Friday, 18 October 2019

Bergoglio heads his own "church" and it is not the Catholic Church!

"The kairos, the culture of encounter, being lauded in the Pan-Amazon Synod is a Bergoglian kairos and culture. The church “called to be ever more synodal,” to be “made flesh” and “incarnated” in existing cultures, is a Bergoglian church. And this church, not to put too fine a point on it, is not the Catholic Church. It is a false church. It is a self-divinizing church. It is an antichristic church, a substitute for the Word-made-flesh to whom the Catholic Church actually belongs and to whom, as Cardinal Müller insists, it must always give witness if it means to be the Church."


Anonymous said...

All predicted before hand. We are in the midst of all the prophecies being fulfilled. Brace yourselves. The false prophet and his false church are upon us.

How much longer dear Lord???

Aqua said...

The man they call Pope is in the water, the Ark is sailing away. Most Catholics are in the water with him because they think the Pope = the Ark. it is an epic disaster because so many Catholics have jumped overboard to be with the so-called Pope.

Unfortunately, the Pope they are in the water with is an antipope imposter. He thinks the Ark is too limiting. He likes the freedom to swim.

The true Pope is still in the Ark, praying for all those outside; waiting with Jesus and Mary for their return.

The Ark is the means of salvation. The Ark is not the Pope. The Ark has always been Captained *by* the Pope, but the Ark is not *the* Pope. Let the strange man wearing white swim in his autonomous freedom alone to whatever his final destiny may be. Get back in the boat! It does not change, nor can it.

Anonymous said...

Faith is Greater then Obedience by the Rev Albert Drexel is well worth reading, it's available online to download, next to impossible to get it in print. Rev Drexel was a holy humble priest, one of five brothers all priests, he was also a great scholar, in the last 30 years, I have seen unfold all that I read in that book, the time is coming when people will have to worship at home, with readings from the Gospel, Rosary and Spiritual Communions. The Church of Man, the religion of Antichrist is been established.

Brian said...

Here is a bit of a thought experiment. I have two settings below. The question posed is: "Which setting has the greater Catholicity gap."

Historical setting # 1. Consider the sixty years between Thomas More/Bishop Fisher (1530) and that of "Good" Queen Bess (1590).

Historical setting # 2. The Pre-conciliar Catholic Church (1959) and the latest Modernist instantiation under Bergoglio, (2019)

Now what is the answer to the question on the Catholicity gap? My take on this is that the theological divergence between the Church of More and that of Elizabeth is very little when compared to the Bergoglio chasm, which is, as you say, simply not Catholic. Now what are the chances of the Bergoglio church returning to authentic Catholicism? Not gonna happen. Now those bishops who still have some sense of doctrinal integrity remain silent. Spineless wimps...

Kathleen1031 said...

I have a goal to immerse myself in Holy Scripture, which may end up being our life line and pretty much all that most of us have left. Who knows where these men are going.
It is no longer a matter of opinion. The Bergolio church has given itself to the demonic, which was summoned by himself and his followers in the Vatican garden. He has no need of subtlety any longer, that has been cast off. Scalfari has told us what he is, an atheist, and his own words and actions over 6 years confirm what Scalfari revealed.
They are putting Pachamama on a litter and elevating it (and the human representative) at the altar. Bishops PROCESSED into a Catholic church with it. Processed, something reserved for holy images of Christ and Our Lady.
This along with their other filth and madness.
Lord, have mercy on us.

Aqua said...

The procession of the Pachamama demon, with Bishops elevating this bloodthirsty child killer demon before the Pope presiding, stunning that it was done so brazenly; stunning that no one stops them; stunning that no one declares anathemas; stunning that no (even now!) is willing to question the validity of the resignation and the resulting antipope product ... I reject all of them as antichrists. I declare them all anathema apostates (since no one in authority will do it for me).

All those occupying infinitely important, divinely ordained Offices in the Apostolic Line, who should be declaring Extraordinary Councils and issuing appropriate Anathemas and Declarations in the face of this great evil and spiritual confusion; instead writing books and defending (*defending!*) the antipope as Pope to whom we must submit in respect and obedience .... have much to answer for. You have caused great distress in my family and in my soul. The harm being done across Christendom is incalculable .... on your watch.

Knock the Pachamama off the pallet, burn the Pachamama pictures, kick their blankets and demonic trinkets into the gutter, and make all due Anathemas and declarations on behalf of Holy Almighty God! I will not listen to or follow anyone else lacking such inclination.

Tom A. said...

Im afraid the whole new religion jumped out of the ark and most catholics jumped right overboard too. This abandon ship started at Vatican 2. Bergoglio is but the lastest fake captain of the ark floundering overboard. Most have followed all of them overboard and very few actually remain in the ark that currently has no earthly captain.

Hayfarmer said...

Patriarch Elijah and the Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, Czech Republic, have declared Francis Bergoglio an open heretic and apostate, i.e. an invalid Pope. The consequence was a state of Sede Vacante. They have elected Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano in an extraordinary election as the rightful Pope. Habemus Papam!

Their video, "A Pagan Ritual with Bergoglio in the Vatican" is sobering.

Badcatholic said...

Agree: “not gonna happen”. What should the like-minded do? Any suggestions?

Aqua said...

Hayfarmer: Stunning. I thought I’d seen everything. I knew they’d committed great evil. I had no idea how evil it was. I saw it with my own eyes. My wife and I were literally nauseous as they opened wide the gates of hell. And also profoundly grateful for the careful, faithful anathema declarations against the apostates Bergoglio and his chums by these Bishops, esp Patriarch Elijah.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate! - who knew this was happening? Rally to them, faithful Christian Bishops and Cardinals. For Christ, for the Church, for your own souls, now is the time!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just like protestants, different denominations we have now who call themselves the true church. Vox, you are among the lost and encouraging pandemonium, yes, as Jorge is, too. We are all overboard in an unprecedented tempest. May God be merciful to his lost sheep as we fend for ourselves, as best we can.

Vox Cantoris said...

"Vox, you are among the lost and encouraging pandemonium."

I most certainly am not. Not "lost" and most certainly not "encouraging pandemonium." I am found by Our Lord Jesus Christ, I am hanging on to the Bark of Peter even though it is being steered by an evil man assisted by more evil men. They will fall overboard in the tempest. I will not with the Lord's help.

God will be merciful, but if you think you are lost, you are.

Aqua said...

Anonymous @5:57am - Pandemonium is what happens when the visible center of our Church, Cornerstone, Monarch Of Christ, endowed with all Divine authority, is split into a bi-furcated dual Monarch and the active member occupying the Holy See worships Satan and not Our Lady or Our Lord.

To all those who think it doesn’t matter; that it is not up to us to decide who is or is not the Pope; not up to us to judge the bifurcation - it matters because we are either unified under the one, true Pope or we are scattered, divided, alone. Not like Protestants, thank God! We have Sacred Tradition and the Sacraments. But unity is lost, until we get our Pope back. Nothing else matters until we get our Pope back.

And that may be a job for future generations .... after this current generation (and their children?) are judged for our unfaithfulness.

Anonymous 5:57: I reject the reprobates who bifurcated the Papacy on their own authority and who now elevate and venerate demons and the infernal, tearing down and desecrating the Holy Altars of God. I stand with Sacred Tradition, Holy Scripture, all the Saints who came before in my best efforts to live in accord with the One True Church. And desperately wanting my Pope back. What else can we do?

Tom A. said...

Hold fast to Tradition and avoid all things Novus Ordo. The problem is not bifurcated papacy. It is Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. Stay away from all of them. They are not Catholic. Stay home if you have to, but never grace the door of another Novus Ordo institution.

Kathleen1031 said...

Vox, there are those who still feel it is better to hide the truth in order to maintain a façade of normality. They prefer "nothing to see here" so that they can proceed on with life without disruption. Such people are wishful thinkers but that's all. You're a big help right now, we now know what's going on, there is no more hiding. The facts are out and we've all seen it, Bergolio has gone into not only full apostasy but demon worship, and nothing less. Let his accomplices and minions follow him if they must.
The sheep and the goats will divide themselves accordingly. Lord, save souls.

Someone please explain more about the Patriarch Elijah, whom I already respect based on his willingness to call out Bergolio as a stinking apostate.

Aqua, I always appreciate your comments. God bless all here.

Aqua said...

Kathleen 1031, just in case you missed Hayfarmer’s link above, it is really important, Patriarch Elijah carefully explains what the Pagan witchcraft symbols mean at the various ceremonies.

I have to say, my wife felt nauseous just hearing the soundtrack. I have to admit, similar queasy feelings myself. I knew a lot already. This video blew me away, the depth of depravity .... on tape. Undeniable.

No true Catholic can see this and not be moved to decisive action.

Anonymous said...


Although the video from "Bishop Elijah" with the clips of the Vatican Garden debacle, is chilling, my brief websurfing failed to show who he was consecrated by and where he is Archbishop.

Anonymous said...