Saturday, 14 March 2020

More on the suppresson of public Sunday Mass in Toronto ... use your heads, people!

Cardinal Collins of Toronto has suppressed public Mass for at least, tomorrow, the Third Sunday of Lent. Churches will not be closed, they will be open for prayer, many will have Holy Hours and Adoration. This is to prevent the assembly of 250 or more.  While some may see this as draconian, I think we need to put this in some perspective. Daily Mass is not prohibited because of the smaller numbers. The suppression is week by week. Further, priests will offer "pro populo" and consume the Holy Sacrifice. That is what it is important. Our attendance is secondary, this has always been the case. It is only necessary to receive Holy Communion once per year. 

Friends, let us put this in perspective. 

Yesterday, 250 people in Italy died from this China Virus, yes, that is what this is, China Virus or Wuhan Flu. Do you want this here? For reasons which will eventually be known, Italy was caught off guard, most likely not taking it seriously enough in the early stages. Italy has the most elderly population in Europe which is why the death rate is so high and now it is out of control in Spain. Do you want Nonna and Papa to drop dead here too before their time?

This writer is 63, has asthma and chronic bronchitis. On December 19 past, my lungs filled with a bacterial infection and my fever on Christmas Eve was 102. A week later, it migrated to my heart developing into pericarditis and when in hospital over New  Year's they gave me Influenza A which manifested a week later. Where do you think I will be if this thing comes to me? Now, I am doing everything I need to do for my immune system from Vitamin C and D to Chaga Mushroom Tea and Oil of Oregano.

On the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Douglas Ford, the Premier of Ontario, has ordered all publicly-funded (Catholic included) schools to close for two weeks following next week's scheduled March Break. In turn, the school boards have closed child-care centres and the City's other gathering places. This is a brilliant move in the public interest. What he has done is put schools in a kind of self-quarantine. People are going to travel next week and rather than bring this disease back to the schools after March 23 where it will explode, they can get sick at home. Further, if anyone in the system has it, it will be known by the beginning of April and the spread will have been drastically reduced and the curve, flattened. 

The issue must be to flatten the curve. We must lower the peak which has not yet come. We must spread out critical illnesses because our health system will not be able to handle it and doctors will decide who will live and who will die based on age and conditions. Do you want this? 

So, let's be understanding in all of this. For some perspective on these matters you can read Hilary White @hilarityjane. Formerly of Toronto, Hilary lives in Italy and is experiencing it first-hand and has some surprising thoughts on the need for cancelling public Mass.  


Data from China and Iran cannot be trusted. The regimes are corrupt and evil. Italy is the example of what is really going on. Italy is our canary and the epicentre of our data-points.

My question for you is this; are you prepared to risk your health and that of your family by attending Mass and bringing something home to them possibly killing your elderly parents or neighbour or yourself? Are you prepared who may be carrying the virus without knowing to infect someone else leading to their illness and perhaps death? 

Yes, yes, I know, it is a communist plot engineered by the globalist cabal. Well, it was started by a heinous communist state and culture that promoted the development of markets and slaughter of exotic animals that man was never meant to consume in deplorable conditions. China should be condemned for this. So should our own governments and corporate elite who off-shored our manufacturing including pharmaceuticals to this rogue regime of pathetic God-hating brutes. 

China did this and should be condemned by other nations for its barbarism and evil.

Before you condemn Cardinal Collins, he did not ban Holy Communion or force you to receive in the hand as the derelict bishops of Hamilton or Peterborough have done.

You don't need to receive and consume the Holy Sacrifice at Mass, the priest does. The Mass is Atonment to God, not your receiving of the Most Holy Sacrament or even your attendance. The Archbishop of Toronto has dispensed you from attending Holy Mass on Sunday, it is not a sin to miss.

Now, if you insist you have one option in Toronto but the church is very small and seats 120 and is already cheek by jowl and cannot hold you so you'll be outside on the lawn because I expect the hall will also be full. The Church of the Transfiguration is on Aldgate Avenue in the south Etobicoke community in Toronto and is a Chapel of the Society of St. Pius X. Mass is proceeding, regardless of the announcement by Cardinal Collins. But I think one and all need to be prudent and not overwhelm that little community and leave it alone for those who already attend and who sit cheek by jowl  every week.

You can go to Hamilton diocese starting from Oakville but Holy Communion is being enforced in the hand (OF WHICH THE BISHOP HAS NO AUTHORITY TO IMPOSE). The bishop there made no distinction to exclude the Latin Mass from this unauthorised decision. The people there will distribute leaflets on how to make a spiritual communion, the people will not receive.


Another option is a little further west into the Diocese of London where the situation is very prudent. No chalice, no hand-shake, no holy water (usually a filthy petri dish at the best of times and best avoided - bring your own), recommended but not forced communion in the hand. The Diocese of St. Catharines is also reasonable. 

Rather than attending Costco to get in a fight over the roll of toilet paper that is not there, you might all drive to Holy Angels in St. Thomas, Ontario for the traditional Latin Mass which is at 1:30. 

If not, pray the Mass at home, the office and enjoy your family time and stay out of the stores. 

Besides, you should always have three months of food on hand. Let this be a lesson for next time to be a prepper.


BillyHW said...

I think Cardinal Collin's policy is actually quite reasonable and wise in this time of crisis. It balances people's safety with ensuring access to the sacraments. We can still have access to small weekday Masses, and like you said, the Sunday Masses can still be offered "pro populo".

It's a good policy that should be adopted by every diocese worldwide ASAP until this pandemic blows over.

Anonymous said...

Vox, be safe, wash your hands frequently and don't touch your face. And Purell everyone coming into your home!

On the inconsistency of public policy: As of this morning, Cineplex cinemas are still open for business with a lame statement on their website that if you're not feeling well, not to come to the theatre.

Finally, I had to ask myself how many parishes, at any single Sunday mass in the archdiocese, have 250 people attending these days, beyond St. Michael's Cathedral. But I digress...

Dad29 said...

from Vitamins and Chaga Mushroom Tea and Oil of Oregano.

I believe that there are excellent Canaddian whisky offerings with sufficient alcohol content to kill viruses, too. Perhaps a touch with the tea??

Stewart M Schwartz said...

Thank you so much for this,this is a very profound and prudent response. i live in the Washington DC Diocese . Stewart M Schwartz

Barona said...


If I drive the getaway car at a bank robbery, I am as guilty of the crimes committed by the robbers inside. So too, the corrupt western governments, banks, media and multinational corporations (and even churchmen!) who have colluded for at least 30 years with the tyrants in Beijing.

You reap what you sow. Sad to say.

Unknown said...

Last week an online poll from a non-religious site asked if we believed the virus outbreak is a chastisement. I did not respond at first. But as the week's events continued I was struck by the psalms of the week. Then it dawned on me that this is Lent with little of ashes or repentant reparation Our Lady of Akita asked for. At the very least Catholics should spend more time in prayer and reparation before the Holy Sacrament. God is a loving Father but He will not abide the worldwide violence of abortion, genocide, satanic persecution of Christians, abuse of women (especially by their fathers), gross filth of pornography constantly attacking people on media in the guise of 'stardom'. With unmitigated gall the idolatry and paganism has not brought the Church to tears and fear of God with terror for the loss of souls. God is rich in forgiveness and patient mercy but He is mocked along with His Mother, His Church, the gifts of the Priesthood, Religious Consecration, the Sacraments and Sacramentals to free and cleanse His people, the generous outpourings of His Loving Providence continues. Our response? Indifference, rebellion, and continuous mockery. Billions of dollars stolen from the altars and given to human trafficking, virulent drug violence, immorality of the most heinous kind by His? people. And our children given over to, at the very least total worldliness, at the worst Satanic practices IN HIS HOUSE! The sick, the elderly neglected, abused, and euthanized! Truly this is a needed time for deep silence and repentance. Would that it be out of man's 'willingness' to do so out of loving gratitude and remembrance of His Loving Providence and constant kind Mercies. My mother used to say: run out in the busy street once-a reminder, if again-a swat, then stronger punishments. Why? If i continue to rebel the next running into traffic might be my last. God's goal is to protect us from evil and eternal damnation. What is ours? Thank God for this time to repent and stop committing heinous crimes against each other. Pray for the gift of repentance and the graces to love,serve and sacrifice selfishness-first to love God and His Commandments then to love one another.

Anonymous said...

I think that something else suppose to be done. What if this virus will be present for the next few or many months? Closing the churches is NOT a solution... it is an abomination... read this:

Anonymous said...

Also this... FRANCIS WANTED TO CLOSE ALL THE CHURCHES... and now he is blaming it on bishops!!! Here you have it:

Brian said...

Holy Mass, at Holy Angels, in St. Thomas, now cancelled. Tomorrow? SSPX or CMRI chapel, unless they too get cancelled.

P. O'Brien said...

So if 249 people show up for an event, suddenly the disease can't be spread?

My Ukrainian Catholic church here in Denver has never had that many at a Mass anyhow, and along with the local sedevacantists and the SSPX, they are the last Mass standing here.