Sunday, 28 January 2018

The bully and hate mongering Catholic priests are raging because they are losing - Fathers, we're not going anywhere!

James Martin, S.J. has had a conference cancelled at a parish. It has been moved to a private venue. Below the picture below of a recent Tweet, is his comment on the matter on his Facebook page.

He refers to those who oppose his dissent from the faith being promoted in our parishes as "hate mongers and bullies." 

Full disclosure: I do not hate anyone suffering from same-sex attraction. I have three friends, all who formerly engaged in same-sex behaviour and have all overcome it. One is married to a woman. The other two are celibate and chaste faithful men. I have never engaged in hate-mongering or bullying of anyone, let alone those suffering from this awful sin. I do hate homosexualism as a political movement and I hate it as a sin as I hate those sins of my own. I hate how it has transformed our culture and the political force it has become undermining our families. I hate how sodomites have infiltrated the Holy Church and undermined the faith.

Our little Jimmy, just like another rageful priest we all know clearly is the hater and the bully. It seems that these rageful men think that Catholics should just shut up and pay, pray and obey. Yet, did the Second Vatican Council which these men promote continually give to the laity the encouragement to evangelise and speak the faith or does that not apply when it opposes what the

The reality is, they are on the run. They hate bloggers, they think we are visceral and devils and cesspools of hate. Yet, it is because of what we do that they have been outed and forced to be held accountable in the public square. These men are the evil ones, they are the ones who are visceral and devils and cesspools of hate and vitriol. They are scared you know, this is why they are filled with rage. We're on them like white on rice and we are not stopping. We have them by their short hairs and we are not letting go.

It is only a matter of time. it will not end well for James Martin and the others. Not in this life, or the next, if they do not repent and do public penance and reparation for their scandal.

Dear friends: I'm sorry to say that another lecture has been cancelled, or in this case moved, thanks to pressure from a far-right website named "Tradition, Family and Property."
As in the past, I wasn't going to publicize the cancellation out of respect for the organizers, but now that it's been written about on the "Church Militant" website, in order to correct the record, for the sake of transparency and so that you might know what is going on in our church, I thought I should tell you what happened. But before I go farther, I want to say that the parish was a victim in this episode as well, and I hold no grudge against anyone on the parish staff, or in the deanery or diocese, who were all under great stress.
Many months ago, perhaps in early 2017, I was invited by the lay council of the deanery (a juridical, geographic, grouping of parishes) in the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ, to give a Lenten lecture. It was scheduled for February 15 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, where I had previously spoken in 2014. An ad was placed this week in the Diocese of Metuchen's newspaper, "The Catholic Spirit."
A few days ago, I learned that a far-right website called "Tradition, Family and Property" had initiated an online petition to pressure the pastor (a kind and generous priest who had hosted me in 2014) to cancel the talk at his parish: "Please Urge Our Lady of Lourdes Parish to Cancel presentation by Pro-Homosexual Priest--Who Gives Scandal." It was similar to the petitions of personal vilification circulated by Church Militant, another far-right online site that traffics in hate and is similarly obsessed with homosexuality. Here is the petition:
Shortly afterwards, I received an email from a woman on the lay council of the deanery who told me, with sadness, that the parish felt forced to move the talk elsewhere, out of fear of protests. When asked, another parish declined to welcome the talk, also out of fear of protests. The chancery suggested to Our Lady of Lourdes that the talk continue, but with a different speaker. In the end, the deanery decided to move the lecture off church grounds entirely, to a local conference center. Then they contacted me and told me of their decision.
As I said, I see the parish, the deanery and the diocese are all victims of this campaign of personal vilification and online bullying.
But we are left with an important question: What does the church do in the face of hate-mongering and online bullying?
First, caving into bullying is never the right thing to do. It only emboldens the bullies. It also gives the People of God the impression that the judgment of local pastors and lay leaders (who approved the original lecture) is superseded by the angry calls from often anonymous hate-mongers, usually from outside of the diocese.
Second, pastors need to remember that allowing lectures to continue, even controversial ones (which this one was assuredly not) may mean a handful of protesters (usually praying the rosary, with a few signs). Cancelling lectures, on the other hand, means a great deal more negative publicity for the parish and the diocese, and a hornet's nest of feelings stirred up among the majority of the faithful.
Third, bishops need to be invited to see the danger of online hate groups (which traffic in lies and innuendos) taking precedence over the traditional role of the local ordinaries and religious superiors of speakers, in terms of determining who is a person "in good standing." Traditionally, if a priest or religious is invited to speak on a topic, the local ordinary sometimes asks the speaker for a letter from his or her superior saying that the speaker is a priest or religious "in good standing." This rightly comes from the appropriate church authorities, who know the background of the person in question. But that is not what is happening any longer. Now, the conclusions of random groups of haters are superseding the authority of superiors who are not only better able to determine, but actually charged with determining, who is "in good standing." And for the record, I am indeed a "priest in good standing" in my religious order.
Fourth, we need to admit how much of these online petitions are driven by pure hatred and, more often, virulent homophobia. All one has to do is spend five seconds on these websites to see what motivates them: hate. And if the church starts allowing groups that use doctrine as a cover for hatred to replace true church authority, we will end up with a church run by hate.
Finally, we need to understand how much of this is driven by abject fear. Most times when a lecture is cancelled it is not because the organizing institution has a problem with the speaker or the topic (because if they did, they wouldn't have invited the speaker to begin with), but because they fear protests. Fear has a (sic - Ed.) insidious way of overtaking reason. As St. Paul says, perfect love drives out fear. But perfect fear drives out love. We cannot let fear win.
So it's finally time for bishops, priests and lay leaders finally to stand up to the hate-mongering of online groups with no standing whatsoever in the church, who seek to substitute their spurious authority for legitimate church authority, and who seek to run the church by fear and hatred.
Otherwise, what are we doing as a church?
I hope to see people at the newly scheduled talk, on Feb. 15, at the Razberry Banquet and Conference Center in French Town, NJ., which will still be sponsored by the deanery. It will be a larger venue than Our Lady of Lourdes. I'm very much looking forward to it: I'm also at total peace.
The subject of the Lenten reflection, by the way, will be the original subject: "Jesus Christ: Fully Human, Fully Divine."


Ana Milan said...

One can only be grateful for true Catholic websites like your own Vox for displaying courage & tenacity in confronting these depraved clerics/prelates who have been attempting to distort the Scriptures, rewrite the Ten Commandments & discredit the OHC&A Church which Christ instituted on the First Apostles. They will not prevail & all true Catholics must stand together in combatting their vile & anti-Christian vitriol. They are persecutors of the worst type & have no respect for God & His Word. My prayers are with you & other Catholic warriors who by their articles, posts & comments keep the pressure on these unseemly 'men' to give it up & return to the True Faith. By their refusal to date to do so they are to be regarded as minions of Satan & treated accordingly. The decision is theirs.

John the Mad said...

" standing whatsoever in the Church", eh.

No so, you arrogant Jesuit clericalist. We are baptized members of the mystical Body of Christ, as such, are living our legitimate Catholic vocations by defending scripture and tradition against heterodox clerical "miserables" like you. You don't like it when you're publicly opposed by the faithful because of your public opposition to the actual Catholic faith. Tough. Get used to it, or consider converting to the Catholic faith, because we ain't gonna stop. We are theChurch militant. We stand steadfastly with the Fathers of the Church and Church councils over twenty centuries. It is Christ's catholic truth that sets us free from sin, not your modernist claptrap.

Christus vincit, regnat, imperat: ab omni malo plemem suam defendat.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Father Martin, I hope you are reading this. Stop pouting, snivveling and whining like a naughty child caught with his hand in the cookie jar! You received a much-needed spanking; learn from it while you're still on this side of the grave. If you die unrepentant of your facilitation of the mortal sin of homosexual conduct, you stand in grave danger of eternal damnatioin.

Anonymous said...

Has that creep James Martin admitted openly to homosexuality? If not the pressure has to as relentless as he and his ilk are applying to make God dance with the devil. God bless you, Vox. :)

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The sodomy lover wants to "build bridges" to Sodom, while we are already here and our children are forced to celebrate its depravity. Jesuit-educated, the man knows very well, what happened to Lot's wife. We only ask politely that the Sodomite goes somewhere else with his special love. I think his claim is that God is a bully.

Michael said...

With no standing in the Church? An ordinary Jesuit priest, regardless of his status as somewhat of a celebrity, does not have authority to silence defense of the Faith. He is not my pastor. He has no authority over me. Also, I can know the truth as well as he can. If not, why bother evangelizing the laity at all?

Below this blog entry, there is a section that says "You might also like." I think it's interesting what is suggested. First is a picture of Fr. Martin with the typical smug look on his face. A picture of Pope Francis smiling with that ridiculous smile, as usual. The third picture, I'll come back to in a minute. The last is a picture of Fr Antonio Spadaro conferring with Pope Francis on something that I doubt I want to know about. The third picture is a black and white icon, above an entry titled "But Jesus Hid Himself." How sad that the people in those other pictures are so unlike the third. Fr. Martin, Fr. Spadaro, and Pope Francis relish in their celebrity statuses. When the people of His day wanted to celebrate Our Lord as a celebrity, he hid himself.

Give me a humble priest who does not draw attention to himself, who simply draws others to Christ, over a celebrity priest who parades around like some kind of fashion model or clown, who presents foreign, demonic theologies to satisfy the itching ears of those who won't hold to the true doctrines.

Father James Martin, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, and Pope Francis do Satan's bidding. Do not follow them- any of them.

Barona said...

Besides "lay leaders" having absolutely NO authority, I think FR. James Martin S.J. is onto something here. He is no doubt aware that there is the well-known National "Catholic" Reporter magazine that has no authority since they were canonically censured in 1968.

In writing in, supporting, promoting, encouraging this canonically illicit publication, Fr. James Martin S.J. shows rank hypocrisy.

Let James Martin S.J., begin his campaign with canonically illicit and dissident publications!!!!

Lazarus Gethsemane said...

Hell hath no fury like a Sodomite scorned. Fabulous! said...

Funny how this works. 30 years ago the ascendant Jesuit revolutionary was all about promoting the legality of dissent; and as long as the heretical novus ordo held sway over Catholic minds, he was all about the voice of the laity challenging the power, or defeating clericalism. But when the revolutionary's power faces laity who defend sound doctrine - NOW he's all about authority and clericalism.

He has to dance quite a bit just to make the statement, labeling them online hate groups. No, James Martin, SJ, these are Catholic laity communicating over an online platform. Not an online group: Catholics making their voices heard online.
This wolf in Jesuit clothing is within a hair's breadth of saying that the laity have no standing in the Church, which would stand in violation of trusty Canon 212.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Michael

I truly appreciate your perspective on the pictures. Holy men, man of high societal standing, academics, clergymen, all used to carry themselves with dignity, and did not open their mouths as wide as possible while posing for pictures. I am not saying that one ought to pretend to be something he is not, only that one might consider to aspire to something higher.

Now, if their tongues are not out, at least they are baring a lot of teeth, or giving us a very smug smile. As soon as they... encounter someone with aspirations higher than Sodom, the smile leaves their face. Sodom does not tolerate aspiration. Aspiration to dignity or... holiness (whoever has heard of that in our "evolved", "compassionate" world!) ruins the fun in the gutter.

This is why we must be silenced. No platform for hate! Our existence is a challenge to this smugness, it stops them in their tracks and takes the fun away.

Sam Sham said...

Can you imagine his arrival for judgement immediately after his death? What do you think the response to his homosexuality (who are we kidding, he's not just an advocate) is going to be? Fifteen minutes or 15 years of fame/infamy in exchange for an eternity of God's justice. Tough way to learn what the Church/faith really teaches.

Kathleen1031 said...

These men no longer believe, if indeed they ever did. I'm convinced many, many men went into the priesthood to join the Big Old Gay Boys Club, have lots of access to gay men and boys, young men (recruits), and hey, they pay you for it, AND, you get to travel and eat well. Free insurance! What's not to like!
These men do not believe in Christ, nor the Gospel, nor Catholicism. All that is a joke. Not that an anecdote proves anything, but we had an obviously homosexual priest in our parish, he had a "ministry" to men with AIDS, and (God forbid) was in charge of our youth groups. I remember approaching him one day to see if I could speak to a priest, we had a family challenge. He was entirely uninterested in speaking to me or helping me, and I remember, he had beautiful eyes, but they were entirely dead eyes, nothing there, when he looked at me, their emptiness rather unnerved me. The pastor was later charged with embezzlement and died in disgrace. My son, ended up soon after leaving the Catholic Church and going into a Pentecostal Church. Thanks guys.
That was in the 80's, and since then, these men are out like trout, and now, incredibly, they demand Catholicism and all Catholics capitulate and approve of sodomy, and if you don't, there's hell to pay because hell hath no fury like a sodomite scorned, they are diabolically angry characters as a rule, all just under the surface mind you. At the surface they are all charm and humor.
And these are the men our pope elevates and keeps close. It is absolutely no wonder we are in such a terrible mess.

The Kurgan said...

This vile snake needs repeated and constant stomping.
It is a blessing to know there are other Catholics willing tononce again take up the shield and sword and do what must be done to defend the faith.

Jay Jay said...

Jameth Martin, Eth Jay ith thimply thpitting mad. Get used to it Daffy Duck.

Fr. VF said...

Notice how he throws in "I'm totally at peace."

As the Pope teaches, being at peace means Martin is right and the "divisive, hateful people" are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The word vocation was dropped a long time ago,its a career now.

geoff kiernan said...

"Having No standing in the Church"

The arrogance of Martin is breathtaking' I am outraged that ...... I am so outraged that...
John the Mad says it better than I.....

Anonymous said...

Prayers are needed here. Prayers that those brave souls who defended the faith will continue, and prayers for Fr. James Martin, that his heart will be humbled and molded into Christ’s image.

Menino said...

Visceral? Misused at least twice. I suspect you meant vicious.

Mar said...

Not too long after Vatican II, when the progressive clerics were winning big time, and the faithful had been hoodwinked by the hijacked council, it was all "We Are Church, We Are Church" with the blessing of said clerics, who disdained traditional authority in the Church.

Now the progressive clerics are calling out "groups with no standing whatsoever in the church", and invoking "appropriate church authorities", and using words like "traditionally". Seriously. Ha! Whatever happened to the rights of the laity? What happened to their right to call themselves "We Are Church"?

But this change of tune is a good sign, I can't help thinking. It shows that the progressive clerics are beginning to see that the faithful won't be so easily hoodwinked this time around, that the devious strategies that worked at Vatican II haven't worked quite so well at the Synods of 2014 and 2015, and that numbers of the faithful have woken up to how they were led astray, those numbers increasing considerably in the pontificate of the present incumbent.

The progressive clerics are becoming uneasy, and with good reason.

The resistance may be a minority, but it is vociferous, is well-informed, and its members are able to communicate globally thanks to the net. They are not going to take it lying down. They are refusing to put up with any more shenanigans and monkey business.

To Fr Martin's question "What are we doing as a church?", they will answer loud and clear "Fr Martin, we resist you, and all those corrupt clerics like you, to the face. That's what we are doing as a church."

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

I find it interesting that only now - when Christian Culture is being extirpated - Martin has chosen to "come out" and attempt to legitimize sodomy.

Why didn't Martin speak like this thirty years ago ? Did he tell the Jesuits that he was a homosexual when he applied to the order ?

No, he didn't tell the Jesuits that
he was homosexual - nor did he tell the order of his secret and future plan to make sodomy the "Eighth Sacrament".

This secret history of "Father" Martin merely tells us that he is a fraud - and that his, until now, serpentine and hidden agenda exposes him as a coward, a heretic and an opportunist...

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

I find it interesting that only now - when Christian Culture is being extirpated - Martin has chosen to "come out" and attempt to legitimize sodomy.

Why didn't Martin speak like this thirty years ago ? Did he tell the Jesuits that he was a homosexual when he applied to the order ?

No, he didn't tell the Jesuits that
he was homosexual - nor did he tell the order of his secret and future plan to make sodomy the "Eighth Sacrament".

This secret history of "Father" Martin merely tells us that he is a fraud - and that his, until now, serpentine and hidden agenda exposes him as a coward, a heretic and an opportunist...

Anonymous said...

There are too many fraud priests. Type 'father daniel barica' of sts simon and jude in huntington beach ca and see all the comments that come up. He took money and fired the school principle crystal pinkofsky after she wanted the church financials for a grant? And he did not get fired himself? Bishops need to wake up.