Saturday, 13 January 2018

Franz-Josef Bode - a homosexualist to be sure, the question is this, Is he an active sodomite?

Twice, we have covered Franz-Josef Bode, an alleged Catholis priest and bishop of Germany.

"Gay couples could get the Pope's blessing"

"German Bishop wants the Church to bless homosexual"unions ... assist them with prayer and a private form ofblessing..."

Once again, Bode has called for the "blessing" from God for "gay" unions. for the mortal sin of sodomy and all that it entails.

Bode himself can only be as sodomite.

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The very fact that Bergoglio does not call this evil man to Rome and rebuke him, says much about him.

Friends, they are trying to wear us down. Do not give them that, take them on. 

We will not back down from our defense of the Catholic faith.

I am not loyal to any Pope who is not loyal to Christ.

If that make me a sedevacantist, then so be it.


Irenaeus said...

Frankly, it doesn't make you a sede.

A sede is someone who argues that the Seat of Peter is vacant and has been since up to Pius XII. That is the fact of the matter. I will not go into finer details, as it is presumptive.

As Catholics, we are to remain loyal to the papal office, as that is something which distinguishes us from the rest of Christendom. While the pope is defined by the papacy, the papacy is not defined by the pope. It came into being with Peter, who got it from Our Lord, and will continue on despite the actions of a current pope, be he good or bad. This is a difficult thing to separate for the average Catholic, so I don't generally get into arguments about the current papacy. I keep it to anonymous things like this or in discreet places.

I recognize him as holding the papacy (for the Law says he did), even though he is a terrible Pope. The papacy is something we need to cherish and protect.

Kathleen1031 said...

The dog whistle has been sounded by this pope, if you are a homosexual priest or Bishop, now is the time to come out. This is a Satanic full court press, and we are only going to see more of it. This man in the Chair of Peter promotes homosexuals, nominates them for important positions and key roles. Clearly, this pope is on that side of the fence. He is an evil monster, and we must resist him and his vile little minions. They do the devil's work. May God help us.

Santa said...

This Papacy has been a scandal to the Faith from the beginning. But the even greater scandal is the fear and apathy to our "shepherds". We the sheep are scattered and must resist this wolf in papal clothing all alone. May God have mercy on them all, I sure won't.

Anonymous said...

He is not the Pope. Manifest, obstinate heresy incurs automatic excommunication, that's catholic teaching. He has been corrected at least 4 times (Aquinas says twice is sufficient) obstinate refusal and silence has been his response. He no longer belongs to the Church until such time as he recants and repents.

Ana Milan said...

The nub of the matter is Loyalty. We are loyal to the Papal Office & what it stands for - upholding the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of Christ's Church on earth which has been handed down through the ages. The holder of the title Vicar of Christ is prevented by the Holy Ghost from teaching heresy & from encouraging others to. He is also supported when authoritatively preaching the Truth as per the Great Commission. There are many reasons we find ourselves in this crisis but the usurper PF has blown the lid entirely on the sacrilegious filth many of us guessed was going on behind the scenes. Their blatant attempts to change the Word of God & bless mortal sin should no longer be tolerated by even the most fickle Catholic. Even if the promised formal correction doesn't in itself drastically change anything it should be carried out. The main object in doing so would be to stand by Christ against his enemy Satan & this is an important message to give His faithful followers. PF's pertinacity in a host of blasphemous, heretical & sacrilegious & scandalous antics must be addressed & he must either repent or be dismissed as a manifest heretic. We are not without the 'other' half of the papacy i.e. PBXVI who was properly elected & whose resignation is at last being called into question by ++Burke. Pray that this will make the difference we desperately seek.

susan said...

It might only make you a sedevacantist if bergoglio were a legitimate pope. he is not. Multiple good arguments abound for this fact, with the MOST reasonable, logical, and frankly obvious one being the substantial error of BXVI attempting to bifurcate the papacy into active and contemplative members, invalidating his 'resignation' and blatantly violating canon 188. ERROR. He is still the reigning, legitimate, tragic pope who f'd up as NO other pope in history. bergoglio has no more authority on the throne of Peter than do I.

Don't give into their definitions.....he is no more the pope than marriage can consist of 2 men, or 2 women, or a man a woman and a dog. He is no more a pope than sodomites performing soul, mind, and body defiling and killing acts can be called 'gay'. You entirely lose the argument when you give-in to false premises.

The throne is not is occupied by a frail, befuddled, confused, tragic figure with white hair and very few days remaining to repent. I pray God he does, dies well, and is quickly followed by the demonic usurper, so that we can get a real pope (please God a Catholic pope, who will not flee for fear of the wolves, leaving the sheep to be butchered by them) back on the seat.

....and PLEASE God, let it not be Parolin.....or Schonborn....or Muller.....or......

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Echo the words of Wm. Barrett from the Alamo, 1836: "I will never surrender. Victory or Death."

Guy McClung, Texas

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Think of a portrait of a holy man or a statesman.
Then look at this picture, the tongue out.

Justin Trudeau does it all the time.

I think that these sodomites are not fully aware of how their allegiance to progress (of Satan) makes them act - like dogs. Nothing against dogs, of course.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I should add:
It is not my claim that I know the people named by me engage in perverse sex. I call them sodomites based solely on their expressed love for sodomy. They support and celebrate Sodom, therefore they are Sodomites.

Michael said...

There is no defending him. This isn't a mere cultural difference, bad translation, or hijacking by the mainstream media. Francis is simply evil. Pope Francis is satanic.

Just the same, the papolaters will spin it and spin it to try and claim that everything he says is orthodox. Actually, some aren't even trying to spin it anymore. Some have even gone so far as to say that orthodoxy is whatever the current pope says it is, so we must always go along with the current pope when he contradicts previous ones.

Pope Francis is satanic.

Johnno said...

Of course, you just know that it will be all those Youth at the Youth Synod that are knocking on the bishop's door begging for such mercy and accompaniment (wink, wink!)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen1031 said...

Ana Milan and Susan, very important points you bring out, and it is the question, is it not, but I can't help but wonder what difference it actually makes when there is nobody to ask the question or enforce it. There is apparently no Bishop willing to make the case, so does it ultimately matter. It does to us, greatly, but not to these men. We keep circling back to the horrible reality that it is not just this pope that has apostasized, they are legion. Who is going to make the case.

Anonymous said...

Vox, not being loyal to a pope who is not loyal to Christ is NOT being sedevacantist. It is simply being a faithful Catholic.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Novus Ordo Catholic, the problem of Francis has made me look up from my regularly scheduled program. I’m sensing Traditional Catholics have an irrational prejudice against sedevacantists. I don’t believe this guy Bergoglio is the Pope and believing Benedict is still Pope seems only a sliver more believable. All the popes since VII have been demolishing the Catholic Church and it wouldn’t take much to convince me that they were imposters. In fact, sedevacantists make extremely good arguments that they were. Traditionalists just seem to be grasping at straws and personally I haven’t found them credible.

Ana Milan said...


I understand your doubt about PF being a true pope. I also share that doubt. Not only was PBXVI forced out of the Papal Office by the Sankt Gallen Mafia, admitted by ++Danneels (a known & active freemason ( but at last the issue surrounding PBXVI's resignation being likely invalid is now under scrutiny. There appears to be a strong possibility that the Obama administration colluded with them to get rid of PBXVI & an effeminate Hierarchy didn't resist. We have been paying for their lack of faith ever since.

As we have no substantial evidence of other popes from way back not being properly elected there is nothing to justify sedevacantism. We have Our Lord's assurance that He will be with His Church until the end of time & we know that He only founded One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church, not tens of thousands. That doesn't say the popes since VII were saints especially when canonised with undue haste, but the fact that PJPII left instructions for the election of succeeding popes must mean he had a notion fraud would enter into the arena at some future point. It didn't take long.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply Ana. I’ll happily take that sliver of a theory. This needs to be investigated. Do we have no Catholics in law enforcement, in the intelligence community, in the Church hierarchy? If this is the case, someone needs to do something. And it seems JPII left those instructions for nothing; they are being ignored completely. The St. Gallen Mafia openly admitted their collusion and it was published. I’ve written my Bishop about so many things with no response but I will write again to request this be investigated. What else can I do?