Monday, 2 September 2019

Bergoglio has stacked the College of Cardinals with those men just like him

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Bergoglio of Rome has now announced the appointment of thirteen new cardinals. One, at least, is a homosexualist, supporting James Martin's Book of Sodomy and others are motley crew of Islamic apologists. All are avowed modernists, presumably. Mundabor calls this Putrid Peronist Punk the "Evil Clown," and Father Zuhsdorf remarks that the future "Won't be pretty, and Father Hunwicke asks, "Where is the periphery?" I could not agree more.

I write presumably because in this time when many now despair, we must remember history, and recent history at that.

In 2005, Bergoglio reportedly finished second to Pope Benedict XVI in the conclave following the death of John Paul II. That College was added to by Benedict XVI. One question I have often asked myself is "How did a College that elected Joseph Ratzinger and added to by him, give us Jorge Bergoglio?" Are we to conclude that Joseph Ratzinger is of the same ilk as Bergoglio, but a more kindler gentler version?  What it really shows us is that we really can't predict what is really in men's hearts and minds. While it is unlikely, it is possible that this current College loaded with "Third World" Cardinals, may have a surprise in store, just as Ratzinger's College did.

Now that I've given you my hopeful, optimistic thought, let me give you my real view.

This is an unmitigated disaster for the Church, for Catholics around the world. It is a further betrayal of the Church`s mission, the salvation of souls. It is a takeover by sodomites, effeminates, corrupt malfeasants and their bidders.

God will not be mocked and short of His divine intervention, we are not going to see the way out of this. The real Church of Christ, Catholic, has been taken over by evil man and they have supplanted a false church, dedicated to Satan, within Her.

When the Fatima children reported on the their vision of the "Third Secret," they spoke of the "Bishop in white, we presumed it was the pope." Why? Why did they refer to him that way and why did they only "presume" it was the pope? Because, they could not recognise him, because, he was not the pope, he only wore white, as if he were the pope. But in their innocence, they could not see that he was a malefactor.

How will we ever see a truly holy pope again who will "restore all things in Christ?"

Will it be the Fatima prophecy? Will it be a terrorist attack on St. Peter's Basilica, killing dozens of Cardinals, the ones appointed by Bergoglio, while he then crawls over them until he is gunned down after which the few remaining faithful Cardinals, most not there, see the prophecy fulfilled, meet in conclave at Fatima undertake reparation and elect from amongst themselves, a Catholic pope?

May God's will be done!


Anonymous said...

Always wondered about the Bishop dressed in white, if it was the Pope the children would have said so, Jacinta spoke of the suffering of the Holy Father who was Pope at the time. I also question the Cork Cross with no Christ, and the Angel sprinkling the sinners making their way back to God with the blood of those martyered. Only the Blood of Christ has the power to wash away sin.Did the city half in ruins represent the Church, we've never had a satisfactory interpretation of that vision.

Michael Dowd said...

We must be close to an inflection point when God shows who's in charge of His Church.

TLM said...

Private Revelation has it that the 'great French Monarch' to come will usher in the 'Holy Pope' that will bring about the restoration of the Church. They will 'work together in tantum for the bringing about of the re Catholicism of the entire civilization. (I believe most of this came from St. John Vianney but also from Our Lady of LaSalette)

This 'holy Pope' will allegedly be the holiest of all the Popes in the history of the Church...……..just sayin:)

Brian said...

Papa Abominandus, Bergoglio, is stacking the deck to guarantee his playbook continues, after he sails into the harbour of eternity. Birds of a feather (vultures in this case) do flock together This is just the next logical step in the ecclesiocidal frenzy that is conciliar Catholicism. Lots more coming I'm afraid. And from our bishops......crashing silence...

Kathleen1031 said...

Bergolio self-identified as the "Bishop of Rome", actually rejecting the office of pope. This was when he was elected, the beginning of the end for Catholicism as we knew it. That fits right into Fatima.
If one wonders about end times and how people will separate into sheep and goats, it all makes sense in a way. "Choose Ye this day whom ye will serve", and people are definitely choosing.
For our part we accept the church as we have known it may well end. It may not be possible (God forbid) to enjoy the TLM or even a reverent NO Mass at some point. But only stay close to Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. We are Catholics now and will always be Catholics, but the church is not. It is the Church of Francis, or the Temple of Satan. It is up to us how long we can continue to participate in it, there are no leaders, we must use our God-given Catholic discernment. Some will have Catholicism longer than others.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Wolverine said...

Sitting back and waiting/watching to see how everything unfolds. Jesus is Lord and whatever happens (or doesn’t) will not change that truth!!

Peter Lamb said...

Nothing new here folks! Same old same old! So what's new? What didn't we know before? The alta vendita succeeded in installing judeo-masonic "popes"; They called a false "council" and created a satanic judeo-masonic "church" in the temporal properties and offices of the Catholic Church, which is now in the fields.

The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ; the Spotless Bride of Christ! Can satan and his minions "take over" the Body of Christ? Can satan "take over" Christ? Of course not! Can satan be within Christ? Can hot be within cold? Can the judeo-masonic "church" be within the Catholic Church? OF COURSE NOT!!! The "church" of Papa Abominandus, ( I love that Brian :) ) is not the Catholic Church and has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Shun it! Get away from it! Let these foul heretics and their damnable "church" be anathema!

We know the Church will be restored in all her glory in God's time and according to His Will. How and when is of no matter to us. God knows. This is our time for Faith, Trust and Patience. The Church of Christ will never end. The gates (heresies) of hell will not prevail.

So! Say the Rosary every day; assist at virtual valid Tridentine Mass by DVD, or live webcast as often as possible and always on Sundays and Holidays; Make spiritual communion; read Catholic literature. Be a Catholic - home alone if necessary. If you are informed and know what is going on, do you think Our Lord will reward you for going to an invalid NO 'mass"?

Irenaeus said...

Fiat voluntas tua!

Anonymous said...

TLM, most of your printed predictions come from Marie Julie JaHenney.
LaSalette warned that Rome would become the seat of the Antichrist. Melanie Calvat also predicted Three Days of Darkness in the end referring to 73 hours when the earth would be in continual evolutions and then all will be renewed.

Ratzinger? Just look at him at Vatican Two dressed in his suit and tie.........How soon we forget as Head of the CDF under P JP2 he covered up and protected pedophiles.
The Kiesel case is prime example where even his Bishop begged Ratzinger to allow Kiesel to be laicized.

Frankly I am nauseated by the papalogists who are still worshipping him.
Get a grip !

Anonymous said...

The mere fact that they are "just like him" should
be enough to wake up the sleepiest catholic that the institutional church has fallen into Apostasy.
Pray !

Anil Wang said...

WRT Pope Benedict XVI, it's pretty clear that given the number of things that he and Pope Saint John Paul II did that were torn down, this was not the outcome he wanted. I think that the simple reason so many bad cardinals were elected are:
(1) There's high turn over since cardinals over 80 retire
(2) It's extremely hard to vet a large number of Cardinals and modernist cardinals are good at making heresy sound as if there is an orthodox interpretation, and some cardinals have said some questionable things (e.g. Cardinal Muller) but turned out to be pillars of the faith.
(3) It's impossible to know to any deep extent over 250 people, so the Pope will tend to rely on the fact that a person is a Cardinal rather than his/her reputation.

The solution is simple. Let over 80 cardinals vote (as before Vatican 2) and reduce the size of the cardinal electors down to the biblical 12 or 70 level (the pre-Vatican 2 number). Part (1) could only be restored if Part (2) were done since otherwise Pope Francis' cardinals would have the greatest influence for 20 more years.

Unfortunately, this won't happen any time soon. But the good news is that just as bad Cardinals slipped through under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Saint John Paul II, the current flawed system allows for good cardinals to slip through, and worldly pressures (e.g. lawsuits, liability, declining number of Catholics, declining number of people willing to put the Church in their wills, declining revenues, government tyranny as in China, etc) can force mediocre wimpy Cardinals to grow a spine. So there may very well be a surprise at the next synod.

Anonymous said...

Anil Wang...........

Under "St" John Paul 2 the Church experienced nothing but pederast coverups. Ratzinger , as Head of the CDF under the "saint", carried out these policies in the CDF ,refusing to defrock and or laicize pederasts like Kiesel even after they admitted their pedophile addictions.
Fr Stravinskas is telling priests at Diocesan clerical retreats that the policies were to "..protect the Church from scandal".......after a priest told me this I had a very good laugh.
You mean the Hierarchy had no clue they would repeat their sexual crimes scandalizing even more children and their families?

Now Catholics PLEASE put on your thinking caps!!!!

Kathleen1031 said...

When we feel badly for ourselves and tempted to keep on supporting this church, we should ask ourselves how many little boys, teenage boys, and seminarians, were sodomized or groped or raped on our dime. Our ancestors paid for this church, we paid for this church, and for them to treat our boys like rent boys and wreck their lives? There have been many boys and men who have committed suicide because of the spiritual and emotional damage of being sodomized by their priest. They couldn't take it. And yet this evil church, these popes, ALL of them, would not properly address it, never properly addressed it, to their everlasting shame.
When we think of this reality, this fact, we believe the whole church should go up like Notre Dame. And we believe, just our opinion, that one day it will. Someday, God will answer.
He will repay.

MyronM said...

The Bones that prophesy
On the feast of Christ the King of the Universe AD2013, the relics of Saint Peter the Apostle were exposed to the public in front of the Basilica dedicated to him in the Vatican. On the same day (November 24), the Church (especially in the East) commerates Saint Mercurius the Soldier, who with one spear blow wounded emperor Julian the Apostate (+26 June AD363) cruelly persecuting faithful Christians under his secular power. It can therefore be assumed that the Prince of the Apostles, Servus servorum Dei, went out to the square to find the famous General in order to deal with this Argentinian apostate, whose forces of darkness settled on the Holy See to torment Catholics and ruin the visible Church. Because the commemoration fell on Sunday, so it was the year of Saint Mercurius, and on the feast of Christ the King, so the Lord Jesus Himself sends Mercurius to the final fight with the Apostate.
Mercurius = Mercury. (Before proceeding, read Psalm 19 (18) "Coeli enarrant" first and open the site The map of the starry sky on that day (November 24, 2013) shows us: Virgin (Venus) Mother (Luna) The Holy Church was with Jupiter (in Pollux), Mars (figure of the Lord Jesus) and Mercury in tandem with Saturn in the constellation Libra below the Bootes holding the Spear (and Sickle). Effectively, however, the Virgin Mother was with the person that Saturn represents in the starry sky (I will not explain here how these calculations are performed, because it would take many pages of writing). This planet symbolizes both Israel and the descendants of King David. This arrangement of heavenly bodies indicates that the One sent to deal with the modern Apostate persecuting the Church of God is the Paraclete because Jupiter (= Roman emperor) has distinguished Pollux in Gemini - the constellation of the Sons of God. The Paraclete is the awaited Grand Monarch of the end times. In the sky He is represented by: Saturn, because he comes from the house of David; Jupiter, because he is Roman emperor; Mercury, because he is Messenger the Fire. Identifying the Paraclete with the Holy Spirit is a simplification because He is one of the chosen sons of Our Mother the Holy Church: He is not the Holy Spirit but he is full of the Holy Spirit. This last remark explains why Saint Peter came down from his See to the city square: he looked around among the faithful, where is this new General Mercurius who will free the earthly Church from the Evil's oppression.
Five years after that reconnaissance, on the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul on June 29, 2019, the Prince of the Apostles definitely left the Apostolic Palace and as the Latin Patriarch of Constantinople (the Vatican Basilica was his titular see) set off over the Bosporus. He arrived there the next day*, June 30, the day of the birth of Saint Paul the Apostle for heaven, in the company of Archbishop Job of Telmessos, whose name means 'Despised from the Land of Lights': Peter the Apostle was in fact despised in the East for centuries in the persons of his successors - Roman popes. However, he did not come here at the invitation of the Patriarch of Constantinople, but at the call of his native brother Saint Andrew, who is the founder of the local Church. For the first time Andrew called on Peter to announce to him "We found the Messiah" [John 1, 41]. Who did he want to introduce to his brother this time?

MyronM said...

[... continued]
Patriarch Bartholomew reached out to welcome the Guest from Rome, and it happened in the church of the Holy Apostles and on the festive day of the Synaxis of Holy Apostles. Is Patriarch Bartholomew the new Messiah? No. However, he is a prefiguration of the Paraclete. Bartholomew means 'Son of the Plowman'. The most famous plowman in the Bible was Elisha, whom Elijah anointed as a prophet after himself [1 Chronicles 19:19]. If Elijah was a prefiguration of John the Baptist [Matt 11,14], then Elisha of the Messiah-Plowman Jesus Christ, who in the Church, through holy sacraments, raises the sons of God and also his brothers. Jesus said: "One sows, the other reaps" [John 4, 37]. To sow, you also need to plow and this work was done by the Lord Jesus, but someone else will harvest the crops of his toil. Who? The apostle Bartholomew is identified with Nathanael (= "God has given"), about whom the Lord Jesus gave a favorable opinion: "Here is a true Israelite in whom there is no deceit" [John 1:47]. For his part, Nathanael confessed: "Rabbi, You are the Son of God, You are the King of Israel!" [John 1, 49] What's more, he is the bridegroom from the wedding in Cana of Galilee, to which he invited Jesus with his disciples. The Gospel does not give the bride's name, but notices the presence of Jesus's Mother there. Also the chief steward praised the groom for the wine ... which Jesus Christ himself prepared in a wonderful way after the intervention of the Blessed Virgin. At this wedding She was called "Woman" for the first time, which suggests that She is married. This is the greatest secret of Cana of Galilee and the divine nature of the sacrament of marriage. This biblical event has its prophetic value, for it transfers us to the end of time, when the Sun-clothed Woman will marry her Son-Man, whom She gave birth to as Our Mother the Holy Church. This Son-Man is identical with the fire that the Lord Jesus wanted to throw on earth and the Paraclete. The act of June 30 (2019), through which Saint Peter the Apostle gave himself into the hands of Bartholomew / Nathanael, means that the Paraclete is the visible head of the reborn Church, i.e. the New Rome, and the Ecumenical Patriarch, i.e. the Father / King of the entire civilized - in a divine way - world. Because Constantinople was founded by the emperor Constantine (= 'Constant'), so the Paraclete will be the eternal ruler of God's Kingdom on earth, and therefore in the prophecies he appears as the Great Monarch of the end times. Patriarch Bartholomew, who has his residence in the Fanar district (of Constatinopole) or the 'Lantern', participated in this lucky event, so that the words of the Holy Bible could be fulfilled: [Luke 11, 33] "No one lights the light and puts it in hiding or under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that those who enter may see its splendor." This Light-Fire will ignite the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and set him on a lampstand (Fanar) that he, the Paraclete, will show the way to all who enter the Kingdom of God.
This is the prophecy of the Bones of Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, after the abolition of the Holy See in Rome on February 28, 2013 at 8 pm (CET).

On the feast of the Don Icon of the Mother of God, Sept. 1, 2019

* On June 30, 2019, the reliquary with Saint Peter's Bones has been handed over to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinopole through the Archbishop Job of Telmessos.

Anil Wang said...

Anonymous @ 9:17 pm, September 03, 2019

WRT JP II, I reserve judgement. It's clear he was a terrible administrator of the Church and allowed much evil to grow under his watch in large part because he did a lot of globe trotting instead of staying in the Vatican to watch things as Pope Francis does (unfortunately, for the harm of the Church). When the cat's away, the mice will play and play they did. It's also clear that Pope Paul IV left a mess in the Church and he was battling many fronts inside and outside the Church.

If there were no Vatican II, even if the Church became as messed up as it did under Pope Paul IV, there were fewer cardinals to keep track of and most of the cardinals would have been from before Pope John XXIII, so if things had gotten as bad as they became in our Vatican II timeline, it would only be because JPII was directly involved. But there was Vatican II. When there are 1000 fires, it's easy to criticize someone for missing 100, especially if dealing with those 100 would have stopped the other 900 fires.

But hindsight is 20/20 and doing anything but reserving judgement does nothing. Even if by some miracle Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Sarah were elected Pope in the next conclave, they will not be able to stop the fires in the Church unless they take a hacksaw to the root of the issues and throw out the trees that continue to accelerate the decline. The most they can do is do what Pope Benedict XVI did, make some changes that paper over the issues which would be met with much grumbling and lead to Pope Francis II in response.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the main reasons Pope Francis does not use the Papal apartments, and stays in Santa Martha, is to keep his eyes and ears on what goes on, previously Pope's relied on those closest to them and their advisors to keep them informed,many times Pope's were mislead or vital information was withheld from them. I think Francis has more control over the Vatican then any of his recent predecessors.