Saturday, 13 January 2018

How will the Priests of the Church of the New Paradigm preach Sunday's Second Reading?

How will the priests, bishops and the pope himself of the Roman Church of the New Paradigm preach, or even read the Second Reading for the Mass tomorrow according to the Missal of the Giovanni Battista?

Will it even occur to Bergoglio that what he has done in Amoris Laetitia contradicts the Apostle Paul? Of course, he will and he won't care because he considers himself greater than Paul. He follows the "god of surprises" who has announced the New Paradigm!

On the left is the Second Reading from the USCCB web page of 1 Corinthians 6:13C-15A, 17-20 and on the right is the entire writing of St. Paul which includes the removed verses, taken from the NRSV-CE.

Get out of the Novus Ordo. Get to the traditional Latin Mass.

Gird your loins.


Ronald Sevenster said...

For how long will this reading still be part of the lectionary under Bergoglio?

Irenaeus said...

Let me ask my Novus Ordo friends tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I am a N.O. diocesan priest. I went full burners against adultery, redefinition of marriage, gender theories, contraception and the abortion industry that murders a million babies a year in this country to keep our libertine society going without the "burden" of another million illegitimate babies being born again.

We are out here.


Anonymous said...

The way it has always been preached at my novas or do parish -- ignore it completely just as, once again, it was totally ignored today

tuleesh said...

The reading was read as in the right column at my “place of worship”; but, with the hi-lighted text entirely excised.

P.S. @1:26 pm, January 14, 2018: Yeeeeeee haaaaaaaaw, Fr. Michael!

Irenaeus said...

My contacts said it was the second one.

Roger Frost said...

As a two year convert from 65 years in the Anglican denomination

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