Friday, 22 September 2017

Bergoglio's overreach with the tolerance of perverts exposes his hypocrisy. Is James Martin next?

There were remarks made yesterday by Jorge Bergoglio, the man thrust upon the Chair of St. Peter by malefactors, on the matter of child abuse. Edward Pentin reported on Twitter that the Vatican media were instructed only to report the "prepared text" on the abuse of minors. The Bergoglian regime has learnt well from Peron on the manipulation of the truth and the control of the message. Too bad it can't hide from Internet reality. After some blowback they relented that the casual remarks would need to be vetted. Such fools.

Let us be perfectly clear on the matter of child sexual abuse in the Church. While there has been some despicable sexual abuse of girls, the overwhelming majority has been due to the admission of sodomites - homosexuals into the priesthood. These perverts came in to the priesthood to put then in close contact with their potential victims, with the indisputable facts that show that these victims were post-pubescent boys between thirteen and seventeen years. It is the age perversion of hebephilia and ephebophilia.  

In the "off-the-cuff" that was probably intended not to be reported, La Stampa writes that Bergoglio stated that the he has never "signed a request for grace," in the matter of abusers. 

Well, history seems to show something different and even the National Catholic Reporter did its homework back at the time.

Let us re recall then, the case of Mauro Inzoli, a notorious sodomite who infiltrated his way into the priesthood of Christ in order to find his young male victims with which he could enjoy his sexual deviance, Known as "Don Mercedes" after his love of luxury, this filthy sodomite was found out, Pope Benedict XVI defrocked him, only to see this Bergoglio come along and retract Benedict's decision and reinstate the carbuncle on the Body of Christ. That was until it was found out and the pervert priest Inzoli did it again and Bergoglio had to defrock the cretin again.

The Catholic New Service  translation states Bergoglio did say that he has "never and would never grant a papal pardon to a proven perpetrator."

But this is not true as we've seen above, to say nothing of Msgr. Ricca caught with his boy-toy in an elevator. The tolerance of the situation in Chile, Danneels and how many others?

How many more examples are necessary to show the hypocrisy of Bergoglio?

Apparently, he also stated that he has been learning “on the job” better ways to handle priests found guilty of abuse. He actually recounted the Don Mercedes situation and that his made a "decision he has now come to regret: that of agreeing to a more lenient sanction against an Italian priest, rather than laicizing him as the doctrinal team recommended." 

Is this the closest that the victims and the faithful will get to an apology from Father Bergoglio.

What it really shows is his own pathetic arrogance, his own delusion of grandeur of the "merciful Francis." He has overreached on his manufactured mercy and it has come up an bitten him harshly. 

It is not beyond question that the pathetic and scandalous tweeting and articles of Bergoglio's fellow Jesuit, James Martin, is going to blow up right in his face. The overreaching by both of these pathetic men cannot continue.


Anonymous said...

For someone that's still learning how to deal with the problem,he has a pretty extensive vocabulary on the the subject.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed over the past couple years how he's very careful to say 'those convicted' of their crimes. I'm guessing that's why he's pressing so hard now to have Cardinal Pell convicted (I'm sure he's behind it) so he can get rid of him altogether. And you know what is really scary to me in all this, Vox, is that I just heard a very devout Catholic yesterday take up for Bergoglio saying that he's a breath of fresh air and terribly misunderstood and it's the fault of the media that he's disliked by so many. How so many can be deceived is still mind boggling to me.

Anonymous said...

I had problems with the National Catholic Reporter link about Don Mercedes. Try this one instead:


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Regarding sodomy pushing James Martin, I wish you could be right.

Sodomites don't give up: If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

The first significant attempt was the coming out of a Jesuit theologian from Rome, Grzegorz Charamsa, who appeared in a press conference with his partner in sodomy, making demands on the Church. There were interviews and TV appearances, even in Poland. (I remember my Parent's shock.) I don't recall anyone mentioning to him the freely chosen celibacy and a following unrepented hypocrisy, in addition to the problem with sodomy. How can a habitual liar and sodomite make a good theologian? A good priest? - Yet it was HE making demands on the rest of the Church.

I doubt the event coincided with the first synod on the family by coincidence. It was a synod, which drew its inspiration not from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible, but from public opinion surveys, more than 50 years after the launching of the overthrow of Christian morality.

Why do I doubt that the Charamsa incident was not a coincidence, but part of the design? Despite the synod Father's rejection of the paragraphs on sodomy in the final synod report, Bergoglio made sure to put them back in there. You remember? - special gifts an insights? One Indian cardinal would say that sodomy would save the troubled Church. Another priest, by the name Radcliffe compared an act of sodomy to the Holy Eucharist.

This is gradualism. At first Bergoglio did not (fully) succeed, so he is trying/attacking/advancing again. The promotion of a known sodomy lover Martin to a PR position with a world-wide audience, is part of a deliberate plan to change doctrine, align it with Jesuit practice.

Bergoglio knows about the activities of Charamsa, Martin, Radcliffe, and he... approves this message. He includes it against all rules and regulations in synod reports!

Haven't you heard? Mercy comes before doctrine. At first Bergoglio called a change of doctrine a change in the pastoral approach. Now he knows we are ready to transition into the not so sudden realization that it has been linguistic programming he used in his well-known hatred for doctrines and the Catholic Church.

He now practically admits that "pastoral practice" really means "doctrine", and that he will use any lie and trickery to destroy the Catholic Church.

After all, he has been saying it before being installed as pope, and after. Very consistently at that.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thanks Mary for the link correction.

Anonymous said...

Sodomites and pedophiles are systematically put among the clergy for the same end as in politics and the financial world: Blackmail.

Expose them all into the open, and those who put them there lose their power to blackmail. There is an interview on the internet with Roland Bernard, a Dutchman, who used to be deeply entrenched in the financial world, and the things that he mentions give understanding regarding what is happening inside the Church. Compromised men are intentionally put into positions of influence in society.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Anonymous said...

Google, "The Ellis Defence", and learn about the particulars of case and its far reaching consequences before defending George Pell. He single handedly denied justice to every victim of priestly pedophilia in Australia through the exhibition of one of the most immoral abuses of power you can imagine against an innocent victim/claimant.

Anonymous said...

If God was all mercy and no justice Christ would not have had to offer himself as an acceptable Sacrifice to redeem mankind ,and repair the offence commited against God.These men keep talking about mercy ,not a word about Gods Justice .They encourage people to stay in a state of sin.and discourage those trying to avoid it.

Kathleen1031 said...

Someone I hold dear, a male, was sexually molested at seven by a male teenager. The pain from those few encounters caused a lifetime of harm and confusion, which goes on to this day. To have sexual encounters forced upon you, at such an early age, is devastating to a child, and more so when it is a person of the same sex. For that person to be a priest, someone who represents God, to a child, how can anyone quantify the harm from that abhorrent act? We can't, really. So many of those boys turn around and become homosexuals and perpetrators of that violence upon others. Disgusting people who encourage "man/boy love", such as NAMBLA say, "If it's not by eight (years of age) it's too late", meaning, you must sexually molest a child by that age if you want a new "recruit". This is nothing but satanic.
It is impossible to do this type of act and be a Catholic priest. You are an imposter, a liar, a fraud, and surely must be on your way to Hell for betraying innocence.
What a disappointment to discover over the years that our church is not remotely interested in protecting boys or young men from the advances of scurvy men who pose as Roman Catholic priests. There is no excuse for this, it is understood they are legion.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Kathleen1031

Father Dariusz Oko has authored an in-depth "With the Pope Against Homoheresy" identifying all these problems, for which pope Benedict XVI has thanked him. Wasn't there a large box handed over by Benedict XVI to Bergoglio containing (perhaps) relevant files? The occasion was photographed and can be witnessed thanks to Google images.

The goal of these perverts, who with Bergoglio support Alfred Kinsey-inspired UN enforced sex-education for little children, is to sexualize them as young as possible, which you state in your comment. Kinsey's Institute is still running and inspiring Bergoglio to action, when it is well known that the zoologist experimented on babies, achieving (with molestation manually or with objects) tens of "orgasm" in babies under 12 months within the period of one day. Kinsey claimed that the problem with pedophilia are the parents, who have a hysterical response to this normal, beneficial activity.

Anonymous said...

Bergolio is a Pedal pusher for sodomites, he needs to be defrocked along side Jamesass Martin. So over these wicked men.

Justina said...

Vox, let's stop and consider how Amoris logic actually works.

In ages gone by, some rigid people (with issues of their own) felt that abusing minors was quote-unquote "wrong" or even "evil." Fortunately, thanks to The Mercy Pope, we have now moved beyond the limits of the past, recognizing that not being a predator is a wonderful ideal, yet many may not be able to reach it. It may also be a noble goal for popes to defrock perpetrators with a proven track record, but hey! Popes are only human, too.

Except for THIS pope, whose teachings are so Spirit-filled that they wipe out anything and everything that has gone before--so Spirit-filled they can never be altered again.

Jorge Bergoglio, in other words, is perfectly imperfect!

Oh, and about those abusers--what ELSE were they supposed to do, in their own concrete situations? What kind of cancerous Pharisee can't understand something as simple as all that?

Peter Lamb said...

Infiltration of communists and sodomites was part of the strategy to destroy the Church. If you don't want to believe your ears - listen to this. (In Toronto seminaries):

Peter Lamb said...

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Fr. VF said...

AFAIK, Charamsa was not a Jesuit.

Charles Curran, Richard McBrien, and thousands of other corrupt and heretical priests have not been Jesuits.

Fr. VF said...

"Defrocked" is not a term used in Catholicism. Usually, what is meant is "laicization."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fr. VF, for posting here. I hope you will do so more often. I am getting so weary of reading such hatred toward all Jesuits when many, if not most, are truly faithful priests.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, there are good Jesuits.

Two read this blog regularly and one in particular, is a great source of encouragement.

They mourn what has happened to their Society.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

May God bless continuously all faithful Jesuits. May they always find all the strength thy need in Him and plenty of joy.

Unknown said...

Regarding Martin, Francis will exhibit his hypocrisy by tasking a commission to "review nd revise" those pesky "gay paragraphs" in the CCC - and appoint Martin or counsel, if not head under one of his bishop proxies.

{Stephen Golay}

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Father VF, I ask in all sincerity. Why do you stay in the NO church? Do you believe the no church is the Catholic Church? If you do I understand. If not, why do you not leave, become an independent, or for example, join Bishops Sanborn, Dolan etc.? I have always had the greatest respect for the Soldiers of Christ. It takes a lot of brains, dedication, prayer and hard work to get where you are. (I'm presuming you are a Jesuit.) You must have a highly trained mind and in your heart you do know whether the no is true, or false. Please, I ask in all humility. I just can't understand, for myself, how good Priests can make themselves stay. If you know it's false how can you stay, or perhaps I should ask, why do you stay?

Anonymous said...

Christ asked the Apostals "Will you too leave ?" Peter answered "Where shall we go Lord ? You alone have the Words of Eternal Life .Catholics should not leave the Church .