Friday, 27 March 2015

Can't you just feel the joy?

Who are these pharisaical, self-absorbed and neo-promethean pelagians that our dear Holy Father keeps talking about?

Below is a quote from the homily of March 26, the Thursday in the Fifth Week of Lent when the Gospel that should have been read last Sunday in the Ordinary Form as it was in the Extraordinary Form was read.

"They did know how to rejoice, because they lost the meaning of joy that only comes from faith. Our father Abraham was able to rejoice because he had faith: he was made just in faith."

Isn't this what we would expect from Luther and the sola-scriptura, sola-fide folks?

There was so much meat in that Gospel and he came up with joy?

All these modernists and their talk of joy. They call you names unjustly and then they want you to be joyful. It is a real stumbling block for me. 

I apologise if this is disrespectful to the Vicar of Christ, but when he starts acting like he is, I will too. Promise.


Dorota said...

When I was sad once, because something sad was happening, a prozac popping acquaintance wanted me to see a doctor, too. Her response to my claim that sadness was normal? - Oh, if you don't want to do anything about it!

Are we having fun? Did you have fun? - I was shocked to hear that having-fun-thing all the time, when I first arrived in Canada.

I recommended a film to a university student, but she said it would be pointless to see it, as it didn't have a happy ending.

This joy we see everywhere is sometimes rather fake, it is a socially expected front. That's all. Will there be a time, when my sadness at seeing this will be diagnosed as a very dangerous commutable disease or mortal sin? Is this time here now?

Brian said...


The truth of the matter is that there is far more joy, in the traditionalist community, than there is, in the Nouvelle Theologie (re-packaged Modernism) community, that Francis represents. I spent thirty years working alongside Francis types. Believe me, the melancholy and bitterness quotient, in these people, was, and continues to be, off the charts. The "smiles", the "chuckles", the "inclusion" the "acceptance" operating system, of this group, is just a mask for a "Cross less", non-dogmatic, earthbound Catholicism, as smug and as ugly as any in Church history.

I understand, that there should be respect for the office of the papacy. But, the man, as Pope, who continuously makes scandalous statements, and trashes those who seek to uphold Catholic doctrine, simply forfeits that respect. Summorum Pontificum must be exceedingly painful for Francis. Where, pray tell, is Peter? Don't be afraid, to bring out the heavy artillery, when warranted. Francis must not be given a free pass. Sadly, some tradition leaning personalities, have done just that.

Catechist Kev said...

There are so many times, Vox...

So. Many. Times.

When I hear (or read) our Holy Father speak I have another one of those Scooby Doo moments and go "Huh? Ruh-roh, Raggy."

Perhaps if he would have said, "he was made just in faith *by the grace* of God"?

That might have been more palatable.

Catechist Kev

Anonymous said...

if being happy is what matters he should move in with the Evangelists. I don't know why, but people in that community are always smiling and singing.

Anonymous said...

Might be a good moment for temperance, converting the urge to stick a finger in the Holy Father's eye into an act of reparation for your sins, my sins, or someone else's sins.

Vox Cantoris said...

The log is indeed large in my own and I am guilty of being hard on him. I will be held to account for it, no doubt. I am more afraid though of not saying anything. I am disturbed by his name-calling and by the daily spin out of the press office at the Vatican. The homilies that don't quite finish, such as "neither to I condemn you" without finishing the sentence. It is all quite disturbing and distressing. Silence will do no good to me or those who are asleep whilst October looms on the horizon. I must do more penance and I must pray for him more, I do not do it enough. He disturbs me greatly and that I cannot shake; it has been thus for 24 months now.

Vox Cantoris said...