Saturday, 8 May 2021

The legacy of Thomas Cardinal Collins

He can share a legacy of incompetence and failure and sell out with Ambrozic, Carter and Pocock.

He'll share a lot more if he doesn't fix this.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox, You are a fearless Miles Christi!
(I just wish we could get your theology right. :) )

Melanie said...

Me too, Peter Lamb. Imagine if Vox Cantoris recognized that the Catholic Church is in desperate need of a Pope. I see a few good men tilting at windmills and I only pray that they recognize the vacancy and fight for the election of a Pope. In time for a Pope in my children’s life time, that’s all I hope for. We need one right now but it will break my heart if someday I leave my children in a world without a Pope. All I can do is pray, write to a CATHOLIC Bishop and repeat myself constantly on a couple blogs that allow a Catholic to comment. Thank you Vox for this. Please, men of Christendom, we need you.

Tom A. said...

This Collins guy is an obvious fool. I am sure in history there have been many incompetent fools who were Cardinals and Bishops. But until 1958 all the Cardinals and Bishops were actually Catholic. This Collins guy, along with the entire Novus Ordo hierarchy are not Catholic. It is futile to expect them to behave as Catholic clergy.

Johnno said...

Here's what an actual shepherd looks like.

POLICE STATE: Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests a Canadian pastor

As usual the Samaritans outside of our fold are doing what Catholic Bishops don't have the balls to. They should follow their Francis and stop wearing red.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Anonymous 12:36 A.M.

I rarely regulate the combox, however, your post on the "latest humiliation" cannot be published for personal reasons which I cannot discuss.

Legitur inter lineas.

Thank you.