Wednesday, 13 September 2017

James Martin, S.J. - a man crying out in desperation for attention and secretly for help

One could blog nearly daily on the ravaged mind of James Martin, S.J., and the perverse, corrupted doctrine he bleats on Twitter, Facebook and in various media publications. Martin has been covered numerous times on this blog. Lately, I've avoided writing and instead, just end up shaking my head in disgust and in sadness for what this poor sick man has become.

Image result for james martin sjGiven his volume of activity on social media, one could rightly ask, "Does this priest ever pray his Office, or Rosary, does he spend an hour in adoration?" I think the answer must be, "no." How can it be otherwise? If a priest was rising early to read his Office and praying, and ministering to souls, and offering Mass well and hearing confessions, how could he have time to be as active on social media as Martin? How could he write that which he does in what can only be described as a pathological, deranged and obsessive promotion of homosexualism and an outright rejection of the Church's teaching on the grotesque sin of sodomy, effeminacy and same-sex behaviour.

In a recent interview at Fordham University, Martin has gone perhaps further to reveal the severely deranged and poisoned mind to the point where it can only be concluded that James Martin of the Society of Jesus must be possessed by the Devil, Satan himself. No Catholic priest, servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ could every state that which this wretched man does without being possessed by the Evil One. 

Martin and his cronies who leave comments here will no doubt call me a "hater." 

The truth is this; the real "hater" is James Martin. Martin hates himself, he hates Christ and His Church and the truth. He hates the men trapped in a sorrowful and suffering life of homosexuality. These men deserve our love because they are children of the same God. They deserve the truth, that the God who loves them does not expect them to live as they do. They were not born this way. Those who believe, this, who promote this, are liars.

In the Fordham interview, with Patrick Hornbeck, the Chairman of the Department of Theology, Hornbeck makes it clear that he is "married" to his "husband." How has Timothy Dolan, Cardinal Archbishop of New York not removed this man from his position? Let him sue. Take the lawsuit, pay him if you have to, but get him out.

In the interview, Martin states:

“He (a former Religious and friend of Martin) came out and has been with his partner for 20 years. His partner has a fairly serious illness that is at times extremely serious and requires a lot of attention. Mark has cared for him for, I think, 15–20 years now. And one of the questions I would like the institutional Church to reflect on is: 'Is this not love?'
"I have a hard time imagining how even the most traditionalist, homophobic, closed-minded Catholic cannot look at my (active homosexual) friend and say, 'That is a loving act, and that is a form of love that I don't understand but I have to reverence."

Martin dares to use the word "reverence" which has as a synonym, "adoration," something due only to Almighty God and states that we need to use this proper reverence to the people who practice acts of depravity. 

Let us be clear, Martin has set up a "straw-man." He wants you to believe it is all about "love." Of course, one friend should care for another in his sickness, that is what we should all do. But notice how this deceitful priest blends that idea of fraternal love with sodomitical debauchery. What does he think these two men do? It is not about "love."

Where are his Superiors?
James Martin is on his way to Hell. He must repent publicly of his grievous error and do penance. He must live a life of quiet reparation for what he has done to so many souls. Objectively speaking, if James Martin dies tonight, he will end up in Hell. He will be greeted there by those whom he deceived and joined sooner or later by those who failed to correct him.
Martin may interpret this as hate. The truth is, it is out of love for him and his priesthood that this is written.


Dorota said...

I am very willing to accept that homosexuals are capable of acts of love and self-sacrifice. In fact, I know it. However, homosexual acts do not belong to those.

Poor James Martin would like everyone to think that the ability by sodomites to do good and to sacrifice for others somehow makes sodomy good. This is simply idiotic. I have seen a film once, which convincingly shows a paid killer's love for his daughter Matilda (she might have been just a little girl he looked after). Being a killer for hire remains evil, even of one is a loving father.

A man who loves another man becomes his friend. While I value friendship, I despise sodomy. [Or murder]

James Martin is in God-correcting mode, like his leader Bergoglio. This is not less disgusting than sodomy.

Bergoglio recently stated that the sins committed "below the belt" are minor in comparison to the sins of the mind.

I would ask: Is abandoning one's spouse and children for a new "below the belt" interest not a sin of the mind? Is producing children with the help of a rented womb for the enjoyment of sodomites not a sin of the mind? Here James Martin would certainly like to talk about the wonderful outcomes for children raised by sodomites (all "objective" research by sodomites proves them, while any other research is forbidden), who were deprived of mothers (or even knowing who they are, and where in the world they are).

The artificial separation of sins into those below the belt and those above it is very stupid, and very self-serving for those who like to play with genitalia.

The Catholic Church has never made such a separation. Our Lord Jesus told us that only adultery, but even a thought of it was sinful. He did not name adultery a minor sin. He never said - So long as you care for the poor, you can play all you want with whatever and however you want.

James Martin is constantly honoring sodomy and acting, as though the Church today was persecuting them. We all know this is very untrue. Martin knows it, too. It is sodomites who persecute all who will not submit to them and their never-ending demands.

Tom A. said...

The other truth is that James Martin was ordained using the Novus Ordo Rites. The new rites are doubtful so he may not even be a priest. Objectively speaking, the form and intent has changed so much since V2 that validity is in question. The only ones who say without a doubt they are valid are modernists themselves. All traditional minded Catholics need to be wary of assuming NO prelates as valid.

Ana Milan said...

"Fr." James Martin is but one feature of the Great Apostasy that has gripped the CC for decades but is now full-blown. His superiors & practically the entire prelature are like-minded to him & will not take any action which might in the longterm save his soul. They are all Masonic/Marxist/Modernists & it will take Divine intervention to remedy this situation. None of the Popes nor members of the Hierarchies for the past six or seven decades have taken the necessary action to defrock & excommunicate these men as they should have. They prefer to excommunicate an eighty eight year old traditional Catholic as they view him to be a threat. Let's be frank about this - Satan has been administering the CC for yonks & only God can stop him.

Michael Ortiz said...

I'm not defending Martin but by "reverence" he clearly meant respect, not worship. Let's not lose our cool here.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. Cardinal Dolan knows exactly who Fr. Martin is and nods approvingly. He recently invited the Jesuit to the re-dedication of the altar at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in the Bronx.

I wonder how many last rites these oh-so-merciful and loving Fathers have given to the poor souls dying of AIDS...some of whom are likely priests. Why would these priests turn their backs on the physical reality of men's bodies not being made by God to have sex with men? They are men who have not fear of God. I dare them to listen to this explanation of male homosexuality by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. and keep forging ahead with their blather about hate and homophobia and welcoming all etc., etc, etc.


Anonymous said...

I love my dog, i care for my dog, i feed my dog, i take my dog for walks, i wash my dog and spend every loving minute i can with my dog. So does that mean i can have sex with my dog and if i do then i should be respected for doing so... Martin is spiritually very sick as a matter of fact i think martin is spiritually dead. The Church is bleeding on the cross, may we soon see the resurrection with the return of Jesus our lord and just judge.

Dan said...

Next up..... sex robots!

Anonymous said...

These two morons must have read Martins building a bridge for Satan book. No doubt we are in the end times!