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Yes, Bergoglio brought the demon to the Altar of God - even Robert Moynihan knows it now!

The mystery of the ritual...
So, what happened?
We know that, on Friday, Pope Francis was still entertaining the idea of displaying the Pachamama "statues" at the closing Mass of the Synod.
And we know that, in the end, the Pachamama carvings were not displayed.
We know — or think we know — that some bishops were murmuring that they would boycott the Mass if the Pachamama images were present.
So we know that these bishops felt the Pachamama images were problematic to the point of being idolatrous, images associated in some way with a type of pagan worship which they wished not to associate with.
And we know, as a Vatican Press Office spokesperson told me, that it was decided in the end that the Pachamama images would be "kept in the Synod Hall," and not brought over into the Basilica to be present at the Mass.
And yet, this final offertory gift, this bowl containing soil and several plants, was not only brought up to Pope Francis, but it was placed on the altar.
Somehow that seemed odd to me.
Is it usual to place an offertory gift on the altar?
I had never seen it before, or so it seemed to me.
What was that bowl, that collection of plants? What did it signify?
Late on Sunday, I started to read about the rituals associated with Pachamama, the spirituality associated with Pachamama images — for the Pope had made clear that these images did represent Pachamama.
Some during the Synod said that Pachamama represents "Mother Earth," the source of all life, for indigenous Amazon culture.
At first glance, this seems innocent enough.
This earth is where we live, we come from the dust of the earth and return to it.
And we do burn and poison many things in nature, and clearly this is radically reckless, imprudent, arrogant, foolish and, yes, evil, for us to do.
It is not unlike going into someone's home and tearing up the place.
This is our home.
But is there something more in this "Mother Earth" veneration?
I found that a Spanish-born bishop in Brazil felt that the Pachamama rituals were un-Christian and in some way spiritually dangerous. (link)
“Mother Earth should not be worshipped because everything, even the earth, is under the dominion of Jesus Christ," said Bishop Emeritus José Luis Azcona Hermoso of the Brazilian city of Marajó in an October 20 homily at the cathedral in the state of Pará. “Pachamama is not and never will be the Virgin Mary. To say that this statue represents the Virgin is a lie. She is not Our Lady of the Amazon because the only Lady of the Amazon is Mary of Nazareth. Let’s not create syncretistic mixtures... The invocation of the statues before which even some religious bowed at the Vatican... is an invocation of a mythical power, of Mother Earth, from which they ask blessings or make gestures of gratitude. These are scandalous demonic sacrileges, especially for the little ones who are not able to discern."
And he added: "Here in the Amazon region we know the meaning of macumba or condomblè, which are quite prevalent here.”
LifeSiteNews writes: "Widespread in northeastern Brazil, macumba and condomblè are afro-Brazilian cults that involve propitiation of various gods and goddesses, dances, incantations and sacrifices." (link)
And then I learned that Bishop Athanasius Schneider, whom I have known for several years and who was here in Rome earlier this month — allowing us a chance to greet each other — had on October 26 issued an "Open Letter" calling on all Catholics "to offer acts of reparation, protest and correction for the use of the Pachamama statues" which he called "a new golden calf.” (link)
Schneider writes: "The example of Christ is of the utmost importance for all people who desire 'the true God and eternal life'; as St. John the Apostle exhorts us: 'Little children, keep yourselves from idols' (1 Jn 5:20-21). In our day, this message has special importance, for syncretism and paganism are like poisons entering the veins of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. As a successor to the Apostles, entrusted with care for God’s flock, I cannot remain silent in the face of the blatant violation of God’s holy will and the disastrous consequences it will have upon individual souls, the Church as a whole, and indeed the entire human race. It is therefore with great love for the souls of my brothers and sisters that I write this message."
And he continues: "On October 4, 2019, on the eve of the Amazon Synod, a religious ceremony was held in the Vatican Gardens, in the presence of Pope Francis and of several bishops and cardinals, which was led partly by shamans and in which symbolic objects were used; namely, a wooden sculpture of an unclothed pregnant woman. These representations are known and belong to indigenous rituals of Amazonian tribes, and specifically to the worship of the so-called Mother Earth, the Pachamama. In the following days the wooden naked female figures were also venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica in front of the Tomb of St. Peter."
And he continues: "The second-century apologist Athenagoras said about the veneration of material elements by pagans: 'They deify the elements and their several parts, applying different names to them at different times. They say that Kronos is time, and Rhea the earth, and that she becomes pregnant by Kronos, and brings forth, whence she is regarded as the Mother of all. Missing to discover the greatness of God, and not being able to rise on high with their reason (for they have no affinity for the heavenly place), they pine away among the forms of matter, and rooted to the earth, deify the changes of the elements' (Apol. 22)."
So I recalled again that, as lovely as this world is, and as much as we must be good stewards of it, it is not our eternal home, for we look "for that which is above."
An offering to Pachamama
Then, after further searching, I learned that a bowl of soil with plants in it is often connected with ceremonial rituals involving Pachamana.
There is one among many websites that describes the ritual (link):
"If it is difficult for you to move to a natural space to offer to Mother Earth, do not worry, you can perform your own ritual at home:
"- Use a bottle or flower pot full of dirt, there you proceed to make a hole, it is recommended to do it with your hands to connect with the energy of the ritual.
"- A kind of well is made, and food and drinks are poured for the enjoyment of the Pachamama.
"- The food option is extensive, one can place anything from fruits to Creole foods and seeds. In the case of drinks, chicha, natural juices, honey, wine, even coca leaves are suggested.
"- Then we proceed to cover it with dirt and flowers.
"Every year more people join in and they learn to leave our daily work and reflect and realize who we are, where we are and have this gesture of recognition and thanks to Mother Earth, which we say is humanity, the earth, the air, the animals, the water, the fire, which is everything that makes our life."
Also: "You should never miss something red, it is the favorite color of the Pacha!
So it seemed that the bowl of flowers presented at the offertory of the final Synod Mass, and then placed on the altar during the consecration, may have been connected with a ritual of veneration, and thanks, to Mother Earth, known as Pachamana...
So the images were not in the basilica, but perhaps an offering to Pachamana, in a bowl, was...
Several questions
On Monday I prepared an email of questions for Monsignor Guido Marini, the Master of Ceremonies for the Vatican.
I wrote:

Dear Monsignor Marini,

I would like to ask for a clarification, please.

At the closing Mass for the Synod, a small green plant was brought to the Pope for the offertory, by the last person, a lay woman. The Holy Father received the offer and then gave it to you. The Holy Father indicated with a couple of words (as one gathers from the video of the Mass) to bring the plant to the corner of the altar and leave the plant there during the ceremony, during the consecration. You then placed the plant there, at the corner of the altar.

I wanted to ask:

1) Is it a usual thing to place offerings on the altar during Mass? Has it happened in the past, in St. Peter's or anywhere else? Can you tell when, on what occasions? (Because it seemed unusual to me; I don't remember other similar occasions.)

2) Can you explain why this plant remained on the altar, but not the other offerings?

3) Did you know beforehand that this plant should be placed on the altar? Was the idea previously agreed upon with the Holy Father?

4) Can you tell what this plant was, what kind of plant, what it represented? A type of fruit or food or ...?

5) Can we know what was written on the container of the plant, and if there were other signs, and what those signs mean?

6) Can you tell where this plant and the container are now? Have they been preserved?
And here is the reply I received yesterday:

Dear Sir,
In reference to your e-mail, we wish to inform you that there is no particular information about the plant; we only know that it was planted at the beginning of the Synod and delivered to the offertory to adorn the altar.
Wishing you every good in the Lord, we send cordial greetings.

The Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff
(to be continued)


Dan said...

They are lying if and when they say they were unaware of the worship of the Pachamama. The Vatican has had CENTURIES of knowledge accumulated as it relates to pagan worship and demonology.

What this means to me is that this was purposefully demon worship by the Vatican and Bergoglio, or they don't believe in all that "nonsense."

Either way, I want them ALL out!

Michael Dowd said...

"Dear Sir,
In reference to your e-mail, we wish to inform you that there is no particular information about the plant; we only know that it was planted at the beginning of the Synod and delivered to the offertory to adorn the altar.
Wishing you every good in the Lord, we send cordial greetings.

The Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontif

Of course, no "particular" information and only there "to adorn the altar".

The whole thing is obviously completely innocent carrying no implications. Yes sir, whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ceremony in Lima Cathedral.

Anonymous said...

Ann further clarified that "The woman immediately ahead of the witch presenting the Pachamama dragon demon plant to Antipope Bergoglio is wearing the black liberation theology “tucum ring. Do you know who that woman is? That is Vatican “spokeswoman” Cristiane Murray whom Ed Pentin exposed last week as being not only a CO-FOUNDER of the satanic Ford Foundation proxy organization REPAM, which funded and organized this “Amazon Synod”, but also has a French Communist Party poster hanging above her desk in her Vatican Radio office."

knldgskr said...

Perhaps the Officeof Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff should read GIRM 305 (General Instruction of the Roman Missal)
305. Moderation should be observed in the decoration of the altar.

During Advent the floral decoration of the altar should be marked by a moderation suited to the character of this season, without expressing prematurely the full joy of the Nativity of the Lord. During Lent it is forbidden for the altar to be decorated with flowers. Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent), solemnities, and feasts are exceptions.

Floral decorations should always be done with moderation and placed around the altar rather than on its mensa.

mazara said...

Anonymous said...

And despite the attention now being paid to all the vulgar sacriligious and despicable idolatry by our hierarchy to pagan deities, don't forget the real purpose of the synnod as clarified by Michael Hichborn.

After a prayer at 2:29 he puts it all into frightening reality.

Anonymous said...

Note to Catholic Hierarchy.
There is NO Mother Earth except in a margarine commercial.
We were created by the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity in conjunction with the Second and the Third.

jim norwood said...

Hitman who helped kill Pope John Paul I, claims it was his cousin Cardinal Paul Marcinkus who recruited him.

TLM said...

As I've said before, this looks like the Abomination of Desolation standing in the Holy place. As confirmed by Cardinal Brandmueller just either today or yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It's gotten to the point that politicians who openly support abortion, are presenting themselves to the priest at Mass to receive the Blessed Sacrement, and priests who refuse them are demonised by so called Bishops.

Sam Sham said...

The most important word in all the comments was Ann’s reference to “anti-pope”.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am a true Christian who believes in one true God, Jesus Christ. Having said that i believe that Francis and his co pagan associates MUST RESIGN.