Saturday, 21 March 2020

793 people died today in Italy of the China Virus

Yet, you want to demand to go to Mass with other people?

Now, read this.

It's time for a complete lockdown. Do it now, and this is done in weeks. Wait, and millions will die.

Here is a beautiful letter from Cardinal Burke. I suggested something similar a few posts below to keep churches open.

But I have changed my mind. Do you know why? Because some or most cannot be trusted. They are so arrogant and prideful they will still come to church sick.

And you say, "oh, well those who die have pre-existing conditions or are old."



Barona said...

These people have a rebellious spirit and it is not of God. Lunatic "traditionalists" (imbued with the spirit of protestantism) have been enabled for years. "Doctors" of Theology and Philosophy they have now become "Professors" of Epidemiology, Virology and Statistics. It is impossible to debate or even reason with them since they are irrational.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm not understanding my fellow Catholics, including bloggers, who are so adamant this is nothing but a common cold hyped up by an corrupt government who surely is just enacting precautions to limit their rights and put them out of business! I thought the Catholic world could not get any stranger, yet here I am finding myself at odds with people I have at least an emotional tie to, from the last 7 horrible years with this papacy.
People are dying from lack of oxygen, that some may not get because there are simply not enough ventilators for the demand! What MORE do we need to know?!
Alexander Tschuggel, our hero who tossed Pachamama, has been laid low for 2 weeks and hospitalized, over this virus. He's a young, strapping guy, 7 feet tall, and at this time he said his lungs are "very weak". We ought pray for him and realize this isn't just taking out those old "others", the ones with "pre-existing conditions". Hell's bells, who DOESN'T have some pre-existing condition! I know I do, and most people in their 60's do, but bloggers are saying things like "most of the dead had pre-existing conditions", as if, oh well, they were half-dead anyway, because they had what...high blood pressure well regulated by meds but unable to withstand the virus? Ah, well, too bad for them, this is all hype!
I'm not understanding this at all. It's serious, we should ignore those people.
But how I hope they are correct and I am 100% wrong. Please God.

peasant said...

Yes I went to Holy Mass with other faithful Catholics yesterday (Friday), today and will be going tomorrow morning. The Divine Presence protects me and nourishes me and always will until that day when God calls me home. Yes I can expect some hardships, sickness, injury, and encounter with those that do not love me or pray for me along the way. Putting your faith in policies of The Right Honorable Prime Minister and Mr. Ford will not get you where your soul would like to be.

Vox Cantoris said...

Prideful and arrogant Piss Ant.

Good for you.

Now, consider yourself barred from the comment box forever.

Every time you post here, it will be deleted.

Don't waste my time and if you check in after midnight, maybe you'll respect me a little more.

Begone, Satan!

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone think the godless antichristic ruling class has suddenly and inexplicably become concerned about our welfare? How many times do they have to say "depopulation" and "abortion" before we catch on that they hate us and the true religion with demonic rage? They're making it clear to anyone with eyes that this "lockdown" is intended to be permanent. Whether they succeed depends a lot on whether we resist or not. If we go along willingly, you can be assured we will never see public Mass ever again. Or at the very least 3-1/2 years.

I never thought the Antichrist would have such an easy go of it until now. All he'll have to say is, "Boo!" and Catholics will scream, "Save us from the things that say, 'boo!' Oh Antichrist!" Putting our trust in public enemies of God seems a little short-sighted to me, but maybe I just selfishly want God to be worshipped in peace throughout the entire world.