Wednesday, 18 March 2020

China- Wuhan Virus: I've been called a racist.

I've been called a racist for labelling CoVid-19 the China-Wuhan Virus. Are we racist for referring to the Spanish Flu as the Spanish Flu even though it actually came from China with imported workers? Hmmm, isn't that how it came to Italy.

The Communist Chinese government which has enslaved its people for more than 70 years is responsible for this. From a lab to a bat to a mammal to a human or no lab, who knows at this point?

The responsibility lies with the thugs in China and with Bergoglio for the idol worship and his sell-out of the good Chinese Catholic people. God will not be mocked. 

This medical, economic and social crisis we are now in is the fault of the Commuist Chinese regime, it is their Curse Upon the World

Now, Maclean's Magazine, not known as Canada's "conservative" media has a writer asking the question, and yes; I note the bottle of "Fantastik."


Brian said...

Someone, by calling you a racist, has, like so many, made a quick withdrawal from the Saul Alinsky bank of insult and ridicule. Bigot and Nazi are popular go-to slurs as well. Intelligent discourse with descriptive clarity is risky.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of Red China's contribution to world health.

Anonymous said...

Three years ago, Smithsonian magazine ran an article that asked, “Is China ground zero for a future pandemic?” [by Melinda Liu, November 2017] and the answer was yes.

Smithsonian concluded that China is the likely source of the next major global pandemic, and again, the scientists were unanimous as to why: the animal cuisine and the country’s barbaric “wet markets” (for the record, the Smithsonian piece was written by a Chinawoman who was Newsweek’s Beijing bureau chief).

Ana Milan said...

Bear such insults like a badge of honour Vox. No-one can speak the Truth these days without being ridiculed & slandered. PF is a typical example as are his followers who don't want to look reality in the face. PF is a pertinacious heretic, idolater, slanderer, blasphemer, NWO communist etc. but do the Cardinals & Bishops call him to order? Never, they are effeminate sodomites all of them afraid their own sins will be made public. Bishops Lenga & Vigano are being true to their calling in fingering him for what he is. They should be supported!