Monday, 30 March 2020

Rorate Caeli Twitter on a blocking frenzy


What has gone on with the people behind Rorate Caeli blog. They have lost control of their reason and rationality. People are losing their minds and have lost the ability to disagree and debate. 

Anyone from Rorate wish to comment?

You know, two can play at this game, I can delist you from here too.


Anonymous said...

I am watching even those trying to follow Jesus, in earnest, all over the place. I used to read various blogs, which helped me to remain on my lonely walk in the wake of unwanted divorce, etc...

Now, I see disarray everywhere.

I mean this sincerely, not divisively.

Lucifer is being quite successful, in my view. Allies, are undercutting each other. I have little doubt that faith is being undermined and far worse. Among many bliggwrs, etc... who not all that long ago, were oases for tge struggling.

It is heartbreaking to see.

Ana Milan said...

“The one who perseveres to the end will be saved.” Matt. 24:13.

Kathleen1031 said...

I so agree with the topic and these comments. The infighting has been going on for months, but it has spread. Some major blogs we read daily are now posting inexplicable things. I don't understand Rorate lately, and I could name others. I'm not understanding the virus-deniers. I think many people don't appreciate what ventilation means, they perhaps don't understand it is total respiratory failure, not like being congested.
Perhaps God is pulling out all the pillars of our lives, so we will rely on Him alone. Seems like it.
Ana said it, we must persevere with God's grace.

Hang in there friends! This too shall pass. Please put all this aside and if you can, get outside for hours at a time. When you are outside and hopefully the sky is blue and the birds are singing, flowers are coming up and all signs point to SPRING, it is God's world, and viruses seem very far away, even impossible. We'll get through this friends, with His help. :)

Irenaeus said...

I don't know what got into Rorate Caeli, but they are not alone. This virus is exposing a lot of cracks in the already rusty and unoiled machine that is the traditional Catholic world (please note that I am using a metaphor - I don't for an instant believe in "TradInc" or whatever it is). Lines have been quickly drawn and it is - to say it in the best way - interesting to see who falls where. Granted, a lot of people are at risk for falling on hard times and this has only driven them to certain lengths.

Barona (the other blogger at Toronto Catholic Witness) posits that this infighting is due to pride, lack of charity, spiritual narcissism, and the rapid consumption of theology without adequate time for reflection. I am of different thinking. I think that while many people have the theological virtue of faith, they have put their trust in man and the human element of Church and expect their wishes to be tacitly granted by the hierarchy. Hope seems to have been lost, and with it, charity. At least, that is what seems to be the case. Even though it is presumptuous of me to speak on behalf of other Catholics, and am probably misrepresenting what is actually going on in a gross manner due to lack of knowledge of their inner forums, this is what I have discerned from conversing with others and my own reflection.

Vox, thank you for allowing such open conversation on your blog. At least on this corner of the Internet, people have not lost their collective minds and still retain the ability to debate and converse civilly.

Jacob said...

Regardless of the cause, Twitter seems to me to be the principal vehicle of this breakdown. Thankfully I never got addicted to tweeting all my opinions all the time.

Anonymous said...

Before I loved the TLM, I thought Trads lacked the virtue of charity. I don't believe this is true, but some folks are losing it in this time of crisis.

RC is over-doing the economic damage the shut-down is going to bring us. This is only my opinion, but it's not like we have to rebuild Europe a year from now. Others, mostly msm, are overdoing the damage this ugly virus will bring us.

Ubi caritas...

Jeannette Coyne said...

Thank you, Irenaeus, for your comments. Agree completely. I urge everyone (since we all seem to have more time on our hands), to check out the Thomistic Institute's offerings for the rest of Passiontide. The lecture from last week is available for viewing. It is entitled Grace and Anxiety: Spiritual Growth in a Time of Turmoil. It is excellent. Let us avoid anything that disturbs our spiritual peace, if possible. May God bless you all and keep you safe.