Monday, 24 May 2021

The Toronto Chancerycrats who have prevented you from recieving Holy Communion for a year and have made sure that there is No Mass For You!

These are the episcopal leaders of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Oops, there is a liaising ayman in there somewhere. These are the people responsible for locking you out of the church and shutting down the Mass. These are the people responsible for denying Catholics who will not receive communion in the hand, the Holy Eucharist for over one year. These are the people who have taken government money and have sold you out for it. 

Some pages post email and ask you to respectfully write. I respect my readers more and just suggest that you write in whatever manner you desire. (The liaison and the one "handling it" snidely know by priests as Excellency Neil, the commissar who runs the show) - the chanerycrat email that never gets read or automatically gets deleted. Collins doesn't read this which is why you don't get an answer. - the Head Hireling    - the new kid on the block - always a bridesmaid, never a bride - the Brideshead revisted - smoking is bad for your health, Bishop, and the person in the confessional. - "do you like my new hat?"


Peter Lamb said...

The Novus Ordo has thrown open the windows of the church - the claustrphobia of two millenniums flung aside! The benevolent hierarchy watch approvingly and mutter not a word as molloch prances down the isle. The little children in the congregation laugh gaily and know not enough to shudder, or flee. The church of the free, in the land of the free !!!

Cher said...

I certainly hope that Traditional Masses are being offered underground. How sad that the Irish used to have to hide their Masses from the British, and now Mass has to be hidden from what parades around as the hierarchy in Toronto. There is an evil that has a stronghold on Canada. It goes as far back, or maybe first took hold, in the Residential Schools run by psychotic, supposedly Catholic religious orders. Read the book Good Morning, Monster, the chapters on Charlie who had to overcome years of physical, sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of priests and religious, so-called. The situation in Canada has Satan written all over it, not that such things weren’t happening all over the world. May God have mercy on the good people in Canada.

Tom A. said...

Someday, you will thank this Collins clown and his NO confreres for closing down the Novus Ordo abominations.