Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Goodbye, "Humanae Vitae." Francis Liberalizes the Pill

Well Bishops? 

Is this enough?

If not, what will be?


Goodbye, "Humanae Vitae." Francis Liberalizes the Pill

Goodbye, “Humanae Vitae.” Half a century later, the encyclical against artificial methods of birth control that marked the most dramatic moment of the pontificate of Paul VI, rejected by entire episcopates, contested by countless theologians, disobeyed by myriads of faithful, is now giving way to a radical reinterpretation, to a “paradigm shift” undoubtedly desired and encouraged by Pope Francis himself.
Paradox would have it that Paul VI should be the pope whom Jorge Mario Bergoglio admires and praises the most. And precisely - his own words - for the “prophetic brilliance” with which he wrote that encyclical and for his “courage in standing up against the majority, in defending moral discipline, in applying a cultural brake, in opposing neo-Malthusianism present and future.”
But the reality is that “everything depends on how ‘Humanae Vitae’ is interpreted,” as Pope Francis never fails to comment. Because “the question is not that of changing doctrine, but of digging deep and making sure that pastoral practice takes into account the situations and what persons are able to do.”
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TLM said...

I echo your sentiments Vox: "Well Bishops, is this ENOUGH?" And if not WHAT WILL BE enough?? Ecumenical 'Masses'?? Blessing homosexual 'MARRIAGES'?? Revising the CATECHISM??......WHAT???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, TLM. I think they're just waiting for him to die, hoping it will get better with the next pope. But it won't. It will surely get worse. Much worse.

Cathy D said...

I am a cradle Catholic and I will be 55 this summer. I have never EVER heard a homily that condemned artificial contraception as immoral. If the bishops didn't speak out when Humanae Vitae was written, what makes you think the bishops or priests are going to speak out against artificial contraception now? Most homilies are, as my sister in law describes them, "vague homilies about vagueness". If I want to learn what the church teaches, I don't expect to EVER get that information in church. I have to get it by outside reading and Catholic tv or radio.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

Dear Cathy D -

Please listen to one of my homilies on Humanae Vitae, the Homo-fascist plot to elevate sodomy to the status of a sacrament of initiation in the "New Catholic Church" - and other pertinent, timely ( and oft-neglected ) topics...

Pax Christi,

Father John Matthew Duffy