Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Müller accuses Bergoglio of "driving out Jesus" and Weinandy writes of "two" churches!

It's not only the radical misbehaving traditionatlists. SSPXers and sedevacantists anymore. Even Catholic intellecutals such as Thomas Weinandy, OFM, Cap. speak of two churches. Thanks to the Peronist pervert-protector Bergoglio, Weinandy writes in The Catholic Thing:

"What the Church will end up with, then, is a pope who is the pope of the Catholic Church and, simultaneously, the de facto leader, for all practical purposes, of a schismatic church.  Because he is the head of both, the appearance of one church remains, while in fact there are two."

Sandro Magister in Settimo Caeli features the commentary by Cardinal Gerhard Müller:

“In Germany,” Müller now says - he a German as well, although he does not govern a diocese and therefore is not part of the episcopal conference - “they almost want to refound the Catholic Church. They think that Christ is just a man who lived two thousand years ago, they maintain that he was not a modern man, they are convinced that he had none of their education. They therefore think that it is necessary to fill in these gaps and that it is up to them to act. In a homily Cardinal Marx asked rhetorically: ‘If Christ were here today, would he say what he said two thousand years ago?’ But Christ is not an historical figure like Caesar. Jesus Christ is risen and present, he celebrates the Mass through his representative, the ordained priest. He is the subject of the Church, and his Word remains and stands true forever. Christ is the fullness of revelation, because of which there will be no other revelation. It is we who must seek to know it more and better, but we certainly cannot change it. Christ is unsurpassable and irreversible, and today this does not seem to be very clear at certain latitudes.”

From the moment Bergoglio came out on the loggia, this writer has been unsettled. I had not before that day heard or new of this malefactor. If this man was ever the Pope, he has without any doubt to me, lost whatever grace of office he may have held. He is a heretic and an apostate, his signed statement in Abu Dhabi earlier this year confirms it once and for all.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an evil man, a monster - he must be denounced by all priests and bishops and cardinals. It is Bergoglio who is the schismatic. He will try to label this writer and you, dear reader, that you are the schismatic, you are rigid, you are not open to where the spirit blows. Make no mistake my friend, it is not the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity that guides this wretch and speaks through him. It is a spirit alright, a spirit from the depths of Hell.

His "god of surprises" is Satan himself. 

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Brian said...

What else can you say that you have not already said. This Bergoglio pontificate is truly a "Nox Saeculi" a spiritual darkness unlike any before in Church history. And the bishops remain silent....

Ana Milan said...

Jorge Borgoglio sits on the throne of Peter having been put there by a gigantic act of Treason carried out by Masonic Modernist prelates who infiltrated the OHC&A Church many decades ago (Bella Dodd) & he continues to proclaim the authority his appointment gives him by virtue of the silence of the other participants of his election. They not only have remained silent but continue to stand by watching the wilful disintegration of that Divine Institution, the Catholic Church. Even the so-called 'good ones' will not issue the promised Formal Correction for fear of schism, as if we are not already in that predicament. The majority of priests are afraid of losing their faculties if they protest to their Bishop, Bishops are afraid of calling out this Antipope as that would mean an end to their perceived apostleship while, at the same time, they watch more lowly clerics being excommunicated, suspended, ridiculed etc. for following Tradition. Only God, through the Virgin Mary & St. Michael can rid us of these vultures who simply are not Catholic & hold their grip upon the Universal Church by a Satanic conspiracy. We must pray earnestly that these embittered, old & senile men (in many cases) will meet their Creator & Redeemer sooner than they expect.

Anonymous said...

We witness the second crucifixion of Our Lord. This time, it's not the Jews, it's his apostles. Viva Cristo Rey!

jim norwood said...

I too had a uneasy feeling the first time I laid eyes on this imposter of a Pope.

Anonymous said...

No Wienandy is wrong if he thinks there are only two churches. We have been to many different states and visited plenty of New World Order parishes and discovered no two were alike, no matter how much they insist they are Catholic.
No wonder we have the Borg on the throne of Peter now.

Peter Lamb said...


Vatican I declared, “For the fathers of the Fourth Council of Constantinople, following closely in the footsteps of their predecessors, made this solemn profession: "The first condition of salvation is to keep the norm of the true Faith. For it is impossible that the words of our Lord Jesus Christ Who said, ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church’ (Matt. 16:18), should not be verified. And their truth has been proved by the course of history, for in the Apostolic See the Catholic religion has always been kept unsullied, and its teaching kept holy.’ …for they fully realized that this See of St. Peter always remains unimpaired by any error, according to the divine promise of our Lord and Savior made to the prince of his disciples, ‘I have prayed for thee, that thy faith may not fail; and do thou, when once thou has turned again, strengthen thy brethren’ (Luke 22:32)So, this gift of truth and a never failing faith was divinely conferred upon Peter and his successors in this chair, that they might administer their high duty for the salvation of all; that the entire flock of Christ, turned away by them from the poisonous food of error, might be nourished on the sustenance of heavenly doctrine, that with the occasion of schism removed the whole Church might be saved as one, and relying on her foundation might stay firm against the gates of hell.”

Peter Lamb said...

The topic of a pope becoming a heretic was addressed at the First Vatican Council by Archbishop Purcell, of Cincinnati, Ohio: “The question was also raised by a Cardinal, ‘What is to be done with the Pope if he becomes a heretic?’ It was answered that there has never been such a case; the Council of Bishops could depose him for heresy, for from the moment he becomes a heretic he is not the head or even a member of the Church. The Church would not be, for a moment, obliged to listen to him when he begins to teach a doctrine the Church knows to be a false doctrine, and he would cease to be Pope, being deposed by God Himself.“If the Pope, for instance, were to say that the belief in God is false, you would not be obliged to believe him, or if he were to deny the rest of the creed, ‘I believe in Christ,’ etc. The supposition is injurious to the Holy Father in the very idea, but serves to show you the fullness with which the subject has been considered and the ample thought given to every possibility. If he denies any dogma of the Church held by every true believer, he is no more Pope than either you or I; and so in this respect the dogma of infallibility amounts to nothing as an article of temporal government or cover for heresy.”(The New Princeton Review, Volume 42 p. 648, also The Life and Life-work of Pope Leo XIII. By James Joseph McGovern p. 241.)

Peter Lamb said...

St. Francis de Sales: – “Now when the Pope is explicitly a heretic, he
falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church . . . ”

St. Robert Bellarmine: – “A Pope who is a manifest heretic
automatically ceases to be a Pope and head, just as he ceases
automatically to be a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore,
he can be judged and punished by the Church. This is the teaching of
all the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately
lose all jurisdiction.”

St. Alphonsus Liguori: – “If ever a Pope, as a private person, should
fall into heresy, he should at once fall from the Pontificate. If,
however, God were to permit a pope to become a notorious and
contumacious heretic, he would by such fact cease to be pope, and the
apostolic chair would be vacant.”

St. Antoninus: – “In the case in which the Pope would become a
heretic, he would find himself, by that very fact alone and without
any other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a
body cannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body
from which it was cut off.”

Bull of Pope Paul IV — Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, 1559 –“Further, if ever it should appear that any bishop (even one acting as
an archbishop, patriarch or primate), or a cardinal of the Roman
Church, or a legate (as mentioned above), or even the Roman Pontiff
(whether prior to his promotion to cardinal, or prior to his election
as Roman Pontiff), has beforehand deviated from the Catholic faith or
fallen into any heresy, We enact, decree, determine and define: —
“Such promotion or election in and of itself, even with the agreement
and unanimous consent of all the cardinals, shall be null, legally
invalid and void. — “It shall not be possible for such a promotion or
election to be deemed valid or to be valid, neither through reception
of office, consecration, subsequent administration, or possession, nor
even through the putative enthronement of a Roman Pontiff himself,
together with the veneration and obedience accorded him by all. —
“Such promotion or election, shall not through any lapse of tune in
the foregoing situation, be considered even partially legitimate in
any way . . .— “Each and all of the words, as acts, laws, appointments
of those so promoted or elected —and indeed, whatsoever flows
therefrom — shall be lacking in force, and shall grant no stability
and legal power to anyone whatsoever. — “Those so promoted or elected,
by that very fact and without the need to make any further
declaration, shall be deprived of any dignity, position, honor, title,
authority, office and power.”

Peter Lamb said...

Coronata — Institutions Juris Canonici, 1950 – “Appointment to the
Office of the Primacy. 1. What is required by divine law for this
appointment . . . Also required for validity is that the one elected
be a member of the Church; hence, heretics and apostates (at least
public ones) are excluded. . . It cannot be proven however that the
Roman Pontiff, as a private teacher, cannot become a heretic — if, for
example, he would contumaciously deny a previously defined dogma. Such
impeccability was never promised by God. Indeed, Pope Innocent III
expressly admits such a case is possible. If indeed such a situation
would happen, he [the Roman Pontiff] would, by divine law, fall from
office without any sentence, indeed, without even a declaratory one.
He who openly professes heresy places himself outside the Church, and
it is not likely that Christ would preserve the Primacy of His Church
in one so unworthy. Wherefore, if the Roman Pontiff were to profess
heresy, before any condemnatory sentence (which would be impossible
anyway) he would lose his authority.
Billot — De Ecclesia, 1927 – “Given, therefore, the hypothesis of a
pope who would become notoriously heretical, one must concede without
hesitation that he would by that very fact lose the pontifical power,
insofar as, having become an unbeliever, he would by his own will be
cast outside the body of the Church.”

Wernz-Vidal — Canon Law, 1943 – “Through notorious and openly divulged
heresy, the Roman Pontiff, should he fall into heresy, by that very
fact (ipso facto) is deemed to be deprived of the power of
jurisdiction even before any declaratory judgment by the Church… A
Pope who falls into public heresy would cease ipso facto to be a
member of the Church; therefore, he would also cease to be head of the
Church.” And also: “A doubtful pope is no pope.”
A. Vermeersch — Epitome Iuris Canonici, 1949 –
“At least according to the more common teaching; the Roman Pontiff as
a private teacher can fall into manifest heresy. Then, without any
declaratory sentence (for the Supreme See is judged by no one), he
would automatically (ipso facto) fall from power which he who is no
longer a member of the Church is unable to possess.”
On the general topic of admonition, The Catholic Encyclopedia writes, among other things, the following:
“Since contumacy implies obstinate persistence in crime, in order to become liable to these punishments a person must not only be guilty of crime, but must also persist in his criminal course after having been duly warned and admonished. This warning (monitio canonica), which must precede the punishment, can emanate either from the law itself or from the ecclesiastical superior or judge. Contumacy can therefore occur in one of two ways: first, when the delinquent does not heed the warning of his ecclesiastical superior or judge, addressed to him personally and individually; second, when he violates a law of the Church with full knowledge of the law, and of the censure attached, in the latter case the law itself being a standing warning to all (Lex interpellat pro homine).”
 the Encyclopedia’s statement that a pope would become a public heretic “were he publicly and officially to teach some doctrine clearly opposed to what has been defined as de fide catholicâ“.We should be content with the principle of Nullam Partem ["no part"] with heretics,Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff. (Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unam Sanctam [1302]; Denz. 469) 

Kathleen1031 said...

Peter Lamb, I truly appreciate your depth of knowledge. I must ask you a question in relation to what you have shared.
If 99% of Catholics recognize Bergolio the Visigoth as pope,
If all of the priests, bishops, and Cardinals, however lousy they may be recognize him as pope,
If they control the Vatican, all the churches and buildings, hold all the titles, control the checkbook, own the property,
what real difference does it make if a tiny fraction of Catholics know or believe he is not.
I don't know if he is pope or not. I only am sure he is demon possessed.

Aqua said...

You were “unsettled” when he appeared on the Loggia. So many others have shared similar experiences over the years since his (invalid) election.

I had the same experience, and there is no rational explanation for it, given I’d not heard anything about him prior to his appearance. His name meant nothing to me. We were all gathered, waiting anxiously for the announcement; filled with hope, bordering on love. Oh, but that moment is seared in my mind. The moment, the very precise moment he appeared, before he said a word or raised his hand to wave at the crowd,I felt overwhelming anger ... rage. I hastily the room where we were watching. So inappropriate. So memorable.

What kind of Holy Father appears for the assembled and waiting Faithful and instead inspires visceral dread and anger? I count that as a profound movement of Grace.

There is no question, now, why this strange reaction. The spiritual is real, very real. And my Guardian Angel protects me from existential spiritual danger. This man is profoundly evil. I somehow knew it then. It is proven now.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Kathleen,

You are very kind, but I have no depth of knowledge. I just had a very solid grounding in the Faith from beloved Irish Nuns, Brothers and Priests at school in the good old days. I read a lot when I had my Damascus moment and recorded relevant quotes for my own use. I have over 2000, but sadly not properly indexed, or organised, which I reproduce when appropriate.

It doesn't matter how many Catholics see bergoglio as Pope - re-read Bull of Pope Paul IV - what counts are the articles of Faith, not the numbres of people. The Church teaches that an heretic cannot be Pope - see all the above quotes and I have more, if necessary.

Remember the Church is a supra-natural organization - not a human one. It is built of Members - not bricks and mortar. So the judeo-masons have usurped
and stolen our Church's properties, buildings, offices and titles and created a false ape church in them, but they can't steal our Church - because WE are the temporal Church. WE are Members of the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Catholic Church. Nothing, nor anybody can destroy, or steal, or usurp that!!!

"what real difference does it make if a tiny fraction of Catholics know or believe he is not." For those few souls it makes the difference between Heaven and hell. We know the Elect are few. We know the narrow gate is hard to find and hard to follow. Those few who find and follow the Truth faithfully are the Members of the Temporal Catholic Church. Millions of our brothers are being led astray by false shepherds and will follow them to perdition. We and our families must not be among those poor souls.

The Catholic Faith is logical, clearly defined and absolute. There is nothing amorphous, dubious or unclear about it. It is infallible and indefectable. Those who want to find the Truth can easily do so if they are inclined to make the effort.

bergoglio and his minions worship lucifer and are most certainly possessed by him.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Aqua,

This must be serendipity, but I have just this minute received an article of Fr. Cekada talking about SSPX.


Trg said...

I wish Mueller and other faithful Cardinals or bishops would have the guts to march wherever Francis is and rebuke him to his face. And for it to be recorded. I'm sick of this nice talk. Can't one of these old men sacrifice their life for Christ.

Tom A. said...

None of them have any Faith left, they all apostasized when they accepted V2 and the NO.

Manny-Noli Dela Cruz Espina said...

I wonder such a name as Bergoglio from Gog and Magog transliteration as might be called.

Manny-Noli Dela Cruz Espina said...

I wonder such a name as Bergoglio, God and Magog transliteration if any?