A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 28 January 2018

Pope Francis: God is the "Father of all confessions."

On the second day of his capturing of the Throne of Peter, Jorge Bergoglio appeared before the assembled media in the Paul VI Audience Hall. It was the third time in hours that I wanted to vomit at his actions, that chills overcame me. The first was when he came out on the loggia, the second was when he refused to genuflect after to the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ at his first Mass as Bishop of Rome in the Sistine Chapel. That day in the Hall he refused to bless the assembled. He said as I recall, "I respect your consciences and since you are not all Catholic, I will not bless you but pray for you in my heart."

At that point, he denied the supremacy of God. He refused to bless the Catholics present and allow the Holy Ghost to fill the room with grace which may have worked conversions on those not believing or not Catholic.

Yesterday, he held an Audience with members of the Italian Red Cross. At the end, which is in the video below and easily understandable from the gutter Italian which he speaks:

"I ask the blessing of God - God the Father of us all, Father of all confessions - on you all."

This is heresy and he was caught in it, we can assume. Note the video beginning at 21:40. You will see a bishop approaching him from his left, he speaks to him, clearly imploring something. The Pope then points to the audience, puts his hands together as if to say, "I prayed for them," and then, dismisses him. 

Perhaps that bishop, whoever he may be, will find the courage to rally his brothers to confront the evil that has descended upon us.

God is not the father of lies of paganism - of Hinduism, Islamism, Buddhism. God is not the father of the error of Protestantism. God is not the father of lies. This "god" of whom Bergoglio speaks is his "god of surprises," and that is not the Most Holy Trinity from who our only relief from this boil will come. 


Ana Milan said...

The source of all these fallacies & erroneous doctrine stems from VI. There will be no relief until that Council is rescinded. It was not of God but Masonic Modernism which successive Popes,Cardinals, & Bishops have embraced. The promotions of effeminate destroyers of the True Faith that have taken place will need to be revoked by the next pontiff who must also consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary soonest. This pertinacious refusal to carry out Our Lady's express wishes (consecration of Russia & revelation of Third Secret of Fatima in 1960) is anti-God & is determined to destroy the very foundations of the CC. If the proposed oath of allegiance to PF is carried out by Bishops it will be the death knell that leads to the greatest schism of all time. Maybe that will be for the good but all tiers of the priesthood must be prepared to stand firm against this provocation & refuse to submit. There is only One to whom all Catholics (clerical & lay) must submit to & it is evident from the past five years that PF does not submit to Him. This nonsense must stop & if the Hierarchy are to retain even a minuscule of credibility they must act NOW.

umblepie said...

Ana Milan:- 'the source of all these fallacies and erroneous doctrine stems from VI'.
I presume that you meant V2, although I do not necessarily agree with everything you say?

Dan said...

Even though it keeps being denied as just a rumor, I have no doubt that the Vatican is working on an ecumenical service that does away with that "pesky real presence" issue that might offend. This denies the very role of the Mother Church to bring Christ to the world. I liken this to a 'spiritual abortion' done in an attempt to be popular.

I don't know what I'm going to do, or how I could even step foot in a Church run by those who procure this... it's forfeiting the very role of the Church.

Ana Milan said...

umblepie: Yes, of course I meant VII - thank you.
N.B. I don't expect anyone to agree with me. I just give my opinion as I'm sure you do too. Fr. Martin certainly does & there are a multitude that don't agree with him or his promotion to being an adviser to PF for obvious reasons.

Patrick PA said...

Well Said. However it may be that Our Blessed Lord specifivally sent this destroyer to us is for chastisement for the sins of rome and exactly what was divine planning to bring out the True Trad Catholics and sift through the luke warm Catholics. I for one will stay close to Our Lady for protection through the trials and tribulations that are coming and completely trust in Our Lord.

Michael Ortiz said...

Fellay SSPX says they agree w 95 per cent of V2; we simply need a syllabus correcting the errors with an extraordinary act of Magisterium to close the deal. The actual texts aren’t bad, but they show compromise at key points where there should be none.

Anonymous said...

The third secret is The second Vatican council. Look what has become of our Holy Catholic Church since. Its blindingly obvious.

c matt said...

When I first read the headline, I thought Confessions? That's not so bad, God is the author of the sacrament of confession, so what's the fuss? For once Bergo seems to make some Catholic sense. Is he having a moment of Catholic clarity?

Oh, confessions as in different religions - now that sounds more like the Bergo we know!

Anonymous said...

The same prayer (to god of all) he said here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-y_Q0eVNpQ and he aksed people "to send good wishes his way" (as a form of prayer for him).

Malga (Poland)