Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Evil bishops deserve public rebuke! Hell's gates are open wide waiting for them!

How utterly tragic.


All hirelings.



Kathleen1031 said...

This is exactly what men who had no business going into the priesthood in the first place would do. These men are proving who they are and who they serve, every single day of this epidemic, they put an exclamation point on it.

People who are ill or who have ill loved ones should not fret.
God knows what you need in your hour, and He is your faithful Savior and friend. He will never leave you. God's sovereignty is complete. He is Lord of All, and mercy and the gates of heaven are for Him to give. It is not reliant on some bad priest, bishop, or pope.

Peter Lamb said...

These hirelings flee to save their miserable skins. A real Catholic shepherd gladly lays down his life for his sheep. Craven minions of Frankenchurch! By their standards doctors should flee their patients. Catholic Priests would walk through fire to bring the Last Rites to a dying sinner! Who would flee Mass during the annual flu season? Keep Holy the Sabbath Day! This Corona virus is no more dangerous that the annual flu according to published CDC figures. In times of crisis give me the Mass and Blessed Sacrament at all costs and risks.

Vox Cantoris said...

Hello Peter, sorry, the original comment was accidentally deleted, here it is:

Peter Lamb has left a new comment on your post "Evil bishops deserve public rebuke! Hell's gates a...":

A Catholic Priest, Fr. Arnold Trauner, in Austria, puts it very well in his sermon at Mass last Sunday:

"For months if not years, I have encouraged you to keep your feet on the ground of reality; or to get your feet on that solid ground again if you have lost touch with it.
Let us face reality: What is new in the present situation?
Is it new that there is such a thing as “coronavirus”? Surely not, it has been around year after year, present in 7-15% of people who have trouble with influenza.
Is it new that quite a number of people die from the yearly influenza waves? Surely not, and between the numbers of deaths attributed to the flu, year by year, country by country, and the actual statistics counting people who die with the c.virus, we have a long way to go still before we get even close to the usual numbers.
Is it new that one should respect basic rules of hygiene, especially when there is a wave of influenza? Obviously not…
Or is it new that more elderly people die than younger people? It would be silly to say that this is a new fact in the present situation.
Is it new that men care for their body rather than for their soul? That they will do anything to be well and healthy, but little if nothing to save their immortal soul?
No, my dear Catholics. What is new, is that the c.virus has gone viral – in the media (in Northern Italy the c.virus was mentioned in average every 90 seconds in the radio at the beginning of March!); that it has by this means succeeded in infecting the decision-making of those who are in charge in society and politics and that things have spun out of proportion in an unprecedented manner. What is new, is that this totally artificial hype is being used to implement openly what has been prepared in hiding over the past decades: a form of socialistic totalitarianism that will make all past forms of totalitarianism look pale. Almost the entire population has been brain-washed by the media to a degree which makes it relatively easy to impregnate these whitewashed brains with a strong idea, even if it is
quite unfounded in the facts and in reality. (Austria has between 1000 and 2000 deaths from the flu yearly; so far maybe a dozen – I think less – of deaths have been attributed to the c.virus; Italy has about 25000 deaths from the flu yearly, and so far over 3000 people have died from the c.virus...) So use your brains, use your common sense – and don’t forget to check reality once in a while.
Strengthened by this refreshing use of your God-given faculties, then also make good use of what you know to be infallibly and invariably true from Revelation: That God is good, infinitely good… that His Providence never fails in its dispositions (Collect of the 7 th Sunday after Pentecost)."

Tom A. said...

Peter, what is also true is what Bp Sanborn has been saying. Mankind has an appointment with the Anti Christ. There is no avoiding it. Yes, there are few of us who recognize this fact and can see the writing on the wall during events such as we are witnessing now. But modern man is blind and has been prepared by masonic principles for decades to accept and welcome the Anti Christ with open arms. Modern man is all to eager to toss away his freedoms for the promise of safety. In the end, he will posses neither. God have mercy on us all.