fresh air.

Catholic Mission said...

Cardinal Raymond Burke approved Fr. John Hardon's error

Vox Cantoris said...

Catholic Mission,

I am publishing your comment however, Father John Hardon was a holy priest and devoted his life as a true servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His people. Raymond Cardinal Burke is a profoundly holy, strong and courageous man; a Canonist of high reputation and integrity another true servant of Our Blessed Lord and a consolation to us.

I only briefly glanced at your link and I do not have time for a deep analysis or rebuttal suffice to say I disagree with you.

Others may choose to challenge your hypothesis and are welcome to do here.


Catholic Mission said...

For me too Fr.John Hardon was a holy priest and I admire Cardinal Raymond Burke. I have not been able to meet him in Rome.

My report refers to a general oversight in the Catholic Church, an error which is innocent.
I too once upon a time made this same error.

I think the Church needs to identify it, correct it and then move on.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you; truly there seem to have been many errors that even pre-dated the Council that some day need to be clarified but what a debate that would open.

Liturgically, I would even go back to 1951 and start over!

Brian said...

Liturgically, I would even go back to 1951 and start over!

I second that!

Anonymous said...

Bishop Fellay of the SSPX said that the worst tragedy today is that the faithful have been abandoned by their leaders. In this case Our Lord and Our Lady must have said enough is enough. The whole Traditional world stormed Heaven with prayer begging that such a tragedy would not befall Vox Cantoris. Now Vox Cantoris must continue being a voice of Christ's sheep and lambs. Deo Gratias.