Monday, 28 October 2019

No Pack-A-Mama, eh? Not true, Bergoglio played you!

Rejoice, there were no pagan idols, particularly the graven image of the pagan Amazonians Mother Earth, on display at St. Peter's yesterday during Mass.

Oh really? You think?

Not true friends, not true.

Your Bergoglio is gaslighting you, he is playing you making you think he never intended it or caved into the pressure. Oh, she was there alright, in the form of a plant and earth. The "Earth Mother" was present on the Altar of God, given in the Offertory procession. 

Of course, liturgical law in the GIRM for the modernist rite prohibits flowers on the mensa of the altar. In the proper Roman Rite they are on the "gradine."
Floral decorations should always be done with moderation and placed around the altar rather than on its mensa. (GIRM 305).
But in the Church of Bergoglio, "nothing will be the same again."

So glad I'm part of the Church of Christ, Catholic. 


Johnno said...

If I was going to worship some other false god on the altar, then I'd prefer it'd have been that beach volleyball that Jorge previously put up. It's much more colourful and Earth-like given the current state of affairs that truly is all about the youth and circuses.

Kathleen1031 said...

Yeah, this is true. There are Pachamama rites and replacing the figure with dirt in a pot is one form, as she is "Mother EARTH".

He has enthroned Pachamama right in front of our eyes. I don't know who would deny what he has done, you have to really, really want to avoid reality. For those of us who can take it, he has kicked Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ out of the Catholic Church officially, as in, really and truly. All of the outrages this man has done culminated in a Satanic Mass that was held on...(perfect timing), the Feast of Christ the King! And if you think that was coincidental, you just haven't been paying attention.

This man is demonic, certainly evil, and all that remains to be seen is to wait a week or two to see if we have even ONE Bishop or Cardinal who will confront him to the face and call him a heretic, as he has broken, in front of the eyes of the world, the most important and First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no false gods before me."
Many wait with baited breath to see if a miracle occurs and this friend of Satan emits something remotely Catholic with his "exhortation". If he has produced anything even remotely Catholic, I will come back here and apologize for what I just called him.
But I don't think he will. And we are to be pitied, because thus far, there is not one Cardinal or Bishop who will confront him to the face.
God will help us, somehow, God will help us. Keep the faith friends, and my goodness, do an online search to find your closest Traditional Latin Mass, and go there. Get out of the Church of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice the look of glee on his face, when he's offered something pagan. It's not pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys think that it was a very big restraint on his part to NOT have used those same retrieved wooden Pachamamas from the Tiber River? Because if he used them and exposed them again on the altar, he would have been declaring a “war” against the laity. The headlines would have been filled with images of those idols again. There would have been a worse uproar. He replaced it instead with that simple pot of earth which is not as evident as pagan idols.

But Catholics are being taken for a ride because they are not aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Gaslighting is a minor thing. Something more sinister is brewing with Francis that’s not as evident as those wooden Pachamamas … and Catholics seems to be so blind and are not catching on to it in plain sight…

Tom A. said...

The Novus Ordo is just as idolatrous. Instead of dolls, dirt, or beach balls, the NO worships man as God. I think the NO’s worship of man is worse in many respects than the foolishness of worshiping graven images.

Tom A. said...

The Novus Ordo is just as idolatrous. Instead of dolls, dirt, or beach balls, the NO worships man as God. I think the NO’s worship of man is worse in many respects than the foolishness of worshiping graven images.

Truth Seeker said...

I had a bad feeling when I saw that "plant" given to him and then to see it placed on the altar! I also later saw this which also confirmed my suspicions in addition to Ann's article and links.

Trad101 said...

Concerned Catholics blame VatII for the latest Vatican circus, but historian and author Michael Hoffman points to similar things being adopted by the papacy during the renaissance of the late 15th century. It was the reaction to such practices that caused the reformation, and incidentally the sack of Rome in 1527.
It appears the papacy just can't resist attempting to add their own often heretical beliefs while constantly interfering in politics, two area in which they have no authority or competence.

MyronM said...

I randomly reviewed the video from St. Peter's Basilica on October 27, 2019.
A witch dressed in white with a glass pot with soil and greens was leading the procession before the mass at the end of the synod. Such a large procession looked like a green snake (chasubles of the clergy) when it enters from the outside of the edifice and glides down the middle of the nave. The witch walked with this pot before the processional cross, because she represented the head of the serpent Pachamama.
However, when offering mass gifts, the witch with the pot walked at the end of the procession of the faithful. This time she represented the snake's abdomen. Why? Because as a viviparous snake, Pachamama laid Antichrist on the altar of the Lord! Jorge the Apostate* arranged this on the solemnity of Christ the King to show that now the Antichrist will reign in the Roman Catholic Church! Bergoglio took in his hands this pot only and ordered it to be put on the altar! Marini placed the pot next to the group of four candelabra. Normally, the altar is decorated with six candles, but when the ordinary bishop arrives, they will set up a seventh candle. This seventh candle means Antichrist, the new host of Rome. This is how Antichrist's public ingress took place! After the celebration, the pot with the soil remained on the altar, symbolizing the presence of the new Lord of Rome. Antichrist is nothing more than an impermanent clay with an admixture of satanic malice and cunning. Scattered plants** in this pot illustrate his twisted thinking.

*His Dark Pastoral, probably wooden, looks like a dried snake.
**Is it rocket?

Anonymous said...

Italian bishops’ agency published prayer to Pachamama.

Irenaeus said...

He most certainly did. Thanks for alerting us, Vox.

Anonymous said...