Wednesday, 17 January 2018

It's not what the Pope says, it is what he does.

Don't tell me that Pope Francis speaks against abortion, let me see how he praised "Italy's forgotten great" Emma Bonino, the bicycle pump baby-killer. Show me that he will recall the medal to this Dutch Abortion Witch and prove to us that he had not approved it. 

You can't show me because he won't.

Yesterday in Chile, Bergoglio apologised for the crimes that homosexual men -- sodomites in the Catholic priesthood did to boys and the filthy bishops who covered it up.  Yet, Bergoglio promoted them in spite of the knowledge of their crimes just as he has done in Italy.


  • Bergoglio has not acknowledged and he has not extradited pervert Monsignor Capella wanted by the RCMP in Canada for trading in child pornography.
  • Bergoglio reinstated an Italian priest, removed by Benedict XVI, Don "Mercedes" Inzoli, who went on and sodomised again.
  • Bergoglio has appointed Barros, who witnessed sexual assault, by a Bishop in Chile.
  • Bergoglio brought into his inner circle, Godfried Danneels who protected a pervert bishop who had raped his own nephew, whom Danneels chastised.
  • Bergoglio has appointed as his Legate to Scranton's celebration, Roger Mahony, who covered up dozens of cases of perverts raping boys and paid out a billion dollars in damages.

These are only some. Here is the evidence. Nobody else did this. Jorge Bergoglio did, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. He did this and people continue to fawn all over this man.

Bergoglio is a fraud and so is his apology. They must think we're pretty stupid to believe that there is any sincerity when the evidence of his actions is exactly to the contrary.

He is a walking scandal. A man who is a liar, who has protected perverts all the time giving the impression that he actually cares about their victims. "Life in prion is like a death sentence," he said, and we all know what he thinks about capital punishment.

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

Mercy for the guilty, no justice for the victim.

Don't tell me what a man says, show me what he does.

It is time for all Catholic to face the facts, a manipulative and destructive regime of malefactors has taken control of Holy Mother Church. They hate God, they hate our Lord Jesus Christ, they are liars and they are doing the work of Satan himself. Bergoglio is the front man, but he is very much a part of the whole evil cabal. 

You priests and bishops that continue to cover for this boil on the seat of Peter will be held accountable one day for allowing this fraud to continue.

Vatican, January 31, 2015
To the distinguished bishops of the Permanent Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Chile
Dear brothers:
I have received your e-mail of the 23rd of this month. Thank you very much for openly manifesting the disquiet that you have at this time concerning the appointment of Mons. Juan Barros Madrid. I understand what you are saying to me and I am aware that the situation of the Church of Chile is difficult due to all the trials you have had to endure.
I pledge to you, in addition to my fraternal understanding, my closeness as a brother and my prayer.
I remember well the visit that you made in February of last year, and also the various proposals, which seemed to me prudent and constructive.
However, there then arose, at the end of the year, a serious problem. The distinguished nuncio asked Mons. Barros for his resignation and urged him to take a sabbatical period (one year, for example) before taking on another pastoral responsibility as diocesan bishop. And he mentioned to him that the same procedure would be used with the bishops of Talca and Linares, but not to tell them about this. Mons. Barros sent the text of his resignation, adding this remark from the nuncio.
As you can understand, this remark of the distinguished nuncio complicated and blocked any further move in the direction of offering a sabbatical year. I spoke about the matter with Card. Ouellet, and I know that he spoke with the distinguished nuncio.
At this time, following the express indication of the Congregation for Bishops, Mons. Barros is doing a month of Spiritual Exercises in Spain. I do not know if he will pass through Rome afterward, but I will advise Card. Ouellet of this and of the suggestion that you are making.
I thank you once again for your openness and frankness in expressing your views and feelings: this is the only way to work for the Church, the care of which the Lord has entrusted to the bishops.
I ask you to please pray for me, because I need it.
May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin watch over you.


Anonymous said...

Francis can only give what he has

GMUA said...

he is not the pope.

TLM said...

Well, at least this much: He is Pope in name only. He's just a regular politician, you need to watch what he does and don't listen to what he says. Watching what he does will tell you everything.

Anonymous said...


You say it so well. You "Tell It Like It Is".

It is obvious to me that the very same mechanism is at work with this reprobate as it was and may still be with respect to clergy who take advantage of children. Just as the hierarchy is doing nothing, with maybe a few meows and whispers, for Jorge, they did nothing for the youngsters who were being abused under their noses and the abuse of Catholicism, world-wide, is going on under the noses of the hierarchy.

This is unbelievable . It is a scandal of incredible magnitude.

It is destroying Catholicism. Whatever bad happens is completely deserved and may God, in justice and true mercy, abandon those who have abandoned both children and now, all of Catholicism.

Unlike Jesus plea to His/Our Heavenly Father when He sought mercy for those who executed Him, the hierarchy know EXACTLY what they are doing? Their reward should be given to them, accordingly.


Ana Milan said...

As St. Francis of Assisi predicted, we have a Destroyer Pope not canonically elected. The Masonic/Marxist NWO conniving with Sankt Gallen Mafia put PF where he is by forcefully removing PBXVI from the administrative part of the Papal Office & thereby giving Christendom a 'dual papacy' an unknown quantity in the CC. PF only refers to himself as Bishop of Rome, doesn't wear the full pontifical garb & never speaks ex cathedra. The other half of this pontificate resides in the Vatican, wears full papal regalia, used the titles Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ & Supreme Pontiff & most probably retains infallibility. PF is a hoax but his electors who have forced this monstrosity on us are now reported to be fighting behind papal doors as they know he has gone overboard in changing the CC to the way they wanted & don't like the backlash. After nearly five years ++Burke has alluded to the possibility that PBXVI's resignation might be invalid. When are these canon lawyers & theologians going to get to grips with this awful situation they have brought upon the OHC&A Church & call a council to declare who is the lawful pope & if it is PF to denounce him & elect a successor. IMO PF is not a lawful successor of St. Peter & the Petrine Office is for life.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 18-20

"But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these things defile a man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts...adultery, sexual immorality...false testimony and slander. These are what defile a man..."

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy.

Well said yet again, Vox.

As another poster here has said the Office of Pope is not occupied by the pope but by someone, or something, else. Admittedly this is extremely difficult, but we must remember that God is still in charge here.
It may not seem like God is in charge - and this sorely tests our residue of faith, but hold on we must.

As Isaiah Chapter 55 says our thoughts and ways are not God's thoughts and ways. We Catholics are being tested. We are probably being tested to an extent not experienced for a long long time.

We need to draw fortitude however. And God has given each of us the resources to draw fortitude from.

For example St.Matthew's Gospel Chapter 13 instructs that those with eyes will see, those with ears will hear. Those who close their close or shut their ears, won't see or hear.

Keep the faith dear readers, and Vox please do keep up this great work. We are here, we can see and we can hear, you and your wise words. You have readers from all over this planet reading and thinking and praying.
God Bless you.

Michael Ortiz said...

Benedict is not wearing full papal garb; not living in papal apartments is simply virtue signaling.

Michael Dowd said...

God has allowed Pope Francis to be with us for some reason. We might do well to wonder why.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Michael Dowd, yes we can speculate on why God allows this to happen. I've read comments elsewhere that perhaps God is asleep.

We have the gospels to refer to. We have the account of Jesus asleep in the fishermans boat on the lake and how the Apostles were terrified, because the boat was being buffeted by the waves. The Apostles became so frightened that they woke Jesus from His sleep. Jesus awoke and calmed the storm, but said to the Apostles "where is your faith?"

We are being buffeted these days. We are being buffeted now more probably. If God happens to be asleep, then we need to wake Him. And we do this by praying to Him, and asking him to right the wrong should it be His will.

Our thoughts are not His thoughts. Let's pray, and redouble our efforts.

Anonymous said...

God is never asleep and He does not do violence to our free will, there is a great winnowing in progress...the wheat is being separated from the chaff. We need to pray and fast in reparation and for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

If the Bishops and Cardinals won't act to remove an unrepentant heretic from the papal office then ignore the heretic and and hold your local bishops accountable for not doing their duty.

If your bishop/parish priest agrees with "Pope" Francis then rebuke them and find a holy priest who is more concerned with the salvation of your soul than with maintaining their position.

Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues."

Peter Lamb said...


This is very true and applies to two important aspects of the judeo-masonic assault.
If a properly consecrated, now modernist bishop secretly does NOT intend what the Church intends when he says Mass, ordains a Priest, or consecrates another Bishop, are these Sacraments valid? The answer is yes, PROVIDED he uses correct matter, form, vestments and conducts the ritual as the Church does.
We cannot read minds - only God can. If he secretly cursed God to intentionally invalidate the Sacrament he was confecting, nobody could know. If the sacrament was then invalid, chaos would result. We would never be sure that any Priest, Cardinal, Bishop, or sacrament were real. If the miscreant does it as the Church does, he signals to the world that he intends what the Church intends. How brilliant is that? He, foul modernist, is stymied! If he wishes to render his confection invalid, he must deviate at some point from what the Church does, (use whisky in stead of wine, vested in jock strap and takkies(sneakers) etc.), for all the world to see and thereby recognize his ill intent and invalid confection. Their ACTIONS betray them!

This is why the conciliar anti-popes had to change all the sacraments, except Baptism and Matrimony - to render them invalid to greatly further there aim of destroying Christ's Church. They have succeeded greatly. Millions of innocent, hoodwinked Catholics flock to invalid "masses" conducted by invalid "priests" and munch NWO cookies on Sundays. Did Our Lady not say the Blessed Sacrament would disappear from our altars?

Peter Lamb said...

Now let's look at the heretics themselves. An occult heretic keeps his heresy secret to himself - he tells nobody else of his heresy. He infracts Divine law and God knows of his secret mortal sin, for which he will be judged, but his sin is secret - not public and he remains a Member of the Church. A public heretic is automatically excommunicated from the Church, but when is "public" public? Some say telling his heresy to one single other person makes his heresy public. Others (Harrison) says roncalli and montini were masons, but they joined the masons in secret, unknown to the general public and therefore did not suffer the consequences of public heresy, because their heresy was "secret". Well, I'll leave that opinion to canon lawyers. Plenty of masons will have known that their ultimate goal had been achieved and that they had two masonic "popes" to lead the assault. I reckon the heresies in the documents in Vatican II were public enough for anybody's definition of "public", apart from the numerous verbal heresies publicly promulgated by the conciliar anti-popes.

But heresy can be imparted as loudly by public actions as by words.
Assisi what does it indicate? What does kissing the koran imply to any watcher? We could all cite numerous public heretical actions by these disciples of lucifer. Now the Church teaches emphatically and unambiguously that an heretic cannot become, or remain Pope. Any who deny this, refute the Church and are NOT Catholic.

Recognizing these modernist heretics as true Popes and Catholic hierarchy is SINFUL. Your recognition gives them their power! You are aiding and abetting heretics. Stop bleating about petitions to heretics. Stop pleading for NWO clergy, who maintain their allegiance to heretics to do something - they will not. Stop pretending you don't know. If you know your Faith - you do know! "Cardinal" Burke has recently let slip that an heretic automatically loses office. Wow! He is a canon lawyer! Has he just found that out? Does he DO anything about it? NO and neither will Schneider, Fellay, or any other of the "conservative" prelates. I wonder why they won't? Our Lord said let your yes be yes and your no, be no. Saint Paul said let them be ANATHEMA! Lukewarmers with a foot in both camps beware! Christ demands LOYALTY!

These human demons are NOT invading the Church. They have created a NEW satanic church. The erstwhile Catholic properties do NOT constitute the Catholic Church. True Catholics constitute the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is alive and well in its loyal Members, who cling to the immutable Catholic Faith.

Michael Dowd said...

Peter Lamb: You are clearly on target with your comments. However, at the present moment, sedevacantism is still a step too far for me, even though I contribute to Holy Trinity Seminary. But it would not surprise me that what is now the "step too far" will, in the future, be the next step, if things continue to deteriorate. In fact, in my opinion, this will be a step we must take. We cannot subject our children to obvious heresy.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Peter Lamb,

you know why this is.
Those who let their yes be yes and their be no, are deemed rigid and inferior to those who deceive, who say what seems beneficial to them at any given moment. They reject the notion of absolute truth.

The Logos, the foundation of the Church, is mocked, it is... crucified, every day.

They deny God's Word, and manipulate it to fit Teilhard de Chardin's (who faked fossils to deceive us) theory, where God equals evolving universe.

To these people the nature of man, including his tendency to sin and lie, is our highest form of being. The more demoralized man becomes, the more he devolves, yet they insist that this constitutes progress.

Whether de Chardin or Bergoglio, they are liars who deliberately falsify Truth. They tickle the ears of humanity, which became demoralized and dumbed down over generations, by liars like themselves, and which is unable to oppose them.

Because this is the time when good is considered evil, and evil good, by the occupant of Peter's Chair equally as by haters of Truth who have been engineered to sincerely call themselves catholics, followers of Truth, Jesus Christ.

Bring it on, Bergoglians. Show us all you have got.
It is scary and sad, what you have done, but God wins.


Excellent article! Thank you for pointing out the anti-Catholic and even anti-Christian agenda of this pretender to the Chair of Peter. I think there will soon be an open schism in the Catholic Church, in response to the hidden schism already here.

Peter Lamb said...

Take the step Mike. There is no doubt. :)

Kathleen1031 said...

Good questions and comments all, and God bless you Vox.

When the frog is in the pot, and the water is very warm indeed, the frog will not jump out until it is too late but, he may not jump out at all if he has frog buddies standing around the pot yelling at him that the water's fine, stop worrying about the heat, and shouldn't he trust the pot? In my example the frog buddies are virtually all the clergy, because to a man none of them have said the words that we must hear, Pope Francis has excommunicated himself, he cannot be pope, we are not to follow him, because he has encouraged heresy.
St. Paul "resisted Peter to his face, because he was to be blamed".
It is incomprehensible no man (no cleric) has done this. Does no man have sufficient zeal for God?
God will not leave us abandoned, but as we see, things may go on and on. We have no timetable to assign to God, He has His own, so we must use our own spiritual discernment to figure out what to do.
These are difficult times. Hopefully we are piling up merit for heaven! If that be so Lord, please apply it to all my loved ones who are simply not interested in any of this.

Anonymous said...

Parish-Priest, “I Don’t Say the Creed Because I Do Not Believe in It”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sadly Bergoglio was a valid pope - but he may not be now given his lack of repentance - so will Cardinal Burke, and his little band, elect a new pope from among themselves in the next few weeks? It is the only option - the filial correction has not worked - so neither will the fraternal correction - Bergoglio is profoundly evil.

dan said...

Exactly, anybody that recognises this "boil" as having authority is contributing to the problem.