Friday, 8 September 2017

The purge of faithful Catholics from the Church and the even greater need for calling out of error

Image result for professor josef seifertProfessor Josef Siefert has been expelled by the Church from the philosophical institute which he had founded, which came under control of the Archbishop of Granada. Dr. Siefert was a faithful Catholic and a respected philosopher with an intellect that would put the likes of Bergoglio and his minions to shame. His crime? State the obvious - that Jorge Bergoglio has promulgated a heretical document known as Amoris Laetitia.

In Columbia, where Beroglio now travels, another faithful Catholic, Jose Galat, has been excommunicated for questioning Bergoglio's legitimate claim to the Chair of Peter and for exposing his pernicious heresy.

We are now facing a new "Inquisition."

It is unacceptable that faithful Catholics who question the obvious heresy and insult spouted from the mouth and mind of the Bishop of Rome and those minions surrounding him, should be persecuted and "excommunicated," by men who clearly, hate the faith, hate the faithful and hate the Divine Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are Arians at best and most likely, Satanists. They either don't believe that Jesus is God or they do and they seek to destroy His Church and His faithful because of it.

My Catholic brothers and sisters, you must wake up to the evil that has come upon the Church, you must keep the faith and not be intimidated by these faithless, filthy men. There time is very short and we will need to pick up the pieces and rebuild, and that we will, with the help and grace of the Lord whom we love.


Ana Milan said...

God is always watching. Wrongful excommunications & dismissals do not count in His Court. They are indicative of a Marxist regime that is the enemy of Christ & will lose. In fact, it is now apparent this Apostasy is coming to a head - they are drowning in their filth.

Many faithful Catholics have called this Papacy out three years or more ago when it became obvious that PF & lackeys were Satan's minions & were only interested in political Marxism (climate change, depopulation, NWO & LGBTQI Agenda etc.). A Pope who gives approval to sin, states there is no Hell, surrounds himself with abortionists, homosexual deviants, infidels & questions Our Lady's thoughts at the foot of the Cross is not Catholic or Christian. No amount of excuses by the un-catechised & luke-warm will mend the multiple fractures caused by this demonic pontificate. The papal election giving us PF should have been firmly opposed at the time by those who knew the background to it. They have much to answer for!

Dorota said...

God is not blessing the lukewarm Church, but it is not as Bergogiio says.

The lukewarm are not those who commit sins and then repent, but those who personalize God's Word to fit their own expectations of Him, and who reject the very concept of grave sin - at least so long as they proclaim very loudly a deep concern for the planet and for the poor. The lukewarm are not those who trust His Word completely (Bergoglio calls them sick, and dangerous fundamentalists), but those who "deconstruct" Him - to make Him more "surprising", more current, more in line with the practices of the fallen world, abandoned by demoralized priests, who will not speak truth. [Regarding the "god of surprises", once one acquaints oneself with the Luciferian and masonic agenda, he becomes very predictable.]

Bergoglio and a frighteningly growing number of believers in an "evolving" god (who changes to meet our depravity turned virtue with a benevolent smile and a blessing) are indeed the lukewarm, the ones willing to reject the true God for... a greater good of many, for false peace and false, superficial unity. What arrogance, how immense the ignorance and stupidity!

It is my understanding that our Lord spits them out of His mouth. I do not say it with a sense of self-righteousnesses and Schadenfreude, but with a sense of great fear.

I am still not fully Catholic, and I beg God to grant me grace necessary to save me. Why am I still doubting some things? I do not know, but I would not dare to mock God, who is mercy AND justice. I do not care what Bergoglio the fool and the clown says about it.

Anonymous said...

You cannot make it any more clear than that, Vox. Thanks for all you do for the faith and the faithful.

Peter Lamb said...


The time has come to call a spade a shovel. No more letter writing. No more anguished bleating, or wringing of hands. Time to stand up and face the Catholic facts, regardless of personal factors, or consequences. If necessary, now is the time to suffer for Christ. The reward will be great!

The conciliar anti-popes are all heretics - yes, even benedict, so beloved by some. An heretic cannot become, or remain Pope. Catholic doctrine shouts it from the rooftops! To deny one iota of Catholic doctrine, is to deny it all and to become an heretic oneself. For the informed to recognize these satanic, judeo-masonic, ephod-wearing, modernist heretical imposters as popes formaliter, is heresy!

To attend their invalid, masonic liturgies is, for the informed, abetting heretics and mortally sinful! Saint Athanasius had no truck with arians! He did not defy the infallible magisterium and pray una cum, (in union with), the arians! Saint Hermenegild died rather than receive a valid Blessed Sacrament from the hands of an heretic!

There is nothing we do not know about what is going on regarding the judeo-masonic invasion of the Church. What a magnificent opportunity for us to be real Catholics; to stand up for Our Lord and to suffer the consequences for him! Sedevacantism is not heresy; it is not protestantism; how ludicrous the thought! It is nothing those who are afraid to face the truth say it is.

Sedevacantism is Catholic Truth applied to these terrible, Earth-shattering times. The real red-blooded Catholics are sedevacantists! We have no truck with heretics. We uphold and will die for the Faith of our Fathers - pure and unadulterated as it has always been and always will be. We invent no specious, porous, fictitious arguments, so beloved of the controlled opposition, to maintain our convenience, comfort, or timorous souls.

Sons of St. Paul, we say let the novus ordo church; the heretical anti-popes, their modernist council and those who aid and abet them be anathema!!!

TLM said...

The persecution of the faithful is now in full swing, from the scum within Christ's Church. May Our Precious Lord give us all the GRACE to persevere. May the angels protect us from these demons that are surrounding us. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!!

Dorota said...

@ Peter Lamb

God bless you, Peter Lamb.
Logic demands that I agree with you.

But then... there are all these Catholics I know, who never knew any other than NO church, and they love Jesus Christ thanks to it. Christ's Church seems to me above and beyond our reason and logic. His sheep know His voice. He knows their hearts.

I suspect that this is the time, when many of the remnant will obey the command: Come out of her, people! If they truly love Christ, they must recognize His enemy occupying Peter's chair.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, How profound your response. His sheep know His voice. He knows their hearts. Amen. I attack the perpetrators - not the innocent victims. God bless you too. I hope your health is improving greatly. :)

TLM said...

Fr Z warned about this yesterday and sure enough it's coming. We'll have to wait and see what the document actually says.

Anonymous said...

To all: The document is on the Rorate Coeli blog in Italian and Latin, but not English. May God have mercy on us all.
Kyrie eleison.


Dorota said...

@ Peter Lamb

Thank you,
and YES!!! My health is improving, and greatly.

My good Mother is praying for me constantly, and it just so happened that a neighbor of hers caused a huge crowd of pilgrims in the Marian Sanctuary in Gietrzwald pray for me last weekend.

I did not deserve this generosity. This prompts me to never forget to put every day of my life to the service of our Lord.

Anonymous said...

The sedevacantist argument twists the words of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

Also, you need to distinguish between the *Church* which cannot err and *Churchmen* who CAN err (and that includes PF when he's NOT speaking ex cathedra - which he hasn't so far as I know.

Pray to Our Lady. She will help you.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear Margaret, Here we go again. Another vilifying uncorroborated statement:

"The sedevacantist argument twists the words of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church."

OK - NOW BACK YOUR STATEMENT UP! On what grounds do you make that stupid statement except bigoted hatred because your fiance dropped you and he and his friend became sedevacantists? I'm really sorry to be so blunt, but you really ask for it over and over. Please give citations, examples and any other substantiation of your words. If you can't, then stop spewing calumny and slander. I really don't like speaking to you like this, but enough is enough. And if you wish to seek refuge in Salza, then be specific and maybe we can have a decent conversation. :)