Sunday, 15 March 2020

Just in case you want to know why you can't go to Mass today and what to do instead

In the event you are wondering why you can't go to Mass today, ponder this picture.

I don't believe that God sent us the China-Wuhan Virus, CWV19 as a punishment directly but He permitted the Evil One to do it. This is Old Testament stuff. We sin, we suffer the consequences. Abortion, greed, pornography, murder, modernism and the new paganism. It came from a godless, vile and despicable regime that has subjugated and corrupted its people. It may certainly have been invented in a laboratory as a form of germ-warfare. It may have come from a bat to a mammal to a human in a filthy wet market. It may have been the first going into the second. Regardless, it was the work of Satan who inspired evil men to the point of eating bats and slaughtering animals we should never eat in unhealthy conditions that should never be tolerated. It came from sin and greed and paganism.

The man in white above is a monster. What he did in that photo was to stick his middle finger at the Lord God of Heaven and Earth. No, God did not send this, but God has revoked his divine protection.

Now there is no public Holy Week in Italy, Will it happen here in Toronto? In Montreal? New York? Lincoln? It is the rotten Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama along with their Canadian counterparts and their corporate masters that off-shored our manufacturing to the disgusting atheist regime of China including necessary pharmaceuticals. It is your fault because you want cheap plastic and electronic garbage you don't need. You want cheap stuff and your neighbour is unemployed. What will you do when it comes to you. I am no socialist, but I am a patriot and a nationalist and Donald John Trump gets it. Bergoglio does not.

Lay the blame where it belongs and most of it on the Bergoglian pagan and his hirelings and the globalist cabal. Let this be the end of all of them and it.

Let China be held accountable!

Now, you have no Mass, what do you do?

The Mass does not need you. The Holy Sacrifice is confected by the priest and only needs to be consumed by him for validity. You and I are secondary. 

If you have the Mass, make a spiritual communion. don't endanger yourself or especially, the priest. Do you know what happens when he touches that palm of your hand after you had your hands on that filthy door handle or pew in front of you. When he pours water over his fingers into the ciborium and then to the chalice to consume it he just swallowed all of your germs. Communion in the hand is not sanitary to anyone, especially the priest.

Pray the Office for today, old or new. There is a link above to the traditional.

Pray the Mass, the traditional is at that same link, the new you can find.

Pray the rosary if you can't do the other, or do it anyway.

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely...!!! Listen to this from Canadian priest Father Mark Goring is saying - exactly about this:

Kathleen1031 said...

Well put, we concur on every point. And right at this moment, these men are probably hiding in their hidey holes in the Vatican, surely quite nervous. As it turned out that field hospital was all talk, just air, the air that they now fear because it might have the breath of the sheep in it. When tough times came, they pushed the sheep out and locked the door to protect themselves.
Notre Dame burned, the pope worshiped a demon idol and broke the First Commandment, and now we have pandemic.
Have mercy on us O Lord, and restore Your church, amen.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to go back to Tradition and head over to the SSPX.

Tom A. said...

I just do not see why Satan would want to unleash a pestilence and cause suffering that would lead people back to the Faith. Satan had basically completed his evil goals at V2. I believe it is God who would want some sort of wake up call to the world to bring souls back to the Faith.

TheFlyingTigers said...

The Lord Jesus Christ has withdrawn sanctifying grace from the administrative hierarchy of His Church.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but we need the mass. We need to eat the flesh and drink the blood. Christ can do anything, he saved the thief on the Cross. But he wants us to consume Him. And as such, mass should be available to all. Even more so during these times.

Irenaeus said...

Exactly, Vox.

Anonymous said...

Removing the Holy Mass from the people cuts them off from the river of grace that is the Lord Jesus Christ. On a mundane level removing church services from the lives of people removes one of the touchstones of normalcy that serve to calm people and reassure them that life goes on. But this would stem the panic and extinguish the MSM fueled resistance. The Soros crowd is behind this diabolic mania. Soros hopes many people will say give them what they want so we can go back to normalcy. Christ told us be not afraid.

Vox Cantoris said...


Read this and watch the video of that poor dear Spanish woman whose husband died only a day earlier.

Kathleen1031 said...

Right now social distancing and quarantine are necessary. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass does not need US. We are not necessary, only that a priest conducts the Mass and consumes the Holy Eucharist. Many saints only received the Blessed Sacrament a few times per year! We should really examine our understanding of things when we believe we must receive every week or we are not doing what we should be doing.
It is in all our interest to stay home at this time. When we insist on being with others, even in Mass, we are putting ourselves at risk and other people, because we can carry the virus to others. This is called sacrifice, and this comes during the period of Lent, so the timing could not be better. Make the sacrifice, stay HOME, and away from others, and you too could be saving the life of someone you love. Our "olds" are especially vulnerable. Care for them, stop whining about your deprivation, and stay home.
Yes the Mass must go on, and the materialists who run the church should see to that. We should have live-streaming of Holy Mass going on everywhere, but it is only necessary that the Mass happen. We are not necessary to that end.

peasant said...

No it's not just their sin , it's ours that brings on the wrath, tribulation and pestilence from the Almighty. As you might perhaps have understood if you had ever prayed a rosary the words "us sinners" are repeated fifty-three times in each set of mysteries. Let that sink in. It's us sinners not them or those sinners.

Vox Cantoris said...

Hey Piss Ant,

If you ever prayed a rosary you'd have enough love and charity to avoid such nasty comments. I doubt you ever pray a rosary. You're a stinking hypocrite which is obvious by your comment. Yes, "us sinners" indeed. And that includes you.

Now go Foxtrot Yankee.

Vox the Sinner

Irenaeus said...


May I suggest taking up the rosary or some other devotional during this time? No prayer is wasted by God.