Saturday, 21 March 2020

False piety in the time of pandemic

You still don't get it, to you? You're still puffed up on your pride and you are prepared to put thousands, tens of thousands at risk.

Stop it. Nearly 700 died from it yesterday in Italy. They didn't get Last Rites, can't have a funeral. Do you want this here? We will get through this, you of little faith. God is testing us, our faith and trust in Him. Now stop it!

Pray your rosary. The Divine Office. Pray the Mass at home. 

Swallow your false piety and your pride and read this!


Jeannette Coyne said...

Heed David's advice. If you still doubt, go to Bishop Gracida's blog posting for today (link on the side bar) and look at the pictures from Italy. This is NOT a cold, it is not really a flu. It is a severe pneumonia, from which most people will not recover. In our Cleveland diocese, the Latin Mass is being live-streamed every day from the church I attend. Last night, I had tears in my eyes as a prayed along.

Pray to Sts. Michael and Raphael for protection, be sensible, and stay at home. I have been praying the Rosary every day via FaceTime with four of my grandchildren. God brings good out of evil, as St. John of the Cross wrote.

May Our Lady and the angels protect us and watch over us.

Anonymous said...

They didn't have the Sacraments when they died because of the unnecessary quarantines caused by the government-media-induced panic over a disease that's less deadly than the flu. And the faithless Bishops go along with it.

You're being taken for a ride. It's not pride to point out facts.

Johnno said...

I would just want to add here for those in Toronto.

The Oratory at Holy Family on King St. still has Confessions scheduled as always during the same Mass timings, although there is no public Mass.

Precautions have been taken so that there is ample distance between the penitent and confessor so they are not held in the usual confessionals, but off to the side. Inquire within. Confessions are 15 mins before every Mass timing. They could run longer depending on how many people are there.

You do not need to receive Communion during this time, priest are still offering Masses privately.

But it is understood that many of us still need the Sacrament of Confession. Especially if we are labouring under such present day circumstances (though the real truth of the situation is not at all clear as far as I'm concerned, but better safe than sorry).

So if you need Confession, there are opportunities open thanks to brave parishes and priests. You can also try a quick appointment with your local parish priest to schedule a quick 3-minute private confession.

BillyHW said...

I do hope that there are courageous young priests going around the hospitals giving the Last Rites to these people. This is what they sign up for and they will be sainted. And as more priests become infected themselves and recover, they will then be immune and can serve in the hospitals without worry. There should also be general absolutions given as much as possible right now. The bishops should be on top of all of this. They can ask for volunteers and surely some priests will do it. If the bishops go AWOL at this time, and let people die without the sacraments, I fear they will burn in hell for their cowardice and negligence.

Let St. Damien of Molokai be the model and inspiration.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is so much conflicting information. In my opinion all the measures are completely indicated and we should follow them. I can't understand naysayers at this point. We have turned into holy blockheads. I'll be delighted if the blockheads are correct however.