Sunday, 22 September 2019

Vatican goes full Masonic

Human fraternity, or "brotherhood," who could argue with that, right?

When that "fraternity" debases the One, True, Faith given to mankind by Our Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation, then there is much to argue with.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the pope that of the Alta Vendita, the pope that the Freemasons longed to see who would do their will.

Never forget this. - With Bergoglio, "Nothing will be the same again."

We cannot say that we were not warned.

From Vatican News:

A Celebration of Human Fraternity
The first public event hosted by the Higher Committee implementing the Document on Human Fraternity took place at the New York City Public Library on Friday, bringing together hundreds of people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.
By Sr. Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp, New York

The New York City Public Library was the site of A Celebration of Human Fraternity on Friday. This is the first public event in which the members of the Higher Committee formed to implement the Document on Human Fraternity took part together. That historic document was signed in February 2019 by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb, during the Year of Tolerance.

Hundreds of people gathered from a variety of faith traditions. Many of them feel akin to the values proposed in the Document. The Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki calls himself a Peace Ambassador. He is interested in knowing why the term “human fraternity” is being used and wanted to make sure that the Buddhist tradition was represented at the Celebration. Deacon Mike and his wife Ruth explained that the company that Mike works for is working on the design and strategy of the Abrahamic Family House to be unveiled at the end of the event. Eban Heath is an artist and sculptor who has done work in the Gulf. He feels attracted to the work the Committee is doing because his own art, along with a passion for bringing words to life, represents culture and shows what can happen when different cultures “begin to dance together”.

Time for positive proposals
Committee President, Cardinal-Elect Miguel Ayuso, expressed that the Holy See has done so much to counteract evil. Now, he said, it is time “to propose in a positive way that the human family can live fraternally together”. Being on the Committee is a culmination of what has been his life work: “creating dialogue in order to overcome fear in hearts and souls”, he said.

Healing a fractured world
Newly added to the Committee, Rabbi Bruce Lustig spoke about the importance of the Document and the Committee who will be actualizing it. It was incredible, he said, to see two world religious leaders sign a document which is a watershed in bringing Jews, Christians and Muslims together. He added that the members of the Committee are dedicated to bring healing to a fractured world.

Greatest declaration signed in recent history
His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak is also a member of the Committee, represented the United Arab Emirates. He commented on the fact that in a world where so much divides, the UAE is committed to uniting. As a beacon of light, the UAE wants to shed light in a dark world and has taken a stand through bringing the Document on Human Fraternity to the light. That declaration, he said, “is the greatest signed in recent days”.

Three churches, one foundation
Sir David Adjaye Obe presented the architectural plans for the Abrahamic Family House. This will be the first concrete implementation of the Document on Human Fraternity. Plans to build a church, a mosque and a synagogue in Abu Dhabi are already under way, he said. Three different houses of worship will be united with a single foundation around a garden—an image that has important significance in each of the world’s three major religions. These three places of worship will be contemporary in their design while remaining faithful to the narrative of each religion, Sr David explained.

Project unveiled
As promised, the evening ended with the unveiling of a model of the Abrahamic Family House. The spirit of human fraternity that it is meant to inspire, however, is already at work among the guests who left the event enriched by the contact they made with other people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.


Aqua said...

The first three Commandments direct us to give honor and glory to God.

“What is the first and greatest Commandment?” Thou shalt love The Lord thy God with all they heart, soul and might. The second is like it, love thy neighbor as thyself.”.

In other words: Love God first and above all else. Everything follows from that. Miss that and you miss everything.

The Bible, cover to cover, including the center fulcrum of the Gospels, is focused in multi-various ways on Love the Lord Thy God. Anything else is tangent to that; grows from it.

Our purpose in life; our destiny in eternity - Love the Lord our God, glorify His Holy Name.

mazara said...

Vox Cantoris said...


I thought for the good of your health you were no longer reading this blog.

If you wish to make a comment and make a comment but don’t send me something and tell me not to publish it because the next time I will publish it. If you wish to send me a message there’s an email contact on this blog. Don’t ever come on here and judge me in the way you have or the friends I keep or the good wishes I might have for those people slaughtered in innocence that God might show mercy upon them even though they didn’t know them through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don’t you ever again accuse me of being anything akin to having a Freemason attitude. Don’t ever dress me down as you did. My patience and tolerance for his shite has long since past.

Anonymous said...

Even the neo cons have recognized the latest from Borgoglio as diabolical.
Pray for your children and grandchildren..........that they may recognize the great deception.

Irenaeus said...

In a way, it's a relief to see the mask finally slip off.

Anonymous said...

Irenaeus, i agree with your statement.
The ambiguous language got way too old. Now the mask is off.

Michael Rose covered the seminaries in the US. He got one glaringly wrong and that was St Charles Borromeo in Philadelphia. Having known too many GOOD MEN who are ex seminarians from that establishment and way too many les femmes priests , I would say it ranks with the worst mainly because they know how to hide in the light some of whom pose as Traditional priests.Despite all that Rome's seminaries are worse.
This from a young priest who went there for his second PhD.