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Paul VI and Homosexuality

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It was said of the new Archbishop of Milan that he didn’t hear church bells, he heard factory whistles.
 It is not surprising therefore that on one of his visits to the Archbishop’s residence, Jacques Maritain, the once great Thomistic philosopher, brought with him, Saul David Alinsky, the “Apostle of Permanent Revolution.” Montini was so impressed with the man who Maritain called his “warm, personal friend” and “one of the really great men of this century,” that the archbishop invited Alinsky to be his guest for a fortnight in order to consult with him on the Church’s relationship to local Communist unions.[69]
 Born in Chicago in 1909, Saul Alinsky, a non-believing Jew, was a graduate of the streets of Chicago and the University of Chicago. In 1940, he founded the Industrial Areas Foundation as a showcase for his revolutionary tactics for mass organization for power.[70] Alinsky’s closest associates were to be found among the Catholic hierarchy and clergy including Cardinal Mundelein, his protégé Bishop Bernard Sheil, and activist-priest Msgr. John Egan, a prime mover in Call to Action.[71] Alinsky’s principle source of seed money and support was the Rockefeller family, the wealthy and secret Communist Marshall Field, and the United States Catholic Conference and AmChurch. Alinsky worked closely with the Communist Party/USA until his break with the Party after the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact.[72]

Paul VI and the Church’s Paradigm Shift on Homosexuality

pope-paul-vi-1By: Randy Engel
[NOTE: With the so-called “canonization” of Pope Paul VI looming, investigative journalist Randy Engel has kindly granted us permission to publish in full the following chapter taken from her magnum opus Rite of Sodomy. I am certain that akaCatholic readers will find this work facinating and highly informative. If you have yet to obtain the complete five volumes of Rite of Sodomy, I strongly encourage you to do so as the information contained therein is as relevant today as ever. – Louie Verrecchio]
Pope John XXIII – The Interim Pope
 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, known to the world as Pope John XXIII, served as the critical interim link between the pontificates of the two great framers and implementers of the Revolution in the Catholic Church – Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) and Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini). Roncalli’s powerful Roman patronage from the Rampolla crowd, his “progressivist” leanings and his advanced age were sufficient to qualify him as an apprentice pope, but not a leader of the Revolution.

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