Sunday, 23 May 2021

For the Second Pentecost Sunday in row, Cardinal Thomas Collins has decreed that there will be


How does it feel to know that you have missed Lent, Eastertide, Ascension and Pentecost in 2020 and here we are in 2021 and you missed all of that again and all the green Sundays, except for a paltry few weeks if you could get a ticket at 15% plus. You missed Advent, Christmas and Epiphanytide and Lent before that. What a fool, what a coward. what a government toady is Thomas Collins. He has submitted the Holy Catholic Church of Christ to the State and there will be no extracting from this precedent unless he acts and acts now.

Collins must immediately defy Ford and announce that Church is essential and that retail stores cannot open at a greater level than Churches. Aside from that, remember that Ford has capped attendance at 10 persons, Collins has shut down the Mass to the faithful. This Bishop who once said, "I am the Pope in Toronto" has shut down the public worship of God which is our need and His due!

Barona, our friend and colleague at Toronto Catholic Witness frankly states utter betrayal and the delivery of the Church into the hands of the State. I urge you to watch the forty-second video snippet. (The liaison and the one "handling it" snidely know by priests as Excellency Neil, the commissar who runs the show) - the chanerycrat email that never gets read or automatically gets deleted. Collins doesn't read this which is why you don't get an asnwer.    - the new kid on the block - always a bridesmaid, never a bride - the Brideshead revisted - smoking is bad for your health, Bishop, and the person in the confessional. - "do you like my new hat?" - The real email address directly to Collins should you wish to wish him a Blessed Pentecost because remind him that he has a Mass but there is No Mass for You! Share it widely. Use it. He will see this email as opposed to the one ignored by the chancerycrats.
They have stolen from you and me, from your family and mine. These men are cowards who have sold out to the State for their thirty pieces of silver. Tens of millions of dollars in relief funds from the government. The good news? It will dry up and so will have the collection plate. So many Catholics have found something "better" to do on a Sunday, will think that post-scamdemic, they can watch Mass on TV or their computer screen moving forward, or have been so fed up just not come back. 

The balance sheet is bleeding redder than Collins robes. 


Phineas said...

Well said, Vox. You're correct on what will happen when things return to "normal" (care to predict when you'll be able to dip your fingers in holy water again?). The weekly obligation to attend Mass will dry up, as will the money. To an extent, I welcome this development. The Conciliar Church and its Novus Ordo are zombies, and the sooner they disappear the better. The TLM communities are booming because people instinctively know authentic liturgy when they see it - even in their first exposure to it.

Actions speak louder than words; would His Eminence rather sell a beautiful church property so it could be turned into a supper club, or throw it to the FSSP, ICKSP, or even the SSPX and have them take a crack at restoring Catholic culture? The "walking wounded" of the Novus Ordo simply "don't know what they don't know". If given a taste of the liturgy of the ages, a great many will be shaken to their core and begin living the true faith, in many cases for the first time in their lives.

Barona said...

Vox, as I reflect on this great Feast of Pentecost we have heard ONE WORD of apology from Cardinal Collins. Not one demonstration of regret for his cowardice. No shame about taking Caesar’s” money and “priestituting” The Immaculate Spouse of Christ to spiritual gang rape by the State. To the contrary, notwithstanding their denials, they are joining in the gang rape. God will not be mocked.

Johnno said...

We know that the Party (forget the conservative/liberal labels, there is now only THE Party), were trying to secretly extend the "emergency" powers until December 2021. They're still trying. NOTHING IS GOING TO BE "OVER"!

This "reopening plan" is NOT a reopening plan. Recent Rebel News with Ezra Levant explains why. It's a vague perpetually moving target.

Also remember when all this was about making sure that hospitals are not full?

Also - also - remember when this was all about making sure the death toll wasn't high?



-----YOU KNOW WHY!-----

People we are AT WAR! All branches of the Canadian Government pushing this horse manure ARE THE ENEMY!

Collins and Francis have sided with the enemy AGAINST YOU! Collins and Francis have officially supported CONSPIRITORIAL WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

Collins and Francis are the ENEMY. They are willing to do bodily harm to you and therefore they must be resisted. They are not obliged any obedience for LIES, DECEPTION, AND BEING ACCOMPLICES TO THREATENING YOUR LIFE! AND NOT JUST THREATENING YOUR LIFE, BUT DENYING YOU ANY SACRAMENTS BEFORE YOU KICK IT!


Vox Cantoris said...

Right on, Johnno!

peasant said...

Firstly, I'm in agreement with Johnno 's comment. It's not about covid or how many are sick or have died because it never was. It's about holding the carrot in front of the donkey so that he walks forward with the cart in tow. The carrot is the reopening of the province, the cart is the gene therapy made with the kidneys of born alive "aborted" late term babies. Guess who the people are?
There is already Poop Francis in the Vatican, now Poop Tommy in Toronto. I don't know about the Vatican, never been there, not much farm land available there, but in Toronto (and surrounding areas) there is a law. The Poop and Scoop law. All of you priests, bishops, and archi-bishops who have locked your church doors, stopped saying public masses for small groups, have chosen not to seek ways to circumvent the restrictions, and are distributing the Body of Christ only on the hand while wearing a face diaper believing that you can hide your shame from Almighty God who sees all get down and scoop it, scoop it. Put Poop Tommy and yourselves out at the streetside on the appropriate day. It's the law.

Anonymous said...

I am a convert of 58 years, and am outraged at the heirrachy here in Canada and of course right to Bergoglio in Rome. Somebody asked if I was upset, and I said no. Upset only when I spill the milk or something. No I am mad. I am enraged to think my bishop who thinks he owns my church is a coward and part of this One World Machine which we know is anti- Christ. To think that they, as in the hierarchy have closed our churches and even previously to full closure forbid us from receiving our Saviour on the tongue as has always been and canon law still says is the proper way. Forbid! In the history of the church, many wars and vicious plaques attacked society and the Catholics ran to help the I did as a nurse. You go to the sick. The churches were open in the war years and plaques and the physically ill as well as all people who need Jesus the Lord’s Body and Blood to heal their souls. No, the church didn’t run away and that is proof enough that this ‘lot’ of hierarchy are not true Catholics or even believers in .Christ. They are at best wimps but probably Marxists. So very sad. May the Lord forgive them for what they have done and continue to do. P.C.