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Friday, 6 March 2015

BREAKING: Does the General Secretary of Ontario's Catholic Bishops Assembly support the explicit Ontario sex education curriculum designed by a convicted child porn producer?

Roger Lawler General Secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario

If the last few weeks have taught us anything it is this; you can't do things anymore in the Catholic Church that go against the faith and not be called out.

LifeSiteNews is reporting that Roger Lawler, the General Secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario has been publicly active on Twitter condemning the position of Monte McNaughton a candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in relation to the explicit sex education curriculum being imposed upon Ontario's children. MacNaughton a Member of the Provincial Parliament has been outspoken against the proposed curriculum. As this picture we obtained from his Twitter page shows he has "re-tweeted" what appears to be his support for a "sex-ed update Ontario badly needs."

There is no hiding the fact that the recently convicted Bernard Levin a former Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education and adviser to Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian developed this curriculum which will be forced upon our Catholic schools. 

Reports are now coming to light at LifeSiteNews and The Rebel Media that there is a government cover-up  “These documents show Liz Sandals and Premier Wynne are now trying to cover up the fact that Levin was intimately involved in the ministry at the time. They have been deliberately misleading us,” Landolt told LifeSiteNews.

As LifeSiteNews reports "the curriculum that Roger Lawler, the ACBO’s general secretary since September 2014, has been defending teaches about anal and oral sex, masturbation, and contraception in grades 6 and 7, and begins discussing homosexual family structures in grade 3. Two Catholic psychiatrists told LifeSiteNews this week that they believe the program is “sexual abuse” because it sexualizes children prematurely."

Mr. Lawler has been asked to provide comment via his Twitter page but has not yet replied; he declined to comment to LifeSiteNews which advises that "Prior to his top position with the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, Lawler was director of education for 15 years at the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB), which has been criticized as the “most non-catholic Catholic school board in Ontario.” Under his watch the board approved a number of controversial materials for school use as well as problematic policies that critics at the time said “created an air of tolerance towards active homosexuality.”

Catholic Intelligence Blog, which has even more detail on this situation, has advised of this quote by Mr. Lawler from LifeSiteNews dating from November 2, 2007: "Lawler spoke of legitimate differences of opinion on matters of "faith and morals".  "Faith and one’s understanding of faith is not static. As we learned and have been taught as a Post-Vatican II people, we are a Church with rich diversity," he wrote.  Adding: "Diversity also can bring about differences of opinion in areas like theology, faith, and morals. This is natural and healthy for a living, dynamic Church."

How much more are Catholics in Ontario to take? 

We have just this week seen the scandal of a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil Tweeting STFU to Raymond Cardinal Burke and now we have this matter. 

How can the Catholic Bishops of Ontario from Cardinal Collins to Archbishop Prendergast and the others tolerate this continued scandal within the Church? Does Mr. Lawler speak for Ontario's Bishops and the Catholic faithful? Should a person of such influence and high position within an episcopal conference use his Twitter feed for such political lobbing? What else is going on in the Assembly that the laity is unaware of? When are our bishops going to act like bishops?

For all the details on this latest scandal click on the LifeSiteNews heading below.

The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario can be reached at their web site.

His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins (President)
Archbishop of Toronto
1155 Yonge Street
Toronto ON.    M4T 1W2
Phone:  416-934-0606  Fax:   416-934-3452

Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, c.s.b. (Vice-President)
Bishop of  London
1070 Waterloo Street
London, ON.  N6A 3Y2
Phone: 519-433-0658  Fax:  519-433-0011
Most Rev. Gerard Bergie (Councillor)
Bishop of St. Catharines
Catholic Centre – Diocese of St. Catharines
P.O. Box 875
St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6Z4
Phone: 905-684-0154  Fax: 905-684-7551

Most Rev. Marcel Damphousse (Councillor)
Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall
220 Montreal Road
Cornwall, ON  K6H 1B4
Phone: 613-933-1138  Fax: 613-937-4931

Roger Lawler email: rlawler@acbo.on.ca


island breezes said...

I'm unclear. Is the entire proof of his approval of the sex ed program, that he re-tweeted something? Is there more to it?

Vox Cantoris said...

There is a leadership campaign for the Ontario Conservative Party where one of the candidates and a sitting MPP (Member of the Provincial Parliament) is opposing it and is criticised for doing so by Mr. Lawler this can be clearly seen in the photo at the LifeSiteNews article. Examining his Twitter feed (which is linked through his name) shows similar including the picture shown here.

I am not sure of your location; this is a very hot political issue in Ontario right now that has been met with very weak response from Ontario's bishops including the Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Much more than just re-tweets. He is the point man for ACBO for convincing folks like CWL that the curriculum is good. You can see the CWL letter here:


Aloysius Gonzaga said...

No, its Roger and the Ontario bishops he represents who are "pathetic." Thank you Monte for standing up for modesty and common sense.

Barona said...

This is the church of Sardis. we are in a time of persecution. Whereas in the 2nd century Catholics were united, and knew Caesar was their enemy, today, most Catholics are misled by their misleaders in the hierarchy and think that Caesar is their friend.

Brian said...


Keep it in mind that the default school of "Catholicity", in Ontario Catholic schools is that of Gregory Baum and friends. For many teachers this is the only "Catholicism" they know. It is a bogus Catholicism that saturates classrooms, curricula, teacher professional days and to a great extent our chancery offices. Bishops, who, in varying degrees, have gone though Modernist priestly formation, have been sleeping for decades, while catechetical and liturgical icononclasts, lay and cleric, continue to run amok. Why would they take a strong stand now? The Modernist genie left the bottle years ago. Yes, many, in Catholic leadership, will bow to Caesar.