Saturday, 27 January 2018

Peronist Pope

Peronism and Corruption

I had a lesson in Peronism from an Argentinian waiter recently, in Argentina he was a PPE graduate.
Peronism, he said, was the most corrupt form of politics, because you could be a Communist, or a Facist, or a Capitalist, the only thing that mattered was support for Peron, post Peron any other head of State. It is a remnant of 1920/30s Facism, where the will of the Fuhrer or Il Duce was all that mattered. Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Custom or Tradition, Law or Morality or anything else pale into insignificance and have no validity compared to the Will of the Leader.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This makes a lot of sense.

Integrity is under attack, it is interpreted as rigidity (is it inability or is it unwillingness to make deals with the devil - to deny Truth, to brake oaths, to follow logic).

Lack of integrity, willingness to abandon all principles, all truth, all decency, while pursuing an agenda, is of the highest value to Bergoglio.

He despises a virtuous person, because a virtuous person is not going along to get along with him. Such a person is a trouble maker, a block on the road which impedes the march of progress. Wile Bergoglio despises virtuous people, he attracts and is attracted to to dishonest weasels, always willing to compromise, with situational ethics at their disposal, to be used against any decent person as allegedly hardened in sin and pride, judgmental.

Enforced and superficial unity with all, including open enemies of Christ, is considered progress.

I say that to a follower of Christ, disunity with the world is an everyday reality. Going along with the world, with sin, is impossible to a person of integrity.

Jesus Christ died on the cross, to show us - This is what happens to Truth. Do not be afraid! I am always with you.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said "What is Truth" It was Pontius Pilate addressing himself to Truth ,for some people truth is what ever you want it to be. Its flexible not rigid,just go with the flow.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Anonymous, you are correct.
Truth is flexible. It bends to the will of supreme leader Bergoglio. Except... we are told... the purpose of all this bending is... irreversible change.

Sooo... once I bend with supreme leader, I can't unbend. Right? Hmm.