Saturday, 1 May 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Archdiocese of Toronto calls police on rosary praying Catholic faithful!

On Friday, April 23, a small group of Catholics sent an email to Msgr. Gregory Ace, Pastor of St. Padre Pio parish in Woodbridge, a suburb north of Toronto. The email was a courtesy to the Pastor to let him know that they would be gathering to pray the rosary, "against the Church Lockdowns, offering up Prayers and Penances to the Blessed Mother, to intercede on our behalf with Her Son, to bring an end to the 'Pandemic', which, as St Charles Borromeo would say, our Sins and Depravity have brought upon us." 

This was the third week that this group undertook this prayer. The first week, the attendance was at St. Clare of Assisi. The Pastor, Msgr. John Borean came out and blessed them, allegedly "inspired" by the Blessed Mother herself, only to then verbally berate the organizer in public. This was Holy Saturday morning and Borean came out wearing a moo-moo type of white vestment as if dressed for Mass. Mass, on Holy Saturday when there is no Mass. The only reason to address them in that "vestment" was as a clericalist prop.

 The next week, the group attended at Immaculate Conception parish, also in Woodbridge and were greeted and blest, but something more sinister was in the offing at St. Padre Pio parish.

The letter to Msgr. Ace is as follows:

Sent: April 23, 2021 8:33 AM
To: info
Subject: Public Rosary in front of St Padre Pio Parish, against the Church Lockdowns

To Monsignor Gregory Ace, C.H.H. Pastor, St Padre Pio Parish


We wish to advise you that a number of Faithful Catholics will conduct a Public Rosary and a Public recital of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of St Padre Pio Parish on Saturday, April 24th at about 10:30am, calling down the intercession of the Blessed Mother to bring an end to the Church Lockdowns and the 'Pandemic', while offering up Prayers, Penances and Reparations for our Sins and for the Sins of our Nation...

You are more than welcome to come out and speak to us and or give us a Blessing if you wish. 

With regards... 

Ad Iesum per Mariam 

Pray... Fast... Penance...

God Bless

Monsignor Ace did not respond, but Neil MacCarthy, the spokesman for Cardinal Collins did!

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: MacCarthy, Neil <>
Date: Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 12:01 PM
Subject: RE: FW: Public Rosary in front of St Padre Pio Parish, against the Church Lockdowns

Good morning. 

Msgr. Ace has passed along your note to me. I have been liaising with the province and municipality throughout the pandemic on the various restrictions in place. We recognize that there are strong feeling on all sides of this issue but Cardinal Collins has clearly asked all Catholics to follow the law at this time, despite the frustrations we are all feeling about the restrictions in place. 

To be clear, permission has not been granted by the parish for this activity to take place on parish property. 

Further, under the current restrictions in place, public gatherings outside of those from the same family are not permitted. Religious services are limited to 10 people only and the archdiocese has provided guidelines for parishes to do so in the appropriate setting. 

We do not want to have a situation where the neighbours or others will contact the police or members of your group may be fined for gathering contrary to the stay at home order restrictions that are currently in place. 

For these reasons, I would ask that this gathering be postponed to a time when larger gatherings are once again permitted. 

It would be most unfortunate if such a gathering had a negative effect and in fact made it more difficult for the church to reopen at greater capacity. 

I trust you can appreciate the serious situation that we are all currently in. 

Neil MacCarthyDirector,                                                                                                            Public Relations & Communications                                                                                      Archdiocese of Toronto  

Imagine, a diocesan lay bureaucrat dressing down a group of faithful Catholics in such a manner. 

All of us should be comforted knowing that Neil MacCarthy is "liaising" on the matter of closing our churches and cancelling Mass. The same Neil that told a number of priests known to me that they were not to preach from the pulpit on the matter of GSA's (gay-straight alliances) in Catholic schools because he was "handling it." Oh, he handled that one really well. 

My favourite sentence is this.

"It would be most unfortunate if someone cut the brake lines of your car." Oops, sorry about that Neil, It brings back memories of certain, you know, ... 

The best. however, was the response to Neil:

Sent: Friday, April 23, 2021 2:36 PM
To: MacCarthy, Neil
Subject: Re: FW: Public Rosary in front of St Padre Pio Parish, against the Church Lockdowns

Hello Neil 

Thank you for your email. 

In fact, it's been 7 years and counting, since I last emailed the Archdiocese regarding the illicit Liturgical Dancing at St Padre Pio Parish and have yet to hear a response from the Archdiocese on that. And yet, the turn around time for this email to St Padre Pio Parish, regarding a public Rosary against the Church Lockdowns, was less than four hours. 

Thank you for your concerns. As a result, we may or may not do our public Rosary at St Padre Pio tomorrow. In fact, we may or may not end up taking our Public Rosary, imploring the intercession of the Blessed Mother, to a different parish in the Archdiocese tomorrow... To us, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, is something worth fighting for, as it was for the martyrs who preceded us... 

Pray... Fast... Penance... 

Ad Iseum per Mariam... 

God Bless

Imagine that. No response about the liturgical dancers from seven years ago, even at the dedication of the church in the presence of Tom Collins himself as reported in the Catholic Register, but four hours for giving the courtesy of a public rosary.

Illicit "liturgical dance" in the presence of Tom Collins

What did Father Ace get for his liturgical abuse? Monsignor!

The swamp of the Archdiocese of Toronto is very deep indeed. 

So what was the result last Saturday?

Hello Everyone... 

As promised, providing you with a breakdown as to what happened last Saturday at our Rosary Prayer gathering at St Padre Pio Parish. 

I arrived at the parking lot of the park, across from St Padre Pio Parish just before 10:30am. There I met one of the members of our group who told me that I had just missed the police cruiser who had been parked at the entrance to the parking lot, facing the Church across the street. That the police cruiser had been there for about Half an hour before driving away. It is unlikely that it was a speed trap, because the police car was just sitting there for half an hour before driving off, right at the exact time where one would have expected that those who would be coming to the Rosary Prayer Rally at St Padre Pio, would have been expected to begin arriving... One can only assume that the York Region Police were advised by the Archdiocese that an "Illegal gathering" was going to take place in front of St Padre Pio Parish... 

As a few more of us arrived, one of the ladies from our group had initially gone over to St Padre Pio parish before coming to join us in the Park, parking lot. She told us that she saw two gentlemen, one of whom had a Knights of Columbus jacket on, at one of the entrance/exits to the parking lot of St Padre Pio parish. She asked if this was where the Rosary Rally was going to be held. They told her that there would be no Rosary rally at St Padre Pio parish, that we should all obey the law and not gather outside our homes, and that Cardinal Collins said we should stay at home and that she should leave... 

Just let that sink in for a moment... Catholics... Presumably, members of the Knights of Columbus of St Padre Pio Parish, allowing themselves to be used as Goons/Enforcers by the Monsignor of the Parish, to PREVENT CATHOLICS FROM PRAYING THE ROSARY IN PUBLIC, OUT IN FRONT OF A CHURCH

I was inclined to go over and have a talk with them, but one of the ladies of our group quite rightly reminded us that we should do what we had gathered there to do, and that was to pray the Rosary. And we did so in the Park... By the time we had ended and dispersed, I drove across the street to the Church and no one was there. On top of that, all the doors to the Church were also locked... 

Interesting note... there were about 16 to 20 guys playing soccer together in the park, and the police cruiser that was there did not attempt to break up that "Illegal gathering"... and yet they and, presumably, members of the Knights of Columbus at the behest of the Monsignor, were prepared to PREVENT a group of Faithful Catholics from gathering to pray the Rosary in front of a Church, because that was an "Illegal Gathering"... 

God Help from Leaders who are more Wolves than Shepherds...

That's quite the legacy for Tom Collins. 

Pour me another.


Magda said...

We are led by cowards. Perhaps it's the time to take over OUR churches. Every parish should now host public rosaries in the month of May.
We truly have a 'great' liason with government and that's why we are closed. God have mercy on our Cardinal.

Phineas said...

Well-formed Catholics can trust their Sensus Fidei. It would tell them that we have many False Shepherds in the Archdiocese. It's incidents like these that make me want to keep my wallet closed. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Cardinal Collins started to lobby for a German-style church tax. They're already bought and paid for, so why not go for the logical next step?

As for the Knights of Columbus, I'm not surprised they're engaged in this kind of thuggery. They have a smell about them that's just not right.

Evangeline said...

The Knights of Columbus in America fund the liberal Crux "Catholic" periodical. They also allow people to walk in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Boston under LGBT banners, not merely as Catholics or Christians, which is anybody's privilege.
Canada is far gone. It's not too late, but it's far gone into fascism. The entire Catholic church has apparently signed on for fascism. It is those weaklings who allowed the state to take over management of the church, and tell the church what it may or may not do. They did this willingly! In the US, the understanding from the beginning was that the state has no jurisdiction over the church, which is headed by God alone. This is why taxes are not levied against the church. Our "leaders" have allowed the appalling lie to spread that church, our religion, our faith, is "non-essential". The damage from this alone is incalculable! They have basically stated God is non-essential. The sacraments are non-essential. Dying without last Confession, viaticum, is non-essential. Baptism is non-essential.
And the state is now considered in charge. This is where the church has betrayed God, the faith, and the people.
And yet you continue to give money to these people? Why.
There is precious little left to impact these appeasers. They know it. We know it. They don't care if you are unhappy. They don't care if you complain. They don't care if you go to another parish. They don't care if you stop coming altogether. UNLESS, that absence hits critical mass. Oh they get their money anyway, bringing in "refugees", and Rome will fund them to a point. Rome that gets 2 billion dollars per year from our friend, China. But empty churches would be hard to explain, and empty coffers are going to hit home, sooner or later. If things continue on as usual, what motivation have these men to change anything? Even to be kind to you? They are friends of the STATE, not you. Not me.
Guess what friends, it's all we have left, besides the intervention of God.
Keep praying the Rosary, keep fighting the good fight. Resistance is all we have and we must do it. But don't lose track of what they care about most, bad PR and empty collections.
God save the church, and help us deal with these hirelings.

Irenaeus said...

Immaculate Heart of Mary, intercede for us and beg for mercy on our behalf.

mazara said...

They seem to forget that Parish property is laity property.The Vatican 2 council called for the laity to play a bigger role in the Church,seems it only applies to guitar players and liturgical dance,and Eucharist lay ministers.

Johnno said...


No, no. Cowards don't go out of their way to cause trouble for others. Cowards keep their heads down and don't give themselves more work to do by becoming unnecessary informants.

This was DELIBERATE MALICIOUS INTENT. Proof that the Archdiocese and many "fathers" are simply another bureaucratic arm of the godless secular government.

These are the actions of a State-run Church. NOT the Holy Catholic Apostolic one. Tares growing with wheat like parasites until the harvest.

Another error of Russia.

The Knights of Columbus should start carrying a hammer and a sickle with their new fitting uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Man upsurging the place of God,the religion of antichrist,the welfare of man now triumphs the public worship due to God.

Barona said...

Follow the money, friends. Follow the money. Modernism induced these people decades ago to surrender, indeed prostitute themselves to Caesar. The Covid nonsense is a blessing from God to rip off the mask to reveal the true depth of corruption in the Church in Canada. God is purifying friends. Let us remain faithful to Our Mother, bu Her bedside. let us not abandon Her to be euthanized.

Anonymous said...

Liturgical dance has not been allowed in the West! Ace knows that, but pomp and ceremony, particularly when they elevate the celebrant, is something that appeals to his ego!

Melanie said...

Knights of Columbus my eye. They are New Order. You people better figure out who the enemy is. Know thy enemy and know yourself; you people can’t even tell the difference between yourself/the Church and your enemy/the complete opposite of the Church. Or maybe we’re trying to look like we oppose evil but really intend to lose every battle and just be perpetually groveling victims? What a disgraceful clown show.

Anonymous said...

That was a brilliant response from whoever wrote it.

Isn't this the same parish where the vestibule features "sacred architecture from all religions"? Including several idol-worshipping temples etc.

It's kind of like the dictatorship of relativism in several large glass display cases.

Is this the parish or am I thinking of somewhere else?

Johnno said...

BREAKING: Judge denies gov’t request to close Canadian church that has defied coronavirus rules

"A Canadian church will for now at least not have its doors closed to its faithful by police and health officials after a judge today denied an Ontario Attorney General’s request to shut the church doors because it has stayed open contrary to draconian COVID-19 health rules.

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of the Church of God located in Aylmer, Ontario, announced the news in a YouTube message posted today."

Yet Collins and the entire Canadian hierarchy not only cannot find the time to do likewise, but actively work against their own congregations!

Everyday For Life Canada said...

The Church hierarchy that should be the first to defend religious freedom and civil liberties is now attacking those rights. What a scandal!

Anonymous said...


what a joke! They gather together to drink beer. In our former parish in Merchantville, N.J. , they blackout the windows of the gymn , women are NOT ALLOWED , not even the DRE who came knocking on the door to gather up a few more desks for the CCD kids. The Genesee beer truck pulls up and the inebriated Knights swerve around the parking lot trying not to run over the
children who are there waiting for their parents to pick them up after Catechism classes. Oh give me a break ! Look at the money their Supreme Knight Opus Dei Carl Andersen rakes in.....these boys like their plumes, capes and swords as they raise them over the sodomite priests we endured as pastors.

Anonymous said...

When pastors are against their faithful - there is something very wrong happening in the Church!!! During Communism era - JPII, who in 1953 (STALIN TIMES) was not allowed to make a public procession with a picture of Black Madonna in Cracow, Poland - he took out the picture, left it in the Church and lead a public procession with EMPTY FRAMES around Cracow!!! You are with GOD or against Him! Pastors, who are not supporting their faithful and take side of the government are betraying their flock...

... and also in the past historic pandemics CHURCHES WERE OPEN 24h a day, and constant prayers were recommended to ask for God's mercy!!! BUT TO DO THAT OUR CARDINALS, BISHOPS AND PASTORS HAS TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD, FIRST!!!

Andrea said...

The annual request to support Share Life by the Toronto Archdiocese is in progress. The money that they received from the Government should be used for Share Life. Also, when they had a campaign to raise money for the renovation work at St. Michael's Cathedral and to build churches within the Archdiocese, some parishes were overly generous with their contributions. Little do they know how the money is being used or will be used. This money should also go to Share Life.
Personally, I feel it was wasted with St. Michael Cathedral – the church of the Archdiocese. When it was first built, the Tabernacle was located in the centre, where it ought to be. Sometime after Vatican 2, it was moved to the right side of the sanctuary and now it is on the left. What happened to relocating it to the centre – it’s proper place? It is Cardinal Collins church and he is known to allow tabernacles to be relocated in the centre.
Another matter is the position of the pipes of the pipe organ. If anyone knows of another cathedral/church anywhere in the world that has done the same thing, I would like to hear about it. What used to be the choir gallery has become the body of a military tank with the pipes lying in a horizontal position (as with a canon on a military tank) protruding through the wall of the gallery. It is pointing directly into the Sanctuary!!! The organ is not located in the gallery and the choir does not use it as such but you can equate it with “remote control” which is what IT is all about today. The decision on design of churches is made by a committee and it seems the Cardinal has no say in the matter. Yes, you can say it is his church and he should. However, he is surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Popes John-Paul II and Benedict were surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing. The former could not consecrate Russia in the way Our Lady requested in Fatima without asking those around him if he could mention Russia. (Fr. Gabriele Amorth was close to him that day and heard him.) On the day when Pope Benedict was installed as Pope, he had requested prayers for himself so he “does not flee from wolves in sheep’s clothing”. He had to flee(!), though he says he resigned. In the years prior to his departure, Our Lord had requested prayers for Pope Benedict’s protection via all His messengers because of the plots that were taking place against him in the corridors of the Vatican.
Whilst we are suffering, we have to pray for Cardinal Collins because he is not the “boss” of his diocese. Canada has a long way to go to redeem itself in God’s eyes.

Vox Cantoris said...

There are two organs. A chancel organ with speakers on either side of the Crucifixion window and a pipe organ in the loft. Those pipes pointing out are trumpets. On the rest, you are right on.

Anonymous said...

St. Clare of Assisi parish is a Neocatechumenal Way parish I believe. This would explain the fondness of liturgical dancing. They celebrate horribly illicit sacrilegious Protestant/pagan/Jewish "Masses" on a weekly basis, on Saturdays (to adhere to the old law of worship on the Sabbath of Saturday and not Sunday). If the laity of the Archdiocese knew what went on in these "Eucharistic Celebrations" in OUR churches week after week, there would be a huge scandal. This is why our family switched to the SSPX. I would never go back to an NO parish within the Archdiocese again. Please pray in reparation to our Eucharistic Lord for the abuses perpetrated by those in power in this Archdiocese.

Richard Malcolm said...

"...on Holy Saturday when there is no Mass."

I'm confused by this. Of course there's Mass on Holy Saturday (in both forms). Or did they mean that there is no Mass on Holy Saturday that early in the day?

Vox Cantoris said...

Richard, it was 10:00 A.M. Now, maybe if someone was using the pre-55 Holy Week and Borean (the church was St. Clare of Assisi) will explode if someone ask for the EF, there would be a Mass. In the OF and EF post 55, there is No Mass for You or anyone else on Holy Saturday. Technically, in the OF it is an anticipated Vigil, meaning after Vespers and therefore, Sunday. In the EF, the Mass is to begin at Midnight. All very confusing.

Anonymous said...

Ace doesn’t care about government policy, ar even archdiocesan for that matter. He only wants to maintain his hagiocracy in the church of his own making!

Anonymous said...

Vox I have an idea for the good People of this group. Why not make a BLM sign and still pray the rosary. After all the law is not applied to PC protests and gatherings like BLM and it would make the Diocese so happy about the good press this would gather.
God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Where did they go last weekend? The Cathedral?