Sunday, 8 September 2019

Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller raise spectre of open heresy and apostasy at Amazon Synod

Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller have written to their fellow Cardinals warning about the upcoming synod in Amazonia. That's great, now what else will they do?

It's long past time, but with Bergoglio having stacked the College of Cardinals action is now virtually impossible. 

Cardinal Burke and other Cardinals who know the facts about the period leading up to the conclave that elected this Peronist thug and the goings on inside, if they have evidence that Bergoglio is an antipope, then these men must say, "excommunication be damned, I must tell the truth." Any excommunication would be rendered moot because Bergoglio would have no power to do it. 


What will it be - loyalty to Christ and His Church or loyalty to a man written Canon and a man who is not a Shepherd. but a wolf!

Cardinal Burke on the Rule of Faith - The Catholic Thing

Vatican City, Sep 4, 2019 CNA.- Two cardinals have sent letters to fellow members of the College of Cardinals, raising concerns about the working document for an upcoming synod of bishops on the pan-Amazonian region.

“Some points of the synod’s Instrumentum laboris seem not only in dissonance with respect to the authentic teaching of the Church, but even contrary to it,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller wrote to fellow cardinals in an Aug. 28 letter obtained by CNA.

“The nebulous formulations of the Instrumentum, as well as the proposed creation of new ecclesial ministries for women and, especially, the proposed priestly ordination of the so-called viri probati arouse strong suspicion that even priestly celibacy will be called into question,” the cardinal wrote.

Brandmüllersaid that the leaders of the pan-Amazonian synod have given him concern about its proceedings.

“The sole fact that Cardinal (Claudio) Hummes is the president of the synod and thus will exercise a grave influence in a negative sense, suffices to have a well founded and realistic concern, as much as in the case of bishops (Erwin) Kräutler, (Franz-Josef) Overbeck, etc."

Hummes, a native of Brazil, was prefect of the Congregation for Clergy from 2006-2010. Bishop Krautel, 80, is the emeritus bishop of the Brazilian Prelature of Xingu in the Amazon, and has been a long time proponent of married priests. Bishop Overbeck, 55, is the Bishop of Essen. Overbeck is known in Germany as an advocate for a re-examination of the Church’s teaching on ordination and sexual morality.

Brandmüller, 90, was for three decades a professor of Church history, and was president of the International Commission for Contemporary Church History from 1998 until 2006. He was made a cardinal in 2010, but, at age 81, he had passed the age limit for participation in the election of a pope.

“We must face serious challenges to the integrity of the Deposit of the Faith, the sacramental and hierarchical structure of the Church and its Apostolic Tradition. With all this has been created a situation never before seen in the Church’s history, not even during the Arian crisis of the fourth and fifth century,”Brandmüller added.

Brandmüller said that all cardinals must consider how they will react to “any heretical statements or decisions of the synod.”

“I would hope, therefore, that Your Eminence, for your part, will seize this opportunity to correct, according to the teachings of the Church, certain positions expressed in the Instrumentum laboris of the pan-Amazonian synod,” the cardinal concluded.

Also on Aug. 28, Cardinal Raymond Burke wrote to fellow cardinals, telling them that he “shares completely the deep concerns of Cardinal Brandmüller on the upcoming Synod on the Amazon, based upon its Instrumentum laboris.

Noting that the synod’s Instrumentum laboris “is a long document marked by language which is not clear in its meaning, especially in what concerns the Depositum fidei,” Burke added that it “contradicts the constant teaching of the Church on the relationship between the created world and God, the uncreated Creator, and man, created in the image and likeness of God to cooperate with him as guardian of the created world.”

Cardinal Burke also claims that the Instrumentum laboris “characterize the teaching regarding the unicity and universality of the salvation brought by Christ alive in the Church as relative to a particular culture and emblematic of what they call 'petrified doctrine' (n. 38).”

In the synod’s working document, Burke added, “the truth that God has revealed Himself fully and perfectly through the mystery of the Incarnation of the Redeemer, the Son of God, is obscured, if not denied.”

“Cardinal Brandmüller indicated in his letter the serious difficulties regarding the ordained ministry and perfect continence of the clergy. These proposals, as the cardinal indicates, attack the ‘hierarchical-sacramental structure’ and ‘the Apostolic Tradition of the Church.’”

The “disturbing propositions of the Instrumentum laboris” Burke said, “portend an apostasy from the Catholic faith.”

The synod is scheduled to take place in Rome, Oct. 6-27.


Brian said...

Papa Apostata leading the way. Maybe Burke's letter will help. Let's pray so.

Kathleen1031 said...

What Bergolio and his allies have planned is a nuclear bomb on the Catholic faith and the church. Look how bold they are now, with this one diabolical synod they are:
implementing a casual, untrained, secular priesthood, a 2nd class priesthood
implementing lady deacons or some other quasi-priestly-rank for ladies
making ecology and communism (sharing) more important than God
and here's the kicker, Catholics must now learn from pagans and cannibals, who are thought to represent Catholicism better than they ever did, to these men, Catholics are also to "dialogue with spirits". Spirits! The IL also promotes witch doctors, shamans. I don't know where this pope is going to go from here to wreck the faith and torment faithful Catholics. Seriously, how can he top this?? Yet he will find something, because the man is driven by VENOM for God, Catholicism, the church, and perhaps most of all, the faithful. Those, he hates.
Lord, we can't do anything about this demonic assault on your church, only you can. Please send the remedy. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Michael Dowd said...

As welcome as the dissenting Cardinals warnings are they will no doubt be waved as just more Traditional recalcitrance and, even worse, used to show how little resistance there is to Pope Francis innovations.

Tom A. said...

The nuclear bomb hit in the 1960s at V2. This upcoming synod is just a continuation of the mopping up operations of the last 50 years to eradicate any remaining pockets of orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Brandmuller and Burke are posturing weaklings. They are cowards, of no consequence.

Michael Dowd said...

Tom A.


First came the Protestantation of the Catholic Church at Vatican II which has succeeded brilliantly with 70% of Catholics no longer believing in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Now, Pope Francis has set his task to take God completely out of Christianity. Jesus now becomes an ecological being preaching the love of nature and sharing the wealth. Christianity becomes Communism. God becomes nature. Jesus a revolutionary for the poor.

Will it sell? For sure. Progressives the world over will eat it up as a clever way to dupe the masses. Conservative Catholics will become the enemy.

Peter Lamb said...

Anonymous @ 8;42, They are controlled opposition. Your description is most apt.

Tom A. said...

Yes Michael, trads today need to stop focusing on Bergoglio. He is not the sole problem. The real wolves are the Burke’s and Ratzingers. They sell the poison of V2 with a good helping of sugar to disguise the vile heresies. Bergoglio is the undiluted poison.

Anonymous said...

So the culture and traditions of pagan tribes is to preserved, but not the culture and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. What we have now is the Church of Man raising itself above God. Francis has made a point of kneeling before men and women, but refuses to kneel before God. Love of neighbour now has precedence over love of God.

Brendan Bradley said...

PF would not give a toss if all the trads in the world went their own way to the SSPX etc. It's just what he's conniving at.Then the NO church can go on without us down the wide road singing 'we did it our way'!