Wednesday, 25 September 2019

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul ....

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Siobhan7 said...

He looks demon possessed.

Michael Dowd said...

We now know what the devil looks like.

Kathleen1031 said...

It is tempting to print out a bunch of these and tack them up in as many Catholic church as possible, right before Mass on Sunday.

Our own little Roman Poster Effort. After all, what's wrong with it? Is it not our "Holy Father"? Why should anyone have a problem with putting up photos of our beloved dear leader.

TLM said...

Really SCARY! If the eyes are the window of the soul, well....says it all. I saw this online yesterday, but I'd really like to know where this picture comes from.

M. Prodigal said...

Oh you are so bad to post this (revealing) photo of the man who usurped the papal office. Luckily he dis not get the charism. Or perhaps we might wish he did?

Peter Lamb said...

Thank Our Lord that more and more Catholics are recognizing the fact that this heretical judeo-masonic satanist is an imposter and anti-pope and not a true Pope. More and more Catholics are discovering the validity and correctness of the sedevacantist, truly Catholic, response to the current situation. I wonder, do the SSPX still have bergoglio for a Pope whom they so badly want to join? We seem to hear very little about them these days and even less of the tax lawyer - I've forgotten his name. Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Face of a bouncer. "You, rigids, outta here."

Jeff said...

The classic mugshot.

Brian said...


This looks more like a mug shot. Charges?? Crimes against the faith perhaps?

Tom A. said...

Maybe they should put this picture of him up in their (sspx) chapels.

Irenaeus said...


Stephen Lowe said...

impersonating a person with a brain....guilty, repeat kindergarten.

MyronM said...

Archers on Vatican Hill
On Saint Joseph of Cupertino feast (September 18, 2019) I was waiting at the Jerusalem Avenue* station for a commuter train. The arrival of my train was announced, but to my surprise two trains on parallel tracks were approaching the station. The delayed 'Bows-Servants' train was the first to enter; destination of the second one: 'Mount Calvary'. It was starting to rain, so I got on the first train because it was going in the direction I wanted. I arrived at 'Servants' station and after a short wait I took this second train to 'Mount Calvary', which was supposed to take me home. In the car I made a conversation with a man who also got on at the 'Servants' station. He said that there was nothing to do in the city in such weather, so he went to the village 'Standstill' to spend the day in a summerhouse in the woods. He was looking for the conductor because he could go to 'Afforestation' station on a city card and needed a one-time ticket to continue his journey. Soon I said goodbye to him and got off at my 'Davids' station.
The events described above would not matter if I were one day earlier, i.e. Sept. 17, in a commentary to the first part of the 3rd secret of Fatima, did not write about Indian archers at the Amazon Synod, who after being released in the Vatican Gardens can “hunt” the “pope emeritus”. My today’s railroad adventure confirms this suggestion.
Here’s the explanation:
Jerusalem Avenue = Jerusalem; although this avenue took its name from the impermanent (18th century) Jewish settlement ‘New Jerusalem’ in the then suburb of the capital, nevertheless, because of an error in faith, most Jews are still stuck in old Jerusalem, the pre-Christ one. Since the Avenue is located inside a definitely Roman Catholic city, it can be described as Rome, especially since the center of the history of Salvation has long since moved from the Holy Land to the Eternal City.
Bows = bows and archers (passengers from the town Bows) – figuratively: Indians from Amazon.
Servants = ‘servus servorum’, it is a district of office buildings – figuratively: Vatican City, until recently the seat (offices) of Servus servorum Dei, or pope.
Davids (plural) = sons (descendants) of King David.
Afforestation = reforested farmland.
Standstill = rest.
Mount Calvary = the meaning obvious to Christians. The city was founded in the 17th century by a Catholic bishop giving it the name of New Jerusalem – figuratively: New Jerusalem is reached through Golgotha, where Jesus Christ did the Redemption of the human race almost 20 centuries earlier. The Catholic Church (the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ) on the way to New Jerusalem must also pass through her Mount Calvary.
Archers in the Vatican = the Amazon Synod – figuratively: a return to paganism (and primitivism that the pre-Christian Roman empire did not know) = Church transformed into the Great Whore.
Passenger NN = Jorge the Apostate, getting ready to retire: he goes to Afforestation on a city card (re-forested Vatican = Amazon Synod,), however, to be able to rest (Standstill) he has to buy himself from the train conductor on Mount Calvary = to avoid martyrdom along with the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus, the militant Church, he must give his soul for someone else. For whom? The devil.
Camarade Jorge the Apostate is retiring. For some time there are 2 “pope emeritus” and a board of directors (collegiate head) managing the Great Whore or maybe a third “pope”.
The retirement of Benedict XVI is coming to an end and as ‘Bishop in White’ he will have to deal with skilled archers at the mystical Calvary in the Vatican Gardens. The Fatima's prophecy will be fulfilled with all the peculiar details.

*The topography of this journey is described faithfully, while the toponyms are in free translation.

William Callaghan said...

Still not publishing my comments I see, what a surprise, this blog is nothing but a disgrace

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter Lamb,

I attend an SSPX chapel. I've been coming here for just about a year now. I never hear anyone talk about joining with the errors of Bergoglio or the Vatican. Ever. I'm not sure why you think this to be true. They call out the errors always.

God bless you.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous @ 3.39 pm,

1. They recognize an heretic as Pope. This is contrary to Catholic doctrine as expounded by Popes, Saints, Councils, Doctors and theologians of the Catholic Church. They consort with heretics.

2. They aid and abet heretics by recognizing them as Catholic Clergy.

3. They refute Catholic ecclesiology by sifting the teachings of he whom they believe to be a true Pope. This is schism.

4. They offer the Blessed Sacrament to the Father in their most blasphemous una cum Mass. This is actually praying with non-Catholics which is most strictly forbidden to Catholics. Bergoglio wears the pallium of the Patriarch of the World. Masons worship lucifer. How do you think the Father feels about His beloved son being offered to him in union with a satanist?

Saint Hermenegild chose death rather than receive the Blessed Sacrament from the hand of an an arian heretic.

6. They are really "controlled opposition" keeping traditionalists in the ambit of the novus ordo "church."

God bless you too dear soul. Rather stick to the Faith of our Fathers as it always has been and always will be. :)