A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 February 2015

Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Italy - Martini, McCarrick and how nothing would be the same again

Oh we have so much we could write but instead, I'll just give you these pictures and links to a couple of other sites and a search for you to find it all. I have written previously of the comment, "nothing will be the same again" as stated by the Grande Oriente d'Italia upon the election of Pope Francis. The Masonic Press Agency was publicising it as well and leave most of it for you to find and spread to all the Catholic world.

Here again is the video of that former Archbishop of Washington Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, indicating that he was lobbied to vote for Jorge Bergoglio.

So let us see, we have a powerful man telling this Cardinal that said that Jorge Bergoglio can change it in five years and one that could potentially be blackmailed to make it so and talk him up and then when it all happens the Lodge issues a statement that "nothing will be the same."

Oh, one more thing; they failed in 2005 when Joseph Ratzinger was elected as Pope. Martini was their man and when they couldn't get him elected they drove the gentle Pope from his office.

You can figure the rest out.

So be it.

Italian Fremasonry praises Pope Francis I -01

Italian Masonry praises Cardinal Martini

Card Martini was a freemason


Radical Catholic said...

The explosive bit of the talk given by McCarrick occurs at the 23:05 mark:

"Was that part of it? Who knows. What is my friend who said, 'Push Bergoglio'? Did he say it to a lot of people? I don’t know."

This wasn't just some casual chat about Cardinal Bergoglio and his potential qualities, but was a visit made by an unnamed "interesting and very influential Italian gentleman" in which the latter specifically came calling to request a "favor": "push Bergoglio" in the conclave.

In this context, the reaction of the Cardinals after Bergoglio's speech is quite understandable: everyone was trying to figure out how many people this "influential Italian gentleman" had also asked to "push Bergoglio," looking around to see the reactions in the faces of those gathered and determine whether this thing was actually going to get off the ground. The fact that there was a pause after Bergoglio's speech - which, by McCarrick's admission, was essentially the same as that given by other Cardinals - is a clear indication that Bergoglio had already been made known to many of the key players at the conclave as the preferred choice by the "influential Italian gentleman". By having a non-prelate do the lobbying, all involved could claim they had not made any arrangements with other Cardinals prior to voting.

Dorota said...

I don't know Italian, but this much I have understood: dialogue. A dialogue by the Church with its mortal enemy can only mean one thing: the enemy like a Trojan Horse is within. It has taken over.

I used to like the idea of a dialogue. Bow the word, like "mercy" and "love", has lost its positive meaning. It is used by the enemy on "useful idiots" against the remaining thinking people. What brainwashed progressive could possibly not love love, mercy and dialogue? - Obviously, such a person would be worthy only of mockery and persecution, as they would constitute an obstacle to world peace and universal love. The non-judgemental lovers of mercy will have no problem to judge and persecute with no mercy.

My prayers with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox Cantoris... you are a moral victim for TRUTH... We have THE mason in white in Rome, unfortunately; a true pope is pope Benedict XVI (La Salette, K.Emmerich, Jahenny)

But, I am also Torontonian ... WHAT IS THIS!!!! https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ontario-catholic-leadership-meekly-accepts-wynne-sex-ed-while-70000-citizen

Anonymous said...

Just because someone tells you to push someone does not mean you have to .At the end of the day the Cardinals, rightly or wrongly , who voted for Cardinal Bergoglio bear the responsibility for that decision.There will always be those who try to influence votes.

bvs said...

Droits, such a brilliant insight, so clearly put.

bvs said...

Dorota - NOT Droits.... ( Samsung "intelligent " speller ) is just too helpful at times

bvs said...

Yes they chose to listen to a man instead of the Holy Spirit of God. But vengeance will be HIS

bvs said...

Yes it's sickening how little trust our Catholic leadership Toronto or in the province has either in us Catholics or in God Himself .

If the Cardinal had called , oh how we would have rallied to him. The parishes are raising so much money for the " Family of Faith " infrastructure support project; yet the Cardinal Collins does not believe that we would do at least as much to support access to safe education in independent Catholic schools, free from the curse of government support.

Because of the bishops pusilanamous stance...there may not be a " family of faith " left in the years to come on which to spend
infrastructure money.

We faithful have been left to fend for
ourselves , whilst the Shepherds have run away from the wolves.

God help us