Thursday, 19 March 2020

Four dead in one family. This is why you can't go to Mass. Do you get it yet?

It was three dead earlier today.

China did this. The evil Chinese communist dishonesty, corruption and incompetence did this. 

The people must throw off this regime.

The only good communist is a dead communist.

May these dear souls rest in peace.


ATW said...

No I don't get it. Three people die after attending a family dinner on Tuesday and all public Masses in the entire country are suspended indefinitely.

Under this reasoning, if we can save three lives a year or a month or a week by suspending Masses forever, we should suspend Masses forever. That way, no one will ever get a communicable disease from having gone to church, although these people got it from having gone to a family dinner.

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Yet my brother who works in a hospital says that they have reduced the level of precaution from airborne precautions with highly specialized face masks to droplet precaution and surgical masks. He is of the opinion that this is not the killer the media is saying. Hard to know where the truth of things lie.

Paul Dale said...

Read this and understand that there is no greater evil in the world than exists among the elite of your continent.

Stop billowing out the Republican MAGA mantra.

Anonymous said...

They were communists so it's okay.

Kathleen1031 said...

I am astonished I must disagree with the leaders of numerous Catholic blogs, all of whom I respect. I think people need to remember these people, however much they know about Catholicism, are not medical experts or infection specialists. The Fusco family in New Jersey, God bless them, if that doesn't teach us something, then we are impenetrable blockheads. Two other of the siblings are in intensive care as well. They may lose them, please God, they don't.
I am dismayed at the level of irresponsibility shown right now, today, by Catholic bloggers, by focusing on the threats to our religious freedom, the loss of public Mass, the Constitutional worries, they are in fact endangering the public by encouraging the people to disregard directives. Should we trust government? No, but in this circumstance lives may depend on following instructions and doing what we need to do, self-isolate.

People don't SEE the victims who need ventilators, gasping for air, so they are not considering them by focusing on the body count! It is not just mortality rates people, it is ventilator requirements, and since even the government can count, they know there are simply not enough if demand is high. Catholic bloggers seem to fail to consider this, and they fail to include the statistic of those who need to be hospitalized, as well as the apparent slow recovery from this virus.
Catholic friends, I am not a medical expert, but one doesn't need to be. As much as I admire many of our Catholic bloggers, right now I hope people ignore their advice. People stay home, use sanitizers, quarantine yourself and your family. Give it a few weeks to see what we've got.

Please read the AP News story "Italy's Virus Epicenter Grapples with Huge Toll", to see what happens when people ignored this virus and the government failed to act to contain it.

Kathleen1031 said...

And one more thing. We, the public, are NOT required for the Holy Mass, however much we like to believe we are. WE are not. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass going on behind closed doors with one priest, ONE, and we are not integral to that reality. Christ our Lord and Savior, is offered to the Father by the priest who acts on our behalf.
There is no excuse for Catholics to fail to know now that we can make a spiritual communion that puts us at the foot of the cross. We have live Mass online. You are there!
How on earth did Catholics of former eras ever do it, how did they survive, with no Mass to attend? There were times! But they prayed and they sacrificed and they made spiritual communion. This is not to say the pope and his weak-kneed bishops are of any help. They are not and why discuss them. We as Catholics already knew that, we're on our own here, with no leadership, so be it. Since this Lent has been permitted by God to be one where we must go without even the Holy Mass and sacraments, why do we not just do the best we can...and look forward to the day. Are we going to spend it defying common sense orders to try to save even one life and making accusations against others, while stirring up the people who are already suffering enough.

James Joseph said...

During the influenza epidemic, my grandmother lost 5 of her sisters. Ever since I was a boy I have thought of that.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it either. People die all the time of communicable diseases. The only way to stop them is to commit societal suicide. Therefore, that is what we must do?

Dad29 said...

Specific to North Italy, you should know that the region is infested with Chinese nationals who purchased a number of the leather- and fabrics- manufacturers there---and are using Chinese laborers mostly from Wuhan.

Further, 95++% of the dead in Italy (R.I.P.) had AT LEAST one underlying health condition, with some as many as three conditions.

By the way, in the USA since 10/1/19, influenza has killed an average of 262 people/day. In the USA since 1/1/20, CoV19 has killed an average of 21/day.

I'll take the Mass, thanks.

peasant said...

No I Don't get it. When God wills it you will die. Nothing will change that. If God wants that you live through great hardships, catastrophes, disasters, plague and/or pestilence then you will live through them. If He should will that you die, you will not change that. You can in this life change where you will be spending your eternity in the next.
One other thing to think about while you believe you are OK without the sacrifice of the mass and holy communion is this: How long does a sheep last without food? Take every opportunity you have to feed.

Vox Cantoris said...

To the two commenters, Dad and Piss Ant;

No, you still don't get it and don't even dare to challenge this writer that he is happy about this or does not desire to go to Mass. We could not attend in London diocese where we sing weekly and chant the Latin Mass, Toronto was closed. We drove to Hamilton Diocese and stayed suitable away from everyone as did all others and prayed a spiritual communion. Don't dare lecture me.

When Junipero Serra was on a ship from Spain to the New World he did not offer Mass. He was not allowed to. It was not permitted because the Precious Blood would spill. When Francis of Assisi went on his 40 day sojourn he had no Mass, he was a Deacon. So stop this, now!

Nearly 700 died in Italy yesterday. Don't lecture me or my readers that death is God's will. Of course, we all die. Do you not care about the old Nonna in Milan? How about the 50 year old in Milton, Ontario who died a few days ago due to the virus by community spread. His wife could not be with him when he passed. His last words to her were "I'm scared, I don't want to die." May he rest in peace.

You are disgusting cretins in your selfishness and your comments.

You can leave the reading of this blog now. I don't usually to my readers to go somewhere else, but in this case, Foxtrot Oscar!

Vox Cantoris said...

As for as China goes. I condemn China. I condemn the Italian businesses who sold out to these devils who imported cheap labour from the wretched state to allow the label to still say, "Made in Italy."

I blame Bergoglio for his worship of the demon goddess.

Don't lecture me.

Anonymous said...

Through this news, God has shown there is a beautiful family life to be had with more than 1.5 children. God rest their souls.