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Bergoglio praises Communists, again! They are the "real Christians"

Do you remember when popes confirmed their brothers in the faith and safeguarded it to pass it on to the next generation? What a time that was, when speaking to Catholic cardinals was more important than sitting for interviews with members of the secular media. 

Bergoglio of Rome has given another series of interviews, this time to a French writer, Dominque Wolton, reportedly, an agnostic. This them of course is not new to this Bergoglio; he often submits himself to be interviewed by the atheist Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica, better that than meeting with ones Cardinals to answer to ones heresy and undermining of Biblical truth and Catholic doctrine.

There is so much to unpack in this book of Bergoglian bile. much of it seems like a rehashing of previous statements, the youth and rigidity being an example, but we'll save that for next time.

The post below is from November 11, 2016. Bergoglio had just made a revealing statement about communists being real Christians. Well, if once was not enough for this deranged Peronist who has been placed by evil men on the Chair of Peter, then let's just double-down on all that communist love, shall we?

Just because a communist state gives "free" health care, doesn't make it Christian. 

Referencing a communist activist who greatly influenced Bergoglio, Esther Bellestrino de Careaga, he said:

"She taught me to think about political reality, ... I owe so much to this woman, I was told once, 'But you are a Communist!' No, the Communists are the Christians. It's the others who stole our banner!"

The post below shows the consistency of this deranged and dangerous man.

May God deliver us from this evil  man and send us a truly holy Pope who will "restore all things in Christ."

And yet, we would He? Do we deserve it?

Alas, a chastisement is more likely.

Original published 11/11/16

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Scalfari: You told me some time ago that the precept, “Love your neighbour as thyself” had to change, given the dark times that we are going through, and become “more than thyself.” So you yearn for a society where equality dominates. This, as you know, is the programme of Marxist socialism and then of communism. Are you therefore thinking of a Marxist type of society?

Bergoglio: “It has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians. Christ spoke of a society where the poor, the weak and the marginalized have the right to decide. Not demagogues, not Barabbas, but the people, the poor, whether they have faith in a transcendent God or not. It is they who must help to achieve equality and freedom”.

Vox: There is nothing which I can say that won't be vulgar and uncharitable.

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Barona said...

This Pope is out of his Catholic mind, it has turned to mush. Note he did not deny Scalfari, then point out the correct Catholic understanding of those biblical references.

mazara said...

Pope, in interview, laments ‘rigidity’ of youth who prefer Latin Mass

mazara said...

His job is to praise God.

Anonymous said...

So Pope Francis praises Communism ,which does not allow freedom of thought ,what an insult to people who have to live under communist rule ,where women are forced to abort their children,where prisoners can be sentenced to death so their organs can be harvested and sold to the wealthy in their pursuit of eternal life,where people die slowly of starvation ,while their leaders have pot bellies .In some cases as in North Korea they are required to worship them as gods,under communism everyone is a pauper only the leaders and their cronies are allowed wealth and live like the Kings they purport to despise.

Dan said...

If the p*pe would give me some of the Vatican's wealth it would make me a lot more equal!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Love your neighbour as yourself, God's commandment, is not sufficient. The Creator of the universe, who knows the beginning and the end, is now allegedly proven (by madman Bergoglio) unable to come up with a commandment suitable for these dark times. Bergoglio the humble has taken over now.

So, the poor and the weak have a right to decide? - About what? About who needs to be marginalized, punished, executed, before justice is established, with or without a transcendent God (as opposed to man-god, the poor)?

Christ did not say any such thing, Bergoglio is lying. He is preparing us for something, maybe something similar to the justice delivery on the photos you are sharing, Vox.

I fear the servant of Satan is preparing something unimaginable.

mazara said...

Pope: Pontifical Academy for Life members no longer required to sign pro-life declaration

Anonymous said...


Our Lady warned us.

Bella Dodd warned us.

"The Errors Of Russia".

We were warned.

We chose to become "Consumers".

We reap what we so. Generally speaking.


JayBee said...

For this sort of openness toward communism, Pius XII declined to give his dear friend Montini a red hat, resulting in the unexpected election of Roncalli who commenced Vatican II (and bestowed the red hat customary for the Abp of Milan!)

JP2 personally suffered under communism, and opposed it spiritually, socially and theologically. The bloodless defeat of soviet communism is a little known story of heroism, brilliance and faith shared by Pope JP, Reagan, Thatcher, & others. A rare time in history when we see God's spirit moving.

I remember from grade school a tiny black-clad nun who had "escaped the iron curtain". She was old, frail and quiet, until anyone suggested state control or socialist progress. Then she would jump up and passionately articulate the horrors and cruelties of all strains of marxism - and why they were incompatible with Christianity. Everyone listened spellbound and left with a new appreciation for the freedom and respect taken for granted in a virtuous democracy.

Michael Dowd said...

Drip, drip, drip. Pope Francis has put the greatly weakened body of Christ on a heresy drip designed to kill the patient. Where oh where are our Bishops and Cardinals who witness this assassination of our faith but do nothing? While they may well escape the anger of Pope Francis they will not escape the anger of God.

Michael K. said...

Powerful images. The martyrs of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, China, Vietnam. The list is too long... Francis, tell this to Minszenty, the late Cardinal of Vietnam incarcerated for more than a decade, the late Card. Slypiej (misspelled), the martyred Albanian priests. Again, the list is interminable. I know I need to be informed, perhaps I am the 'soft' generation, spoiled, etc , but I can't seem to deal with this pope any longer or I will lose my faith. What I do need is the gift of fortitude, the highest gift of charity, all of which these holy martyrs had in order to endure sufferings and for many, death, yet persevered in the one true Faith. I just didn't think I would live to see this kind of propaganda coming from, not the Communists, but the very Vicar of Christ himself.

John Ritchie said...

Well, here are some quotes form 10 popes against socialism / communism.

Very clear & Catholic. Should we send Pope Francis a copy?

Anonymous said...

And who are we to believe? C. Jorge or what the mother of the lord said to Lucia at Fatima?. The answer is obvious:: and we can bet that C. Jorge will go down in history as the 38th Anti-Pope.. Lord, come to our aid!

Anonymous said...

Please get True or False Pope? A Refutation of Sedevacantism and Other Errors by John Salza and Robert Siscoe ( This book has really helped me and I hope that it will do the same for you too.


Dorota said...

I will repeat myself for the sake of perhaps reaching one single soul, who has been brainwashed, and is now unable to see with clarity.
Our Lord Jesus told us that the poor will always be among us, and He commanded us to help them.

Isn't it obvious then that He was talking to a majority who were not poor? Is it difficult to see that His mission never was to call on the poor (or the angry, God-hating and arrogant) to organize (with funding from a handful of the world's wealthiest), erase history, destroy beauty and God-given order (where we are diverse in wisdom, wealth and talents) to achieve... the equality of outcomes for everyone? What a stupid idea this is! How horrendously inhumane and unjust!

Before that can happen, as the brain behind UN One World Religion, Alison Bailey has revealed under the inspiration of the so called "Ascended Masters", some of humanity will have to be eliminated, removed to the darkest corners of the universe, for they will never jump on the bandwagon, for they are beyond saving, for they cling to archaic ideas, unable to ascend in this Age of Aquarius and become god.

When I look at the angry, hateful faces of the "just" basement dwellers and intellectuals/academicians leading them, or rather - when I see their body language, as they move swiftly from victim to victim, spitting, throwing feces, from business to business, smashing and looting, in their black attire (not unlike a cockroach's or a rat's), anonymous behind face-masks in their thirst for "justice", I see the kind of god Bailey's Ascended Masters had in mind.

When they say: love, unity and peace, they stand for hate, division, mindless destruction and murder. Bergoglio is their superior leader.

Michael Dowd said...

We are reaping the whirlwind of Vatican II when Christ was kicked out of His Own Church symbolized by hiding the tabernacle from prominent view. Vatican II was put together by a Modernist group of Communist sympathizers, so it is not surprising that we now have a thoroughgoing one on the Chair of Peter quoting Karl Marx rather than Jesus Christ. Divine chastisement is now the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Who will have the guts to send this Pope books like Gulag, by Anne Applebaum, all books written by Stephanie Courtois, all books written by Alex Solzhenytsin, Whisperers, by Orlando Figes etc etc etc? - May God have pity on us, on His church, on His people!

Ana Milan said...

Your caption just demonstrates PF's inability to accept that the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church belongs to Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity & that outside of it there is no redemption. His Marxism doesn't permit him to acknowledge that fact, & to underline his insistence that all are equal he goes out of his way to promote indifferentism by surrounding himself with atheist scoundrels whose aim in life is to depopulate the planet by snatching babies before birth, selling their little body parts & euthanising the elderly & disabled, undermining Marriage & taking away Parents' Rights.

We don't have a Catholic Pope presently sitting on the Seat of Peter but a hard-nosed Communist who is Satan's minion & is absolutely intent on annihilating the CC. He will not stop until he is stopped - by God Himself. It seems at this stage that the good intentions of the Dubia Cardinals have been binned & the promised formal correction will not be issued. We are about to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions & a Communist will be our representative as he will also 'represent' us at the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Luther's Revolt. Scary!

Osusanna said...

Thumbs up Michael Dowd. I think there are people who have made V2 a false god.

Johnno said...

The Devils must really be laughing at the stupidity of those Catholics who are still in denial about this guy or that the Vatican would ever cover-up the Fatima affair.

But by all means, continue to tell yourselves that you don't have to pay any attention to any 'private revelations.' I mean, it was just our Lord Jesus Christ sending His own Mother as an ambassador to warn us and authenticated this fact through the greatest heavenly miracle ever seen since the time of Joshua.

But what does that Jesus guy know? He never owned a smart phone.

Peter Lamb said...

"We don't have a Catholic Pope presently sitting on the Seat of Peter"

Anonymous said...

Michael Dowd,

"heresy drip designed to kill the patient"