Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Is Bergoglio about to disolve the College of Cardinals and appoint his own successor?

According to Michael Matt, the Bishop of Rome is contemplating abolishing the College of Cardinals to appoint his own successor.

Are "gay" unions next.


Ana Milan said...

Can anyone see the College of Cardinals standing for this? It might well prove to be the death knell of this papacy, & not before time. His arrogance is truly Satanic!

M. Prodigal said...

I would not put it past him. I am sorry but this present occupant of the chair of Peter is an anti-pope as far as I can tell.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Changes are to be irreversible. What better way to ensure it but through handpicking a fit successor? One of those Antichrists, of course.

I can already hear Bergoglio asking: Didn't Jesus handpick Peter?
He is so faithful to our Lord, he tells us that Jesus would support sodomy and sex change.

I disagree. The Bible tells us clearly what happened to Sodomites (dwellers of Sodom). God didn't employ sodomy-indoctrinated PC experts to explain their historic-socio-cultural realities in order to excuse, hug and celebrate them.

He said: I forgive you, now go and sin no more. This James Martin is full of indignation over some people's alleged preoccupation with the sin of sodomy, while there are so many sins. One thing he does not address is that no thief, murderer, adulterer or slanderer is encouraged to continue the sin, and to be parading it proudly, while teaching children: You were born this way, so go, practice it in order to live your life authentically. - This smells really bad, and the Jesuit whom I trolled over this on FB, blocked me in the true spirit of tyranny they have renamed as dialogue.

Brian said...

Not surprised. Jorge despises Catholicism. He can "middle finger" Catholic doxis/praxis, why not get rid of the college which could actually elect a successor not to his liking. I think he will succeed, if this is his plan. Who will oppose him?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Can you imagine an adulterer kissing his neighbour's wife in church (what would be so terrible? - James Martin asked about sodomites kissing in church)? - How authentic, how true to one's nature!

Or a purse snatcher. "You go, boy (or transgender or gender fluid person), be proud, for God made you this way, and God doesn't make mistakes!"

Anyway, what can we expect of foot-soldiers, when the General sends them out into the world with the commandment to make mess? "Sin boldly" - said his much admired and very authentically sexually disordered brother Luther.

Anonymous said...

Does Bergoglio have a food tester?

Anil Wang said...

Personally, I don't think he'd have the gall to do it. If he were to do it, it would be very likely that bishops and cardinals that had been silent until now would rebel the moment Pope Francis resigned to give his successor the Papacy. They would not wait for a successor to consolodate power. Then you'd have the very real possibility of another Great Western Schism with Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia treating the chair as being vacant and the Americas and Europe largely siding with the successor .

What he could do, however is to rig the papal conclave either by stuffing the ballots or ensuring that only "the right kind of cardinal" is able to vote (their faculties to vote would be revoked) or only "the right kind of cardinal can be elected" or making it possible for an existing Pope to not resign until after a successor is named. In the latter three cases, canon law would be changed. In the final case, if "the wrong successor" is chosen he's simply delay resigning (perhaps because he "had a vision") and then dig up or plant enough dirt on the successor to ensure that he could not possibly become the successor.

TLM said...

See my post with a link to 1P5's article about the 'Pope's' new book. It's under yesterday's post about Cardinal Quellet and his hogwash.

susan said...

Does anyone still seriously doubt that this man is not Peter?

And this is an oustanding piece of analysis....

He is being set up over-and-above God....the abomination of desolation in the holy place. Wake up people.....reality is calling.

Eirene said...

Well, the College of Cardinals have (with some minority exceptions) been as quiet as mice during the whole of this Reign of Terror! I doubt they will even squeak should this man decide on this M.O.! Cowards - all of them - too attached to this world and its glory to see the Royal Path to Heaven and dare to set foot on it!