Wednesday, 23 October 2019

More lack of charity from Rick Stika, allegedly, a Catholic bishop

As Richie Sticks as long ago blocked me from Twitter and The Facebook, please do send this to him. I'd love him to come and comment here to defend his repulsive actions as he has tried to do in the past. 

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Joe D said...

I know of Catholic Churches in my area who have thrown out statues of the Blessed Mother, stations of the cross, the Sacted Heart ect during the renovation or better said destruction. This was brought to Church officials and nothing was done. What about all of the Communion rails that have been torn out and tossed in the garbage and this Bishop is barking out his concerns about some pagan statues, something is wrong. I'm certain this has happened throughout the country at some point.

Dan said...

Utterly vile. Meanwhile F. James Martin claims the acts of those Catholics that removed the idols were 'racism.' What lies! These bastards know enough to know the motives of these men.

They have an agenda (Francid too) and it's demonic.

Cam said...

Stika: "Hope they arrest the people . . . "

Arrest them for what? Trespassing? I don't see why.

Arrest them for theft? I don't see that either:

P1. In order for X to be theft, it must be unjust and, therefore, unreasonable.

P2. But is it unreasonable to remove pagan idols from a Catholic church? Of course not!

So, where's the theft?

Dan said...

These bastards are calling these guys 'racists' pretending that they don't know EXACTLY why they threw the idols away. They are so perverted they refuse to be truthful in order to promote an agenda.

Seriously, I think God would understand fully if whoever cannot support this skipped enough masses to FORCE them to notice!

This demands action.

John the Mad said...

"What comes next? Burning people at the stake or inquisitions?"

I think not Bishop Stika. Those options are already in use now now by so called progressive folks of your ilk on social media and main stream media against conservatives.

I think the next steps ought to be tossing heterodox, idol-worshipping clerics bishops into the Tiber. Dunking execrable clerics into the Tiber is, after all an old Roman pastime, well deserving of a revival.

Tourists could participate by standing nearby and solemnly intoning, "I am the Lord your God. Thou shall have no strange gods before me." or "Pachamama sleeps with the fishes!" Splash.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand they encourage the laity to take a more active role in the Church, then they complain when the Catholic laity do just that. He should save his remarks for those who enter churches to desecrate them. Many people in the Amazon were not happy about the idol worship, their Catholic and were appalled.

Anonymous said...